November 28, 2010

Just the three of us

Do you hang out with your siblings often? Are you close to your brothers/sisters?

My brothers and I are real close and we share our stories, frustrations, happiness and everything in between together. Honestly, I am quite the controlling big sister, but that's what big sisters do right, we control our younger siblings so that they don't make the same mistakes we did. We don't let them jump into the well and drown themselves. We discuss, bring our younger brothers and sisters together and advice them on what's good or not. However, we also should let them find their own footing in the world, so even though we are protective of our siblings, we should also let them be and learn from their experiences. Hmm, I guess that's just how I perceive the job of being the big sister. I don't know about other big sisters/brothers though.

When we were younger, my brothers have always been the bully and I'm the bullied. I might be older than them, but when two boys join forces, I am usually sandwiched in the middle. There are times, when we quarrel and I got my sharp devil horns out, I'll go screaming like some maniac and they'll back down. So as you can see, our relationship is a give-and-take since the very beginning of our lives.

Yesterday, I was feeling down. Something happened in the family that made me wonder a few things. So, my brothers came and tried to cheer me up, by asking me out bowling. I knew they weren't so up to it but since I was looking glum and my eyes were puffy from crying, I guess they thought the best thing to do is to divert my attention to something else. RM47 later (6 games and three pairs of bowling shoes), I was laughing and smacking their hands with joy.

I won the second round. LOL!

It had been almost two years since the last time we went bowling. So, my right arm is a little sore at the moment. Not to mention I broke three nails because of the bowling ball. Damn. 

But all in all, it was a lot of fun. I am grateful for my brothers - even after all the bickering and quarreling when we were younger - have grown up to be two matured and understanding young men. There is no question where my loyalty lies. No matter what happens, I will be the first to be there for them.

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November 26, 2010

Crushing Bunnies for Money!

Remember my last post about this woman who sit on bunnies and crush them to death? Apparently, after a "human flesh" search is done - which according to the Chinese internet users, it is the use of individual networks to uncover the real identity of a person - the woman is found and is actually a nurse working at a hospital in the northwestern province of Heilongjiang.

Her name, is Huang Xiaoxiao.

It is said that she is paid by a group of "crush fetishists" to record those horrifying videos. Huang Xiaoxiao informed that this group pays her from 100 yuan (USD15) for crushing fruits until 200-300 yuan for other small animals and up to 400 yuan for rabbits. This girl said that she had done a few videos for the group and has been paid accordingly. It looks like this same group might also be responsible for the video that came out in 2006 of a woman crushing puppies to death with her stiletto heels.

These sad pathetic little psychotic women, doing all this for MONEY?? And a meagre amount for that matter! WTF?!

How much does she make with her pay as a nurse? Is it so little that she had to resort to killing animals to live? To think that nurses are responsible to care for you just like doctors are and that this same woman is responsible for the murders of all those innocent animals is mind boggling! You know, at this point, I think making money as a prostitute is so much respectable than making money killing animals. And for what? Just to satisfy the fetish of other equally sad pathetic psychotic aliens on this planet??

OMG, I am so angry. I AM SO ANGRY recalling how these girls can giggle and laugh while they sit on those poor bunnies just to get 400 yuan! That's only USD60! Oh gosh, if only I have the power to blow these crazy assholes with my mind with some Jedi-like powers, I would just blow up all these crazy fetishists  right now.  

The worst part is when the woman responsible of killing these bunnies can actually defend her actions first before recording an apology for her actions. Seriously, throw her apologies into the drain. If you don't think you fall under the "I'm a Moron" category, then you know her apologies are worthless. She's going to do this again and again and again even if she's just paid USD60. To know that she would accept blood money like that, she is as psychotic as all these fetishists.

Put her in jail. Put those who had done the same thing she did behind bars too. Speak up for these innocent animals since they can't do it for themselves!

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Our Cats

I guess if you've read my past blog posts you'll know that my family and I have more than a dozen cats. In fact, we have about 35 cats (and counting!). My parents are cat lovers, since a very very long time ago. They like to rescue cats, buy expensive breed of cats and also look for some hard-to-find breed of cats. In short, they're cat-crazed. LOL!

