February 26, 2011

My Maher Zain Live In Concert, Malaysia

I was at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam last night for Maher Zain's concert. It was a last minute thing. My aunt decided she wanted to go three days before the concert and dragged me along (LOL!). So, we just bought two of the RM103 tickets. At first I thought it was free seating but after picking up our tickets, we got the G45 and G46 seats which is at the East side, facing the stage, on the Upper Tier. Awesome right?

Let me tell you this, I am glad I went. Although, I have to admit I wasn't so happy with the bad traffic on the way to Shah Alam and I think I've cursed at least 300 other drivers along the way. It was all forgiven and forgotten because the show turned out to be great.

There were some on and off moments for me. 

"Off" moments :
Parents bringing their kids aged 5 years and below. Children this age get antsy easily and in a concert that lasted for more than 2 1/2 hours will kill their mood and thus killing my mood too. Why? Because these kids starts to move back and forth, play with the chairs, knocking and kicking the chairs which at the same time disturbing the people sitting NEXT to them. Look, I know you folks can afford to pay the ticket for your kid that's above 3 years old and I have no problem with that but seriously parents, WHY do you want to bring your 5 year old kid to a concert anyway? One that finishes near midnight too! Look, do not put your child through unnecessary stress by making them stay up late for a concert that they don't even know how to spell. Get a babysitter. Let them sleep peacefully at home and dream about sheep jumping over the moon. Be a GOOD PARENT. You'll have their teenage years of concert requests that'll make your ears bleed!

"On" moments
Maher Zain being super duper sporting and sang according to the audiences' requests and repeated the songs  again and again because we didn't want him to end the concert. The concert started at 9pm and finished at 11.40pm. How cool is that? How many performers would do that for their fans? Not without being paid, they won't. But Maher Zain is a one cool brother. 

Click play to listen to "Freedom"

One more thing he surprised us was singing to us the song "Freedom", which is the first time he performed for an audience. Like I said, it was awesome! There were many other songs too from Maher Zain's Thank You Allah album such as Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah, Palestine, Insha Allah, For The Rest Of My Life. Barakallah and so much more. Irfan Makki was also there to sing Allahi Allah Kiya Karo with Maher. Maher brought along his friends to Malaysia too such as Mesut Curtis of Macedonia (another melting voice!) and Fadli from Indonesia to sing the Malay part of the song Insha Allah.

Sorry, video is not so good after converted

I don't know about anybody else, but I left the concert very happy - and with no voice - hoping that Maher Zain would make better music in the future so that I can attend his future concerts again. His songs carry very deep and meaningful messages that could touch even the most cynical person. I know I did. So, anyone who never heard of Maher Zain before, it wouldn't hurt to listen to some of his music. And to those who never gone to his concert before, I think you should so that you can experience the wonderful music and see for yourselves how generous Maher is to his fans. 

Truly amazing.

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February 24, 2011


I am in a dilemma. I have no idea what phone to get for myself. Oh wait, correction, I have no idea what phone I should tell B-bunz to get for me. I have been putting this off for quite a long time but it's just that I cannot decide which phone is best for me.

Recently a friend got an iPhone 4 and from what I read, the phone and the applications are so interesting that I was on the verge of converting into an iPhone supporter, which is highly unlikely because I am and had always been this super-duper-in-LOVE-with-BlackBerry person. At first, I am not so into the touch screen thingy on iPhones and thought the QWERTY keypads of BlackBerry is awesome. Then suddenly they threw BlackBerry Torch into the picture and I was hooked on to the idea of having both touch screen and QWERTY keypad all in one. It's like the ultimate package!

BlackBerry Torch 2

Then suddenly they said that later this year they will be releasing the BlackBerry Torch 2 that runs on better processor, which means less lagging than the current BlackBerry Torch. And I was thinking to myself, OK, maybe I should wait until that one comes out. Plus, B-bunz wants me to choose something that I love and I  also don't want him to waste his money buying something for me that I might end up hating in the end. The only downside of this BlackBerry Torch 2, the outside is just the same as BlackBerry Torch except for it's matte silver finish. I was hoping it might have bigger screen, but looks like that's not what those BlackBerry people care about at the moment.

