June 30, 2010

They are INNOCENT!

This morning, the first thing I saw on my table was a newspaper citing two cases of babies being dumped in both Rawang and Seremban. I always have a strong opinion on baby dumping cases such as these. I feel so angry with the irresponsible parents who just know how to fuck around but not willing to keep the baby, or if they cannot take care of the baby, why not give the baby away instead of leaving them at some obscure places where they're open to many possible dangers? Ugh! Stupid animals!

I can't stand it. Look at their innocent cute faces and tell me, wouldn't you feel a little bit of remorse at all? Wouldn't you feel sad when you leave them on the trash bin or wrap them up in flimsy little banana leaf and leave them at the back of your house? How could these people do that?

This baby boy, found on the garbage bin was fully clothed and found around 4.20pm. Even so, the baby was shivering hard and nearly fell off the garbage bin but was quickly saved by the neighbours near the area. The incident happened at Taman Sri Pulai 3, Sikamat. A foreign woman in her mid-20s was detained to help with the investigation based on a CCTV camera nearby the area. The baby boy is brought to Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban (HTJS) for further care.

This baby girl was found around 10am at Jalan Mawar 6, Taman Mawar, Rawang yesterday after she was left outside the back of the house by her mother wrapped only in banana leaf. The crying baby alerted a neighbour who passed by who then called the police. The mother of the girl, an 18-year old was impregnated by her boyfriend last year but the boyfriend flee when he found out she was pregnant. She who had been living with her aunt when she found out she was pregnant is working at a textile shop and was detained by the police. 

Now, it is easy to find the mothers of these babies and sentence them according to the offence they did but what about the fathers of these babies? Is it fair that they could just flee and not be responsible of their actions? Is it fair that they can just find some other girl to deflower, impregnate or marry and build a family without a tiny taint of such offence in their name? No, it is not fair! So what should we do? What do you think the government should do?

June 29, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming soon!

Yes, I am binge blogging at the moment. Like I said in one of my tweets, I've got so many things to talk about but no mood to write them - until now, that is. So, come binge along with me. LOL!

I know the first part of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie is not coming to our shores until end of this year, but knowing that this will be the last book of the Harry Potter series and that we will be saying our goodbyes with Harry, Hermione and Ron mid next year for good, it just feels a little sad. 

Truth is, when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I didn't think I was going to fall in love with that little boy wearing the wire-rimmed glasses who sometimes looks quite lost. I didn't think I was going to love the little girl with the unruly hair too. And, well, what the heck, the ginger haired friend helped make the storyline so much more interesting. And of course, the idea of being able to talk to snakes just appeal to me. I don't know why, but I always thought it'd be cool to be able to speak to snakes.

I was once so caught up in the hoo-hah of it all that I even had their games, their official clothes and robes and at one point, I had a friend buy me a wand made of rosewood that looks pretty much like Professor Dumbledore's. Well, you can get almost anything off ebay nowadays. I didn't want to be a witch who conjures spells dancing around a big pot though. Modern day witches must have class and wands to whack their opponents in the head. LOL!

However, let's get back about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I know it's somewhat darker than the other books. Having Ron imagining Harry "doing it" with Hermione is not a very pretty thing (wait, but I do want to see how they get that done. LOL!) and then having people die and finally finding out the truth on Severus Snape is somehow not the twist I was hoping for. But the part that I really cannot believe was in the end when Harry ends up with Ginny and Ron marries Hermione. I mean, come on! Can't he like marry someone else? I never liked Ginny - not since the big snake brought her to the chambers of secret!

OK, OK.. Whatever it is though, I CANNOT wait for the final chapter to enfold. I want to see how they make the fight scenes and the whole spells scenes. Hopefully David Yates is able to bring the book to life. And here I leave you guys with the trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Congratulations Megan Fox!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

In case you haven't heard, it is said that Miss Megan Fox has been made into an honest woman by her long-time boyfriend, Brian Austin Green. It is said that the couple got hitched in a small wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hawaii late last week. This is after the couple for engaged for the second time at the same hotel early this month. Brian Austin Green, 36 who is also the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star was Megan's on-off boyfriend since she was 18. 