But their love of cats and other animals made me and my brothers learn to appreciate living things in this world. We love animals too. Our family don't limit to loving cats only, we love every other types of animals too. Which is why, animal abuse is something we totally oppose. Please, love the animals, because they are living things too.

Today, I would like to feature my Bengal kitties. There are about 10 of them actually but these are my two lovely boys who are totally adorable.



Actually they are two different cats. But they have quite the same designs and coat colour. The only slight difference is one have a darker shade coat than the other. You've got to look very carefully to know which is which. LOL! They're two very quiet and super friendly cats. And they love to sit spread eagle like this :

Fatso Hawk always landing on my legs

The kitties in this shed are real fatsos. They don't do anything much except eat and run around the shed all day. Yup, this shed is as big as a single room in KL. LOL! My parents have a lot of land for these kitties.

Raphael, Michaelangelo

There are also two spacious cages in this place for them to be isolated if they have any skin or health problems or for more privacy during a wooing session. LOL! One cage is about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. My dad wants them to feel all the privacy in the world. Plus, the photo above is only one of the three sheds at my parents' new place. So you can imagine how many cats we have. (Take out your calculator now.. )


We have quite a lot of Bengals with dark patterns like Falco. He had another three siblings of which are all big boned and sturdy. He's very heavy too, and he loves to be held and tickled under the chin.

"What do you think? Am I good looking?"

Before I leave, look at my king. Don't you think he looks adorable with that lion-looking mane? Both my boys have that and it's actually fluffier than what it looks like in the photos! And do you notice he's smiling into the camera? LOL!

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November 25, 2010

Movie Review - The Social Network

Went to watch The Social Network movie at GSC MidValley on Tuesday, 9pm courtesy of R.AGE. I won the tickets from their FB page. What a coincidence isn't it, winning tickets of a movie that is about Facebook on Facebook itself? Oh, and I won myself a "The Social Network" T-shirt too. Nice right?

Anyways, this movie is awesome. Although the beginning of the part seeing Mark quarreling with his girlfriend and talking like a speeding bullet can make you slightly dizzy, but later, as you warm up to the character and understand the things that comes out of Mark's mouth, everything starts to become AWESOME. If this story is true and he really completed Facebook in just a few weeks, then there's no reason why he shouldn't be as rich and successful as he is now.

Facebook is worth $25 billion as of today.

Damn. I need a plan. Because as of now, I feel like I'm crawling on my knees to even make $25,000 a month. OK, I don't make that much a month actually. I wish it was as much as that. So, the amount of $25 billion is out of this world for me. Damn.

It's a little sad what happened between Mark and his best friend, Eduardo though. It must be very painful for Eduardo when his shares was diluted to as little as 0.03%. He must feel like he's being backstabbed many million times by his own best friend, whom he believed in right from the start. If I was him, I'd sue my best friend's ass too, and keep my name on the masthead just to rub it in my best friend's face.

I love the cast of this movie and I think they played their parts well. I certainly wouldn't mind watching this movie again. 

I guess the lesson here is always thread carefully in what you do or say because you don't want things to bite you in your soft spot in the near future. Also, be very wary of some people who might only be there for a ride on your success. Know who your real friends are and don't turn your back on them.

Movie Rating : 8/10

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November 24, 2010

Funny LG Optimus One ad

First time I saw this ad on TV I was laughing non-stop. It was so ticklishly funny for me. I would love to share the English version of the ad but I can't seem to find it on YouTube so I share this video of LG Optimus One ad in Spanish instead. I hope you understand what is it that made me laugh.

Like I've written before, my family and I aren't screamers (except my mom, that is) and even if we're scared of something, we don't scream, we just let out a whimper and scurry away. So when the man in the ad went screaming like that with his hands like that, I just can't stand it. LOL! Plus, both the man and woman looked such a contrast with each other, it upped the funny scale.

This ad worked for me. It makes me remember the name of the phone. But to get one - now that's another story.

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November 22, 2010

Psychotic Bunny Murderess

When I first saw this video of a woman sitting on cute living bunnies and crushing them to death, it was purely accidental. I did not wish to see something like that. And please be rest assured, I will not put the video here.  Up there is the only link you'll ever see in my blog. OMG, I have had a restless night and having crazy dreams after watching that video yesterday. You see, I am an animal lover. But even if you are not in love with animals, can you just sit and see them being tortured just because they are small and docile?

