September 13, 2010

My unhappy Hari Raya


So it have been a few days since we celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I have been eating non-stop the past few days, I think I have gained at least 5 kilos from all the food I consumed. Luckily I haven't experienced any stomachaches or diarrhea. LOL! 

Kuah Lontong

My first day was filled with lontong. I love my mom's lontong. She cooks her Singapore lontong, which is different from the Malaysian type - I have no idea why. I had about 7 big helpings of her lontong that first day itself. However, what pissed me off on that first day was some kids who came by the house to ask for duit raya and kept ringing the bell even though it's already in the evening and when we didn't open the door, they kicked my father's Triton. 

The thing is, we don't want to let these kids in the house for Hari Raya because a few years ago we had a very bad experience with them. Some of them vandalised our furniture, some stole the little priceless things (such as crystals) that we had on display while some others had the gall to ask for extra duit raya. My dad gives RM10 to each of these kids, whom we do not know and we suspect come from the other housing area. Isn't RM10 enough already? Some people just give RM1 to kids they don't know. Because of that experience, we're very cautious of whom we let in to our house on Hari Raya. And from the looks of it, the parents of those kids who kicked my father's Triton must've forgotten to teach their children on the meaning of Aidilfitri.

And I also had to care for my aunt's kitten as she's in Singapore for Hari Raya. So, here's the little kitty. Her name's Daisy.

On the second of Hari Raya, my dad's Jaguar was stolen. And then it's used for a robbery somewhere else.

WTF right?? 

My dad left his Jaguar at our other house which have not been installed CCTV or alarm system yet because  he just bought that house. The reason he left the car there is because the garage in our current house is already full. Plus there are more land in the other house. But the thing that made me so grateful was, on that night, my dad told my mom that he wants to sleep over there because he's so tired and sleepy but my mom insisted he comes home because she's worried since there are no grills on the windows, it might not be safe. So they came home but it was almost 2am by then. My parents only left for the other house the next day around noon and when they arrived, they realized that the Jaguar is gone and the house was broken into.

At almost the same time, at another place somewhere in Kajang, a house was robbed and the robbers used my dad's Jaguar as the getaway car. The neighbours of that unlucky house caught the plate number and did a police report which tallies with my dad's police report and now they're busy looking for my dad's Jaguar.

I thought it was lucky though - what with gruesome death stories in the news these days - that my dad did not sleep over there that night. God knows what would've happened if he was there by himself. Subhanallah!

As you can see, it had not been a very fantastic couple of days. Sigh..

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Syamil A Samad said...

sedih baca yr story
harap bersabar yer
ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian yang berlaku
selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin

J. Love said...

omg. this is horrible. i am literally speechless.

i hope we all have better luck in the near future. and thank god, thank god your dad didn't stay at the house. the difference it would make! unimaginable.

be strong!

Che Armster said...

Be strong Bella!!

was shocked the other day when you tweeted about the robbery.. but didn't expect there was a little twist after that.. the car was used for another robbery huh? I wont be  surprised IF the car will also be used for other "bad" purposes if its not found soon :(

Lyla said...

<span>Happy Idul Fitri 1431 H  may god accept our deeds and yours 

aisha said...

kesian your dad, jahat betul penyamun tarbus tu, dh amik kete di samun pulak rumah org lain..  for kids yg mcm you citerkan, better jgn layan sgt budak2 nakal..RM10 is too much for bebudak, kalau I, bagi RM2 pon dh okay tuk budak2.. :)  selamat hari raya bella

lina said...

Sorry to hear about the robbery. Hope the police manage to catch the culprit.

About the budak2 - eee... budak mcm tu pun ada? Memang x payah bagi masuk or duit raya pun! *DONT_KNOW*

LadyJava said...

OMG Bella .. so sad that your Raya was so unhappy.. but then again like you say.. Thank you GOD that you father didnt stay at the house kan? at least Jag jer yg missing.. kalau nyawa.. OMG!!!

LadyJava said...

I love the look of that SG Lontong.. i miss my mommy's lontong too.. next time must ask her to cook when I come home.. and you're right SG lontong and lodeh not the same as it is here.. same as the Mee Rebus right? Ah.. miss SG food..hehe

LadyJava said...