This is Fox's, 24 and Green's, 36 first marriage but Green also has an 8-year old son with actress Vanessa Marcil.

I'm not very much of Megan Fox's fan, all I like about her is her eyes (although I know the guys would say her body tops the chart) but it is a little sad that she won't be coming back for Transformers 3. I think she looks good being paired with Shia LeBeouf. Still, these are photos of her that I just envy! Looking at these and I'm inspired to go work my butt off. Damn, I need to make myself look something like this SOON!


I am giving myself 3 months to get this bod!

For more news on the wedding, read this.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Looking at the structure of the building is already enough to take your breath away. Last year when I went back to Singapore, it was pretty much still under construction - probably finishing the last touches. But now, seeing the final result I'm like, WHOA! 

Still, can I afford to live in a hotel that costs $520 (minimum) a night? Let me think again. 

OMG look at that view, isn't it breathtaking? Although I am not afraid of heights, but looking at this picture below does somehow bring butterflies in my stomach. I keep thinking, do I want to take a dip in something that give me an optical illusion and might somehow, on a stroke of bad luck, fool my eyes and make me swim over the 55th story? Aaaccckk!

On a serious note, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the world's most expensive hotels that costs $5.95 billion and kicked the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi to second place. Now, the hotel's main attraction is not only the 650ft wide pool located at the 55th floor (dubbed as the Infinity Pool) - where the drop of the edge of the pool spills into a three-tiered catchment which pumps water right back into the main pool - but the hotel structure itself, designed by Moshe Safdie is said to resemble a deck of cards. 

The beautiful hotel features 2,560 rooms and the hotel décor includes indoor canal with Sampan boats to be in, a casino, an outdoor plaza, a theatre, a crystal pavillion, a convention center and a lotus flower shaped museum.

So OMG, I am DEFINITELY going to visit this hotel when I drop in Singapore very soon. Not staying in because like I said, $520 is a little on the too much side for me since I can bunk in at my relatives' place but I so want to see the magnificent decor of the hotel! Woohoo!

Photos courtesy of Reuters and EPA

June 27, 2010

Another set of Bengal Kitties

On the 13th of June, another set of Bengal kitties came out to see the world and become my instant little brothers and sister. They are the little ones of my boys (and yes, BOTH my boys) with mom's Queen. LOL! Both my boys kinda lost their virginity on her. LOL! And see, she got three to prove their manhood. LOL!

Ok, I should stop laughing.

 Brown : Berry, Honey. Silver : Reine

But look, aren't they just adorable? I know I always say that about cats but come on, looking at them sleep like that, sometimes I wonder how some people can be Cruella deVillle and torture these animals? I saw this video of some woman who steps on little kittens and pups with her high heeled shoe and crush their skulls on the pavement with her heels and I wonder why don't somebody use some sharp heeled heavy platform shoe and beat the crap out of her? OK, just thinking about her in that video is starting to make me angry.

Oh yes, MidValley Megamall just had the Pet World exhibition from 25-27 June but I didn't go this year. However, I know those who did must've also seen kittens such as mine for sale at very high prices right? If I recalled, last year they're selling one Bengal kitten of 3 months old between RM2k - RM2.5k. Say, if I want to sell my Bengal cats at my home for that price per cat, I think I can make almost RM30k at one go. Yup, I have more than a dozen Bengal cats. 

But, I love them all. And they're not for sale. Because I am a Muslim and it's Haram to "eat" money from selling pets. FYI, not many people knows that actually. 

I think I want to marry my boys with a Maine Coon and see how it will later turn out. Then I'll have them all huddled in my bedroom and keep the spooky night visits at bay!

June 25, 2010

Fun time going out with the GIRLS!!

Can you guess which one is me? 
If you know the answer, don't share here. LOL!

One of my girlfriends arrived in KL a few weeks ago from Sabah. I have not seen her for nearly FOUR years. Yup, it was that long. I missed being out with the girls, it had always been fun back in the college days. Those were the days I kinda let loose compared to now. I can still remember the devilish things we did back then, and not to mention, the guys. Wow.. I feel old now. LOL!