The feeling that came over me when I watched the video, oh my gosh, I can't describe it...

If I see these bitches, I'd shoot them in the head. Seriously.

Word are circulating that the woman responsible of sitting on the bunny and crushing it to death is a Chinese woman - straight from China. Same goes as her two friends who laughed along at her crazy stunt. I am not so sure who is behind the camera but I think it is some crazy psycho as well.

The last time I ever watched a horrifying photo of some crazy woman stepping on little kittens and puppies with her stilettos, the image was seared into my brain and is still there until today. Then last night, watching this horrifying video of bunnies being crushed to death was just too much for me. I have no idea why these crazy bitches upload the video on YouTube - maybe she's looking for fame in her psychotic little world - but this is the worst kind of video anyone can upload online. If uploading videos of you killing animals is alright, then does that mean in the near future, people will start uploading videos of them killing other people? What is wrong with this world?

Luckily, as of now, no video of this heinous action can be found on YouTube anymore. But there are still other video hosting that did not ban this. 

If these crazy psychos think that uploading videos online and having people leaving comments (be it good or bad) is something great, then we should put a stop to it. Do not approve such videos and do not look for such videos either. It's just like Sales, if there's demand, then there's always a way to get things in the market. So, let's put a stop to this. Quickly get these psychos and put them in jail - or hell - whichever comes first.

I am very saddened at having to watch something so hideous yet powerless to do anything. I wish I could just put my hand in and pull those bunnies right out of my screen. I wish I hadn't seen the video in the first place. But not seeing these crimes does not mean it doesn't exist. Don't let yourself turn into an ignorant fool and believe it's all blissful in this world. Open your eyes. Animals are living things too.

Photos of the heinous action here.

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The People's Queen

Last weekend when we went out to The Gardens, I just had to drop by MPH for some books. Everyone bought a book because of my superb influence. LOL.. I love to read and I think it is just wonderful if I am able to make my brothers and B-bunz to love reading as well. The only thing is, I don't have to try hard because they've all just love reading since forever. B-bunz and I even tried our hands in writing. Funny, we both do very well in genres that we love. I'm good at Romance and he's good at Fantasy.

I bought this book - The People's Queen by Vanora Bennett.

Well, I must say, the material in this book is a little different than what I'm used to imagining Alice Ferrers is like. I've always envisioned her as this no-pretty nobody of peasant bloodline who managed to be a powerful woman at one point because she managed to crawl into the King's bed. Well, truth is, she was a scheming little slut who should've stopped when she's on top, it's just that I never think of her as a brilliant businesswoman collecting estates actually. Though now come to think of it, recalling the timeline and the things she made for herself, on her own, I have to admit she's pretty brilliant. I also always saw Katherine de Roet as this sweet girl who was out of a Convent at a young age, then got married and became John of Gaunt's paramour because of love. But then, who am I kidding right? I'm just a soppy little hopeless romantic at heart.

It's the 15th century and everybody but everybody is trying to make the most money for themselves. It was, after all right after the Black Death. Everybody is trying to make ends meet. If they can't con each other then they try to con the King by being their consort. Seriously, why would Alice become a paramour if it wasn't for the money and power? He was, at the time, already in his 60's while she was just 25! And John, although I've always envisioned him as this handsome prince who is just so perfect amongst all his brothers, he most certainly is not. He's got flaws, many flaws indeed. Plus, having lots of bastards by other women does not mean Katherine de Roet is any different than any of his other paramours. She's probably just lucky that after 20 years and her bastards (with John) have grown up and his wife had died, he chose to marry her instead of marrying his other women.

So, is that love? Maybe. Or it could also be an action born out of fear. Fear of dying alone.

Oh, but is it wrong for me to imagine that it might also be love?

When I read Anya Seton's book Katherine, it wasn't hard to imagine that it was all about love. Of course, it was a Historical Fiction book and just like Vanora Bennett, hers too was just a Fiction, although my dreams are dashed by Miss Bennett's portrayal of John of Gaunt as a promiscuous moron along with another 90% of the people in Court at that time. Yeah well, I can't deny the truth. There were many royal bastards then. Maybe they're afraid another wave of Black Death might return so they went and sleep around with as many different women they could find.