White iPhone 5 rumor

So then my attention is diverted to another news that says iPhone 5 will also be released this year. One thing about iPhone 5 that is rumored to be different from the current iPhone 4 is the screen size. I love the idea of having a bigger screen because all these years I have been using this small screen phone such as my current Sony Ericsson K630i and most of the time I just wish I could read my emails or play even the simplest game on a much bigger, clearer and smoother looking screen.

Now I am in a dilemma. Which one should I choose? If only BlackBerry Torch 2 had bigger screen, I would choose that in a beat. Argh! Which one should I pick? Which one??

Think to self : Hmm.. What if I ask BOTH from B-bunz? Would he be such a sweetheart and buy me both? LOL!

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February 20, 2011

This is my confession...

I am addicted to American Idol Season 10. I am addicted to the many young talented performers on the show. I am addicted to the awesome judges, especially Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez too for being incredibly beautiful EVERYTIME the camera's on her and Randy Jackson for giving those "surprised" facial expressions when somebody sang beautifully.

I find myself glued in front of the screen watching these talented boys and girls do their thing. I have to admit, some of them gave me goosebumps. It's amazing! I sometimes wonder how can a voice make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up? So, today I did some karaoke-ing with my brothers at home and found that instead of sounding like a superstar, I have now lost my voice. LOL!

There goes my plan to try out in some singing competition. I guess I'd better leave that to the masters!

Oh my goodness, that kid Deandre Brackensick voice is just so incredible. I can't believe he's that young! If he has a girlfriend, I'm sure she tells him to sing to her ALL the time! Amazing how talented some people are. I wish I had amazing voices like them. If I did, I would sing myself to sleep every night. 

There are so many other talented American Idol hopefuls too and if I was one of the judges, I would be having one hell of a time trying to pick the winner. This is a one tough season. I just hope there will not be any biased decisions or already start picking a winner before it even began. Well, I just can't wait to see who will make it through to next week!

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February 16, 2011

Funny Surprise

Well, how was your past two days guys? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? How about the birth day of Prophet Muhammad yesterday? As for myself, I had been stuffing my face with food for the past two days. Here I am whining about having a "tummy" and here I am too, eating non-stop. If I bloat like a balloon next month for the wedding (not mine, sadly!), then I have no one to blame but myself. Hmm.. I should start jogging now.

Oh, I am here to share something with you guys. I would've written about this yesterday but since yesterday is a holiday and I was too busy filling my tummy, I had no mood whatsoever to write. So today, I want to tell you what happened last Monday.

See, I left home in the morning at the same time I always did every Monday. The only difference on that day was, I drove my brother's car instead of mine because I needed my Dad to help send my car for service. It was long overdue and the engine was rough. When I came home in the evening, my Dad told me that some time in the late afternoon when he had brought my car home, somebody left this letter on my windshield. And this is how the letter looked like.

Sorry, I had to put a smiley at the top because it's my name and the black thingy at the bottom is the dude's phone number. LOL! This is so funny. My Dad's asking who the heck is this "jiran setaman" (neighbour) and I have no idea. Maybe I've seen him before but I do not know his name.

Hmm, as a matter of fact, I actually have a problem with remembering people's name in comparison to their faces. So, I usually remember a face and can be so friendly to you but if I haven't address you with your name at least once in the first 5 minutes we spoke, then that means somewhere in the back of my head amongst a hundred million neurons that are constantly sending electrical pulses within my brain, I had, sadly, forgotten your name. Please don't hate me. You may blame those neurons instead.

Now I'm going to go tell B-bunz about this before he found out about this letter thingy here first. Heehee!