Last week was the first time we went out together. All three of us girls went out to RedBox The Gardens for a karaoke session. Somebody commented if I was into Japanese culture (coz of the karaoke) but it's nothing like that at all. It was just that we wanted to unwind and maybe inject some fun in the picture. Plus, as kiasu as this may sound, I have never been into any of the RedBox outlets before. LOL! So there we were, on the 17th of June, having our karaoke session from 2pm to 6pm. We sang a great deal, or actually it's more that Anne sang, rapped, screamed and yelled a great deal. Zety preferred to sing Lady Gaga's song a few times and I went reminiscing some old songs dated 5 to 10 years ago. Like they said, "oldies but goodies."

Then yesterday, the girls and I went out again - this time accompanied by one boy. Maybe we should've dressed Daryll up in a maxi like Zety and impersonate the Sex and The City cast. LOL! All four of us met at MidValley Megamall for the 3pm show of Sex and The City 2 because I can't seem to stop talking about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and the juicy guys - Aidan and Smith Jerrod (which probably kinda drove Zety off the wall. LOL!). I love Aidan. I loved Aidan since he first came up into the SATC series with that gorgeous chair. I was angry with Carrie for cheating on Aidan with Big. That was tacky. And when Aidan came back into Carrie's life the second time, I really hoped she was going to marry him. But then again, SATC wouldn't be SATC without the perfect ending to the love story between Carrie and Big.

When the movie SATC 1 came out and there was no Aidan, I was disappointed. I was further disappointed when Samantha separated from Smith Jerrod. He was like so perfect for her. And how he understood her and still accepted her - crazy character and all. I loved Smith since the time he waited for Samantha at the club as she followed Richard to his suite for a quickie. Can you find that kind of man these days? Maybe it'll happen the other way around.

Damn. Here I am, start talking about SATC as if they're not some kind of fictional characters. LOL!

Although the movie SATC 2 is not as good as SATC 1 because the drama was lesser and a little mundane, the clothes, the jewelries and OMG, the shoes are just enough to drive me into a frenzy. One word - GORGEOUS! I'm planning if I can pull off one of those looks one of these days. I just need to get the right harem pants and maybe work out to kick in some volume in these backside. LOL! LOL! LOL!

June 19, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Sitting at a corner in my dark room, I heard screeching noises outside my door. There were a few scratches on the doorknob, somebody trying to turn it although I had locked it from inside. Someone was trying to come in, someone was trying to probe this secret out of my head. Someone is trying to make me spill what I had known for so long. SOMEONE, or SOME THING. 

I pulled my leg up to my chest, hiding myself deeper into the folds of the heavy curtain. I tried not to breathe, thinking that it might make the thing outside my room disappear, leaving me in the darkness and the secrets with myself. But although I prayed hard, the noises became louder and although I shut my eyes tight, I can imagine those things gripping my wrists, torturing me so that I can tell this secret - the crime in my mind.

Smoke started coming in from under the door. NOoooOOOOo!

I crawled to a hole nearby my room wall so that I can see what's going on outside. Who are these people outside my door?? And then I saw ------

*GASP* It's the HOTTIE Leonardo Di Caprio!

He's trying to come into my room. He have a gun! Argh!

Suddenly I feel like the whole room is turning upside down and coming down on me. OMG! It kinda look like this ------


These men are trying to steal the one valuable secret in my mind. If they capture me, they will probe my mind - probably with a giant probing device. What if they cut open my brain? What if they start seeking for the secrets in my mind with a spoon? OMG! I don't care if it's cutie Leo Di-Cap right outside my room. This is super scary. What should I do? What should I do??

Maybe I should just pinch myself hard and get out of this crazy dream. Instead of going cuckoo right now, I might as well go cuckoo when I get to watch the premiere of INCEPTION on the silver screen a day before other Malaysians. HAH! How about that!

Psst, and my valuable secret? Let it be a secret for now eh?