Well, maybe it's true. It's a dog eats dog world out there. The 15th century is no different than the 21st century. It's all about the money. Only money talks.

But a hopeless romantic girl like me can still fantasize, right?

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November 19, 2010

My aunt's other pet

You see, my family have this huge number of cats as pets. My parents are crazy cat lovers. Why do I say crazy? Coz they try to get their hands on any types of cats. From the regular stray cats to the expensive hard-to-find cats and then they make a big shed for these cats to run around in and make friends with each other. There are two of these big sheds. One shed is as big as a bedroom. 

My aunt have cats too. Though not as many as my parents. My aunt is a little disappointed because two of her boys - huge cats mixed Maine Coon and Bengals - have been kidnapped. Leo and T.J. are adorable cats and they have extremely gorgeous patterns. It's a big possibility that's why they were kidnapped. However, it left my aunt sad because she really love those two. Especially after seeing them grow up from a size of your palm to a big boned Maine Coon with soft fur.

I wonder why some people have the heart to kidnap other people's pets. You can't say you don't know they belong to someone because they have collars around their neck. Obviously those cats don't put in on themselves. Sigh.. Now, because she don't want the other cats to be kidnapped, she have to refrain them from playing in her yard, which is sad because she's got a lot of land and the cats are happy running around and getting their daily exercise.

So now, apart from having cats at home, she also have this!

I have no idea what is the type of this thing. Is it a mouse? LOL! He's a cheeky little devil and sometimes he bites too. Say hello to Muncheez.

I'm Spiderman

Why is his name Muncheez? Coz he loves cheese. When he gets cheese, he'll store them at the sides of both his cheeks and look like he gained 10 pounds. LOL. What a cutie!

What kind of pets do you have?

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Review : COLLISTAR Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo

A couple of weeks ago, I was chosen as one of the guest blogger to review this item : Collistar Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo. Guest bloggers were given a sample size of 150g to try out for a few days. This is a brand carried by Sasa Malaysia, so big thank you to Sasa for the opportunity.

I tried this scrub from the first day I took it. And after 14 days and 4 tries, this is what I can say about it:
  • It smells refreshing. The lavender and rosemary essential oils smell does not overwhelm and actually goes pretty well with my nose.
  • The texture is not too thick or too rough. Knowing that this scrub is made of sea salt which are then soaked in essential oils, at first I imagined it to have big beads but then I found out that it actually have fine beads that does not leave my skin sore after rubbing it in.
  • It does not take a long time for the scrub to dry after applying and scrubbing on my problematic area using a circular motion for maximum coverage. Of course, the effectiveness of the scrub only works on dry skin. I also feel a little warm sensation on the area I scrubbed.
  • After scrubbing, it leaves the skin smooth and fairer than before. Not to mention, the smell sticks for a long time.
  • On the third time using this product, I noticed that my thighs are slightly more than half an inch smaller than before I used this. Although I do not have cellulite to test this product on, it is also said to be able to reduce cellulite as well.
The only downside is :
  • There wasn't a spatula included in the trial 150g product. I hope there are with the regular product.

The product is selling at RM145 for a 700 g product, which for someone who focuses on a targeted area for me, is quite a bargain. A prolonged use would leave the skin softer and color of the skin tone lighter than before. Not to mention, the smell is not too strong but it sticks for a long time, which also means you do not require to use perfumed products after scrubbing yourself.

Here are the benefits promised by Collistar on it's Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo :

  1. Action of exfoliating sea salt : The exclusive blend of 90 different types of sea salt frees the skin from dead skin cells and impurities and leaving a result of an immediate smoother, toned and more radiant skin.
  2. Revitalizing power of essential oils : The scent of the product is fresh and stimulating, produced by blending essential oils and lavender that leaves the skin revitalized, regenerating the mind and giving energy to the user.
  3. Remodeling effectiveness : Six (6) different plant extracts that performs a dual action on fatty deposits are selected to stimulate the activity of lipases (the enzymes that breaks down fat and at the same time contrast the formation of new adipocytes). This boosts the warm effect on the skin, penetrates deep and intensifies the action. Addition of sea salt in the product completes the activity through osmosis which in turn drains excess fluids.