Ah Daisy is soooo cute..hehe

LadyJava said...

oh WOW RM10 for total stranger kids? so generous your father .. no wonder lah they keep coming.. i dont like this culture also.. parents should totally stop it.. the kids can be rude too.. sometimes.. it so painfully obviously they are just there for the money.. so sad..

LadyJava said...

alamak lupa nak subscribe to comments..hehe

Bella Enveeus said...

Ya true.. It scares me to think what could possibly happen if he was there that night. Nowadays I read in the newspaper, it takes less than RM1k for a person to rob n kill another human.. As if lives are so cheap and meaningless.. :(

HAHA.. Memang SG lontong and lodeh so different. Sini pun people tak call lodeh, they don't understand what that is. Mee Rebus lain, oh and can't find Mee Siam here either.. Yang ada sini, they call it Mee Siam Singapore but the kering one. I mean, sapa nak kering punya? We want with the kuah then baru lah betul! And Mihun Goreng Mamak dia memang takde sini.. There was once I ate the Mihun Goreng Mamak Singapore in college, my friends freaked out and thought it's cacing or something coz so red! LOL!! :-D   :-D   :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Daisy rescued from the sidewalk. Kesian dia.. 

Well, my dad ni ada sikit terover generous dia. LOL! Semua orang dia kasi sama rata, tak memilih. But ya, those kids memang over gila. They just come, drink one gulp and then terus nak duit raya and ciao.. They don't even try to act festive. But the other day when they kicked my father's Triton tu la yang I bengang tahap maximum overdrive. Tak guna betul!

Oh, please please.. Silakan subscribe my comments.. :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Well, B-bunz and I got a feeling the car will probably be abandoned at some hutan or kebun somewhere and the culprits probably gone. Cuma, hopefully they're not using the car for something worst.. Sigh.. My dad baru je plan want to sell the car, all down the drain.

Memang ada je budak2 like this. Sometimes I wonder what the parents are doing until their kids turn out to be like this pun they don't know. :(

Bella Enveeus said...

Memang org2 sekarang teruk betul kan? Everyday there's some bad news in the media.. Feels like the world's very close to an end.. :(

Those kids tu datang dengan abang2 yang dah ala2 besar la gak maybe dalam umur 17 tahun gitu, kalau bagi RM2 sama rata, terasa serba salah la pulak kan, so tu sebab bagi je RM10 sorg. Tapi ungrateful pulak tu! Cehhh

Bella Enveeus said...

Happy IdulFitri to you too Lyla.. :)  

Bella Enveeus said...

Yup, I tweeted about the robbery the moment I found out about it. But later when my parents came home, my mom informed me of the whole story and it was a shocker. Yeah, I was also thinking the same thing though hope they'll catch the culprit before worst things are done. Hari baik, bulan baik buat kerja2 tak senonoh :(

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, syukur Alhamdulillah my mom managed to persuade him to come home. He was so tired and sleepy that night, mata sampai dah tak bole buka dah tapi my mom paksa juga balik.. I just syukur sangat2, don't even want to imagine what could have happened..


Bella Enveeus said...

Ya, harap2 juga polis dapat menangkap perompak2 tersebut dengan segera.. :(  Mungkin betul juga, ada hikmah disebalik perkara ini..

Selamat Hari Raya to you too.. Maaf Zahir Batin :)

Razz Momma said...

oh goodness! what happened now? everything settled? did they find the car?
ure right it's lucky he didnt spend the night there.. take this as a sign doll

Razz Momma said...

and love the photo of the ketupat u took at the top.. havent seen a ketupat for a while now.. suddenly i miss malaysia.. :(

whatever it is, Selamat Hari Raya to u doll

LadyJava said...

Thanks goodness your mom persuaded your dad to come home.. Alhamdullilah your dad and mom selamat..
Org sini tak tau lodeh? Really? Then they call what eh? I remember the first time I mentioned Mee Siam to Azwaj .. and he thought the mee from Siam.. as in Thailand… lol!! Mana sedap tak der kuah? Kuah dia yg gerek!!
Me loves that Mee Kuah Mamak yg merah tu.. alamak next time go back MUST have that one and take picture.. ahaha..
Lol@cacing.. Ish if that is cacing.. masyallah.. sedapnya!! Lol!