This post is in conjunction with a contest held by Nuffnang. My apologies on the lack of imagination prose. It is 3 o'clock in the morning. My brain have gone quite numb.

June 10, 2010

Look at this cutie

Isn't he a beautiful little thing? Don't mind the innocent face, he's got teeth you won't want to mess with. He's only about 3 months old but his teeth are sharp. Yup, we should have called him "Shark" instead of "Ice". Dad thought calling him "Ice" might make his personality cool down a little. As if there's such things as personality for his kind, or such things as being COOL..

Introducing the dude.

His real name is Flaming Eyes actually. 

Can you spot which is real and fake?

Any talent to make it in next years' calendar?

Isn't he adorable? (Maybe in a scary looking way to some.. LOL!)

Karate Kid Screening with Nuffnang

Went to the Karate Kid movie screening yesterday with B-bunz at GSC One Utama. Got the invitation from Nuffnang a couple days before that and since I haven't gone to a screening for quite a while now, I invited B-bunz along. So thank you to B-bunz for accompanying although he had had a long day at work. I'm grateful.

Anyways, what happened? Didn't get to mingle much coz I arrived late. The queue to deposit recording devices was so incredibly long. I first thought it was the queue to get into the cinema but then Robb said that it's actually a line to deposit handphones and cameras because this movie organizers are pretty strict. If you saw the line, you'll know why I just feel like lying flat on the floor. I was already half-hearted going in by then but B-bunz said he don't mind (although I also wouldn't mind going to Itallianies instead) so we proceeded inside the cinema.

So how was the movie? It was L.O.N.G. I dozed for 10 minutes and I never dozed in cinemas. 

I wonder why they call it "Karate Kid" because there wasn't a wee bit karate at all in there. Why don't they name it "Kung Fu Kid" instead? Ahhh.. Suddenly I miss Daniel San and Mister Miyagi. Oh and it's obvious Jackie Chan have aged. Jaden Smith is pretty cute. He looks like Will Smith from one angle and like Jada Pinkett from another angle. LOL! Another couple of movies and he'll be one of those kid movie stars and act like a pro. 

So now there's one more movie ticket for me to redeem soon. I hope the movie Robin Hood will still be around next weekend so I can go hang out with a date and watch it then. This weekend however, I just want to lounge by, sip cool drinks and then sleep, sleep and more sleep. I feel so drained and it's only Thursday!

June 06, 2010

The Nestlé Coffee-Mate Advert

OK, first and foremostly, I am stressing it out here that I am not paid to write about this. But I just thought this is something cute for me to share. Especially since relationships and its woes are something plaguing my mind at this point of my sad and lonely life. *helpless mode* (Do I sound helpless enough?) LOL!

Alright, enough being forlorn. I'm tired of it already...

By the way, if you enter my website, sometimes you may find this Nestlé Coffee-Mate ad from Nuffnang, be it on my sidebar, the large top ad or in between blog posts. If you click on that ad, you will be brought to another website, which is also a contest webpage on Nestlé Coffee-Mate. Over there are the adverts - three different episodes - called "Nota Cinta" which is best translated as Love Note.


Now, anybody here ever been in love? Have you gone around leaving love notes for your partner? It doesn't have to be a long note of eternal love but sometimes, just a short post-it note to show that they're on your mind is sufficient enough. Just a little something you leave on the table or hide it in their wallet so that when they find it, it'll leave a smile on their face.

When I watched the first episode, I was pulled into the spell of Nestlé Coffee-Mate. I can't wait for the next episode, counting the days off my fingers. So today when I opened the website, I saw that the second episode is up. And now I can't wait for the third episode. Argh! I'm so impatient! I feel like pulling my hair off from all this waiting.

The first episode is about Azmi and Seri. They were friends who works together and how Azmi tries hard to court her. He gives her a lot of notes and the thing that connected them was, none other than, Nestlé Coffee-Mate of course. She slowly warmed up to him and they became a couple until they got married. Life seemed great for them both at first, but then things started to change... Go watch the first episode now! 