Safe ingredients
    However, I can only share my experience but I must assure you that the results vary for different individuals and also targeted areas of problems faced. What I can say though is fairly simple - this product works!

    So, give it a try. Don't say no to a change.

    700 g = RM145

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    November 17, 2010

    Movie Review - Unstoppable

    I just watched this movie last weekend when I was out with B-bunz and my brothers. It was a long Saturday. I had to go Uni in the morning to let go of my VP post and then the car I drove broke down. It was frustrating because I thought driving my brother's car would be best compared to my car with the problematic brake pads but apparently I miscalculated. So we only arrived at The Gardens MidValley at 6pm and watched the 8.30pm show.

    Seriously, in my opinion, this is a good movie. There are some gripping actions here which are a little more than what really happened in Ohio in 2001. Still, although most of the time in the movie there are only trains and chasing another train from derailing, the movie was not boring. I think this movie is much better than Takers and Skyline.

    The real incident happened on May 15, 2001 when an unmanned CSX yard train consisting of one model SD-40-2 locomotive, 22 loaded, and 25 empty cars, 2898 gross trailing tons, departed Stanley Yard, which is located in Walbridge, Ohio. The uncontrolled movement proceeded south for a distance of 66 miles. And then, near mile 67, the crew of Q63615 successfully caught the runaway equipment and succeeded in coupling to the rear car, at a speed of 51 mph. By the time the train passed over Route 31 south of Kenton, the engineer had slowed the speed of the train to approximately 11 mph. At the crossing,Trainmaster Jon Hosfeld, who was able to run along side the unmanned locomotive climbed aboard. After immediately shutting down the throttle, the train quickly came to a stop.

    So how did this happen?

    Apparently, while the train was still moving at a speed of approximately 8 mph, the engineer dismounted the locomotive and ran ahead to reposition the switch before the train could run through and cause damage to the switch. The engineer was successful in operating the switch just seconds before the train reached it. He then ran alongside the locomotive and attempted to reboard but instead of the speed decrease as the engineer expected, it increased to 12mph. Due to poor footing and wet grab handles on the locomotive, the engineer could not pull himself up, instead was dragged along for approximately 80 feet until he released his grip on the hand rails and fell to the ground.

    You can read the report of the incident here.

    I have always loved to see Denzel Washington's movies and this one is no different. I think the collaboration with Chris Pine is also great. If you're bored or thinking of going to the cinema, check out this movie, it is worth your money.

    Movie Rating : 8.5/10

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    November 12, 2010

    Addicted to Masterchef US TV Show

    From the first time I watch the Masterchef USA series on Astro, I was hooked. So what did I do next? I went on YouTube and checked out videos of the whole season. LOL! I'm impatient like that, sorry. I love watching them cook and seeing the beautiful end result. It's so amazing to see how fast they work with their utensils and food to finish in time. If it were me, I won't be able to finish in 45 minutes. Seriously.

    Does anyone here love cooking?

    No, I don't like to cook. I'd rather wash the toilet than cook. Cooking is not one of my top favourite things to do. However, when it needs be, I think I can cook a decent meal. I don't have the proper training or what not, most of the time I'll just throw in whatever that's available or what I think can make the food turn out right. And usually the end result is edible enough that my whole family can finish it in one seating. I guess I'm lucky like that. It's just that I'm lazy to cook, that's all. I hate to clean the food, peel the onions, garlics and everything else. LOL! 

    Oh, but baking, now that's another story. Baking is B-bunz's specialty. Can you believe it? He bakes super duper well! 

    So anyway, I've found out that the winner of Masterchef USA Season 1 is Whitney Miller. It's no surprise, I think. From the first time I saw her in the first episode, I knew this girl is different than the rest. It doesn't matter than she's only 22 years old and pretty, her food looks amazing too. Maybe some people DO have the magical touch when it comes to cooking.

    Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay, Whitney Miller, Joe Bastianich

    Winning US$ 250,000 and a cookbook deal is just a bonus to the passion that had lived long within.