Ida said...

<span>hey girl, seriously someone stole ur jaguar?? Teruknya diorangggg</span>
Please buat police report

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL! True LJ.. Tak dapat yang berkuah here. I don't know why, maybe they forgot to get the recipe.. :-P  HAHA! Memang cacing yang sedap kan? And there's also something very different about the Sup Tulang too. I don't know why as well.. HAHA!

Eh, why are we talking about food la now? Pukul 4 pagi and I am hungry already.. :-D   :-D   :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Nope, car not found yet. Don't know if they ever will.. :(
A sign? Hmm.. :'(

Bella Enveeus said...

Thanks sweetie.. Well even though you're not here, I wish you a Selamat Hari Raya too.. HEHE! 

Bella Enveeus said...

Yup, Hari Raya buat kerja haram. Kurang ajar kan? *Sigh*...
Yup, police report made, waiting to see if they ever get the culprit.

LadyJava said...

Lol.. talk about sup tulang. .what about the bistik.. omg.. tak dapeh kat sini.. hehe..
Yelah.. it’s now noon and am hungers!

Phatelara said...

Hi Bella! I'm so sorry your dad's car was stolen, during Hari Raya lagi tu! Luckily nothing happened to your dad or your family. Syukurla semua org selamat. Don't be too sad k? :)

Rizal said...

Selamat HAri Raya Aidilfitri Bella (errr dah lambat tapi tak kira nak ucap jugak :-D

Wah kueh lontong tu, begitu menusuk kalbu.  Kueh Lontong pekena dengan rendang, memang syiok, sebab lemak + pedas = Kaw kaw tu  :-D Rizal sudah ditransform kepada "Eating Machine" dari Hari Raya Hari tu.  Hoho.

Budak Beraya = Pernah kena macam ni juga.  Kita bagi masuk dengan niat baik aidilfitri tapi aiseh, lain yang jadi.  RM10 = wahhhh kira besar.  Nasib baik yang jenis macam ni semua dah kurang, banyak yang datang betul2 beraya, bila hidang pun makan penuh selera (penat kot bernomad ke sana ke mari Assalammuailaaiikummmmmm nak raya... )  : D  Bagi selaly bergantung la dari rm4 - rm7 tengok crowd banyak ke idak.. kalau datang satu batalion tak mampu bagi banyak2, nanti dia over kat batalion lain, pokai pokchik :-D

Jaguar kena curik.. erkkk!! erkkk! - 2 erkkk! sebab kes kena curi, yang ke dua sebab jaguar..
Apa2pun syukur sebab ayah bella selamat

Daisy itu memang cute  : ) geram bijaksana (bukan giler) tengok kepala daisy  : )

Rizal said...

okay i am moving to next post.  LoL

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHA! Semua topik Rizal beri comment.. Best.. LOL!

Yeah baru je tadi ada segerombolan budak2 ringing our house bell nak masuk. Tapi bukannya nak bagi salam baik2.. Bole nak perli2 lak.. Ape2 je la budak2 ni.. And they're not so small pun.. Ada tu dah macam budak2 Form 4/Form 5.. Hmm.. Takut lah, dah serik nak kasi masuk..

Yeah, still no news on the car. Hopefully dapatlah tangkap penjenayah tu walaupun kalau kereta tak dapat diselamatkan.. :(  HAHA! Nakal Daisy tu. Kita nak tangkap gambar sket, dia dah cuba memboloskan diri dia keluar. Tak padan kecik budak tu! :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, luckily nothing happened. Well, kalau dah jadi, nak buat macam mana kan? Maybe we were careless ourselves but it just bring the spirit down, lebih2 lagi time2 raya ni kan.. Still, memang sangat grateful sekurang2nya tiada sesiapa tercedera or whatever. Lives are more important.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Bistik! My aunt memang terer buat bistik! Yums! Again, it's almost 1 in the morning.. Ni yang bahaya reply comments lewat2 malam ni.. Buat lapar aje.. HAHA!

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