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February 13, 2011

Movie Review - Burlesque

I went for the movie premier of Burlesque about a week ago at GSC MidValley. However, even though we came on the dot - 8pm, we still got the front row. That gave us quite a stiff neck but I suspect my brother was more than happy to see close-ups of scantily clad girls shaking their booty. LOL!

The storyline is classic - girl from out of town came to the big city to pursue her dreams, found a place to make it come true, got turned down and pushed around in the beginning, there's a hot man who's always there to give moral support, then she made the dream turn into a reality and bagged the hot man along the way. Nothing new, but always good to know that if you worked very hard, you will find success in the end. And once again let me remind you, BAG the hot man too.

Burlesque. Do you know what burlesque really is? To me, the one person that portrays the art of burlesque is none other than Marilyn Manson's ex, Dita Von Teese. Oh yeah, she is such a tease too! Damn, if I were a guy I'd probably wet my pants. LOL! I have to give credit to MM, although he usually looked like he just ate a dead crow, his taste in women is undeniable. Hmm, maybe I should learn a thing or two from Miss Von Teese, for future reference.

The small-waisted Miss Dita Von Teese. (envy!)

There are quite a few funny scenes in the movie, laced with euphemisms and witty dialogues. The songs and dance routines are quite catchy, however right after Ali (Christina Aguilera) found her voice, the music just doesn't stop. From one dance act to another, it leaves you little time to appreciate the music the way you should. Oh, but the absolutely funny part was when Jack (Cam Gigandet) got buck naked, flashed his ass to the screen and covered his willy with a box of cookie. Now, that's a yummy (cookie) way to entice a woman! And I also love to hear Cher sing - although she only sang twice throughout the movie - the slow song had such a deep meaning, I loved it very much!

I guess the best thing I can say about this movie is that they did not censor anything - thus the full view of Cam Gigandet's bottom! LOL. If you love musicals, this one would be great for you. But if you're not so crazy about musicals, you might get tired of the expected next plot. But hey, seeing those sexy ladies dancing those suggestive moves might be more than enough to satisfy quite a number of viewers!

This movie will be in Malaysian cinemas by 17th February 2011 and is rated 18SX.

Movie Rating : 6.5/10

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February 11, 2011

More wedding photos of Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin

In regards to the request of some of my readers, especially to those who contacted me personally to ask for more photos of Marion Caunter, here I include more photos of Marion Caunter (of course!) getting ready for her wedding reception and also more photos of her on the night of the solemnization - in no particular order. I hope you would enjoy the photos and continue supporting her. 


P/S : And come on guys, she just got married, let us not speculate on a divorce but wish them both all the best instead, hmm?

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February 10, 2011

R.I.P. Arya

Early this morning, some time after midnight, our beautiful female ALC has crossed the rainbow bridge. Her cause of death is severe dehydration and also water in the lungs. We were unable to detect it early because she was still up and about until the last minute. Due to some issues, we overlooked her condition and probably relied a little too much on our maid - who was supposed to only care for Arya (and only the cats in our house) - to inform us if there are any signs of weird behaviour in any of our cats. Sadly, it was a wrong decision on our part. I guess it is true what they say, "If you want things to be done right, you have got to do it yourself". My dad is most affected by this because he is the one who really love ALCs.

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy." 

We love you Arya. We hope you're at a place with no pain, full of love and surrounded by friends of all kitty ages and sizes. Thank you for being a part of our family.

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February 09, 2011

Changing Tyres

Do you like to change tyres? OK, maybe not EVERY tyre on the planet but what about the tyres of your own car? Can you change them? If you ask me, I say I can't. I think it's easier for me to flag down some guys to help me out instead of changing the tyres myself and risk breaking a nail. Err, I sound like a snob! LOL!

Truth is, I'm not strong like that. I think I should start exercising soon, lift some weights maybe. B-bunz and I are planning to have a weekly jogging session or basketball session. I think that's a very good idea. I need to make myself sweat a little. I am feeling rather sluggish lately. Especially nowadays that my eating and sleeping time is out of order, it sure doesn't help my already weak state. What about you guys? Do you exercise?