    Oh and I also absolutely love the judges. I love how Gordon Ramsay talks. He looked like he's about to jump out of his skin any minute. And Graham Elliot's size makes him look cute instead of intimidating, though I'm sure he's intimidating enough in the kitchen. Joe Bastianich on the other hand, is so serious and he have this poker face that sometimes makes you wonder what's going through his mind when he's tasting all those food. But then again, maybe people who really appreciate a fine cooked food is like that. All in all, they're a great show to watch!

    Right now, I am watching this show back to back on YouTube. Luckily I am free as a bird starting today. Phew! If you never seen this show before, go check them out ASAP.

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    November 07, 2010

    Hachiko - A Dog's Tale

    When they say that dogs are a man's best friend, I think they had a dog like Hachiko in mind. I know this is based on a true story and watching the movie, it totally got me bawling my eyes out. I sometimes wonder how an animal can be loyal to his master when it is sometimes very hard for a person to do something like that. Maybe people give up too easily. Or we let our selfishness overcome us instead of putting ourselves in another person's shoe and see things through their perspective, once in a while.

    I don't have a dog. And some stray dogs that I came across, I have found loving homes for them. Plus, I have this fear of dogs - especially if they're big. I've had some bad experiences with dogs when I was younger. Once, a very fierce dog sink its teeth into my calf halfway while I was cycling. And another time, two big Doberman Pinschers even jump out of their fence, ran after me and scared the hell out of me that my bicycle and I went straight into a monsoon drain. I skinned myself and bent the front tyre of my bicycle. Luckily I didn't hit my head on something sharp. I was trapped in the drain for nearly two hours until my late Grandma notices I was not around and heard the Dobermans barking non-stop. She found me in the drain, scared shitless of those two big dogs. And all because I wanted to cycle to a grocery shop and buy some ice cream.

    So yeah, I've had some scary run-ins with dogs. I'm trying to overcome my phobia now but sometimes, you can catch me circling around the block rather than walk past a big dog, no matter what it's breed. However, small dogs like Norwich Terrier is fine to me.

    Have you seen the movie Hachiko before? If you say this puppy is not adorable, I don't know which planet you're from.

    In this movie, the puppy is of Shiba Inu breed which is a smaller breed dog. But the bigger dog in the movie, is an Akita Inu breed which is the real breed based on the true story.

    There are two types of Akita Inu breeds. There are the original Japanese Akita Inu which comes only in five colours - Red, Fawn, Sesame, Brindle, Pure White - whereas the American Akita Inu also includes Pinto colour and black masks. You can read more of Akita Inu breeds here.

    Sometimes we forget that animals are also smart and intelligent. Sometimes we forget that they also have a heart and they can also be loyal. Sometimes we are too immersed in our daily work or routine that we neglected them, though they had never stopped loving us or thinking about us. If you have a pet, and you go on a holiday for a couple of days and left them with friends or family, do you notice how they behave when you return home and get back to them? Do you notice how clingy they become? That's because they miss you. You should appreciate your pet more.

    If only people can have the same loyalty as animals, like Hachiko for example, who waited for his master in front of the train station 10 years after his master had died, the world might be a better place. Families might not have internal problems, companies might not have colleagues stepping on others' head to climb the corporate ladder, governments might not have opposing organizations trying to topple each other and the world might actually be a much friendlier, happier and high spirited place.

    The real Hachiko  

    Monument oh Hachi in front of Shibuya station, Japan.

    Maybe we can learn something from this dog. Loyalty cannot be bought, it can only be earned.

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    November 05, 2010

    October 2010 Top FCC

    First and foremost, thanks to everyone who visits my blog in October. I know I haven't been blogging much this month, sorry. I have had a one crazy month. It is the last quarter of the year, so there are many things to do right now.

    Anyway, here I would like to thank especially to those who visits to my blog immediately after I put up a post. You guys are awesome! And hope to see more of you who would drop by and leave comments at my blog posts. I hope to be able to put up more interesting posts soon - at least until my flu and fever is gone. This is all my father's fault. He's got the flu, he gave it to me and now I'm high half of the time. LOL!

    So here are the top First Commenters of October and CONGRATULATIONS to Ladyjava for getting 12 FC's in October! Your badge will be up at my sidebar this whole month of November. Yeay!

    LadyJava's Lounge

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