Anyways, I received these videos in my e-mail with the subject - "The difference how man and woman change tyres." Check out the video and tell me what you think!

How A Woman Change Tyres

How A Man Change Tyres

I think I might need one of those tyres!

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February 06, 2011

When I get bored...

I will video-hop at YouTube. I'll be streaming from one video to another but I will always end up at the animal-related videos. I have no idea why, but seeing cute animal videos just brighten my day. A few minutes earlier I was watching a video of Bella, a jaguar who was hand reared from young by the volunteers at Panther Ridge Conservation Center because her mother, Tia was unable to produce milk and feed her. Bella was hand reared until she's fully grown. 

Truth is, my brothers and I LOVE big cats. Although my brothers are more into tigers and their stripes, I am more into jaguars and their spots (and sometimes I'm into the four wheels too!). However at the end of the day, it's just the big cats in general that my brothers and I are interested in. We just love, love, love...

Little Bella

Bigger Bella

Isn't Bella (and I'm not talking about myself) beautiful?

Watching videos of these animals just make me happy and so, I would like to share some of the snippets that made me cackle with laughter by making a short video below. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

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February 02, 2011

January 2011 Top FC

It's time to crown the Top First Commenter again. Having been the Top First Commenter at ENVEEUS for three months in a row, this winner is a lady who is a very awesome and sweet friend. You may know her or may not, but she is a very hardworking person, with 10 blogs to manage! I wish I have as much time to do that. I sometimes feel exhausted just to update this blog - even though I have so many things to write. 

Time.. It's a funny thing.

So here she is, the lady who topped my FCSB, none other than... LADYJAVA! So, looks like LadyJava's Lounge badge will be on my sidebar for the whole month of February 2011!

LadyJava's Lounge

Oh, and starting this month I will be posting the link of the First Commenter and First Two Commenters (alternately) at the end of blog posts so that you guys can have higher chances to score points on the FCSB and getting more backlinks. So the more reason to leave comments here don't you think?

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American Idol Season 10 Auditions

Have you heard about the new judges of American Idol Season 10? No? Haven't you watch the American Idol Season 10 auditions? Oh no.. You're missing on a lot of funny moments, touching moments and not  forgetting to mention, crazy moments too. And the best part is - Steven Tyler is in ALL those moments! LOL.

I guess I enjoy this season's panel of judges more than the past seasons. One of the reason why I didn't sit in front of the TV every week for American Idol Season 9 was because of the judges, which I thought was disconnected and looked like they had issues among themselves. I didn't like them at all. But this year's judges are an awesome bunch.

 From left : Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest.

Randy "The Dawg" Jackson is just the way he is, which is fabulous because I sort of imagined with Simon gone, he might try to be the mean one in the trio. Luckily though, my assumption was wrong. Then there's Jennifer Lopez who is just so pretty, I feel like biting her nose or something! Love her clothes and hair and makeup and comments and everything else... I also can't help smiling at how cute she gets with Randy and Steven. Argh, she's so sweet I just want to squeeze her! But the one I just love watching is none other than Steven Tyler himself! Or Stevie, as he would like Jennifer to call him in one of the audition episodes - LOL! I think I want to compile videos of the auditions that has Steven's outrageousness (well that would mean all, I bet you), which one of them includes this comment :

(Milwaukee Audition)
Steven : Well hell fire said matches, *bleep* the duck and see what hatches. 

Tell me now, how can I NOT love Steve Tyler? He makes me laugh like mad.

Anyway, one of the auditions that touches my heart is by Chris Medina. He has a beautiful voice and his story is very emotional. You can check out this video below (had to use Vimeo because YouTube banned this) of his audition and the story of Chris Medina and his fiancée; Juliana.
I can't wait to see who's going to make it in to American Idol Season 10. I promise I will be following it every week! How about you?

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