The second episode shows how busy Azmi is with his work that he does not have time for his wife and sometimes, even when she tries hard to surprise him, he didn't see it and instead broke her heart for being ignorant of it all. This episode is pretty sad. So go watch the second episode now!

Third episode? Aiya.. Have to wait until 13th June! No worries though, just bookmark this link and wait for the third episode this coming 13th June. I'm sure it'll be a great ending. The director, Mr. Jason Chong is brilliant at combining Nestlé Coffee-Mate and the type of problems couples face with their relationship as the years go by. Do you guys think you're facing the same problems too? It wouldn't hurt to take heed of the advices given in the video episodes.

Plus, this is not just a normal advertisement. There are contests and fabulous prizes involved. Check out the prize gallery, or better still, check out the website yourself! Ahhhh.. Maybe I should get my notepad out and start leaving trails of love notes very soon myself.

June 04, 2010

Question Of The Day #1 June | Matters of the heart

Alright. Here's the scenario. Let's say, you're in love with your partner and you are totally into him/her, heart and soul and follows through all the promises you made to him/her. You also listen to whatever request they have of you, you turned your world upside down for them because you believe he/she is the one.

Then one day, you found out the truth - your partner pulled a Tiger Woods stunt on you.

Of course, I understand the feelings going through you when you found out. First your heart beats fast, then your breath goes shallow, then you feel bile rising in your throat and then you puke the entire day's contents of your stomach out. Some people will cry while other don't. But everyone, even the strongest of all, would have the same question in mind - WHY?

But then, how do you go through the next painful and heart-wrenching couple of weeks? Do you -----?

A. Cry your eyes out until there are no tears anymore and then woke up one day and realize you don't love him/her anymore? (This is a really long process, the longest of all).
B. Stab him/her with a fork or a pen (since they say pen is sharper than sword.. LOL!) or just knock his/her head with either the frying pan or the dirty old broom at the back of the cupboard.
C. Trash him/her on the internet, print hundreds of flyers of their infidelity, distribute to where they live, work and people they know. Hell, if you have proof, just upload it on YouTube and make the whole wide world know (and risk being sued after that).
D. Get him/her back at his/her own game. If you're a guy, go spread your "love seeds". If you're a girl, get some hot guys, use them till they can't walk.
E. Forgive and forget. Your love is too pure, too true, too honest for you to ever harm this person you did everything for. Just remember this - "To forgive is human, to forget is divine" but once you could do both, a sense of relief and beauty will wash over you.

Now let's see. If I was thrown into this position, what would I do? 

Would I opt for A? Maybe I would. I was told by someone that I am weak. Physically, that is. But my heart is strong. I know if I was strong enough to change my whole world for a man I love, I can probably forget him as well. But then again, can I really? Love is a funny thing, it tugs at your heart and change you. Pieces of you gets chipped off when you fall in love and then you shave off some more pieces of yourself to fit the other person. But when the other person betrays you in the most carnal way possible, you feel lost. Because now you're no longer the same shape as before. And yes, I would puke too.

Would I opt for B? If I was once that snobbish cynical girl (wait, was I ever one?) then maybe I can make myself pick up the frying pan and knock his head - ONCE. I certainly will not pull a Lorena Bobbit stunt though. That's like mad EXTREME. I mean, if all this while I had loved him, shared everything with him, even the same bed, can I really chop his penis off? Maybe not. But can I slap him with a spoon to put some sense in his head? Quite possible. LOL!

Would I opt for C? OK, not only the idea of being sued does not appeal to me, but the whole thing about thrashing somebody on the internet and spreading flyers is just too juvenile in my opinion. Maybe if I was 14 years old and my first boyfriend dumped me for the captain of the cheerleader then I might resort to something like this (big MAYBE) but my personality just forbids me to do something this low. If I shame him, then I would be shaming myself. Yes, he betrayed me, but should I betray the love I had for him all this time? I think I'm worth more than that.

Would I opt for D? This would be the farthest thing on my mind. Like forever. A friend of mine who is a little crazy once told me that if my man ever betray me then I should hook up with some hot guy just so that I can forget my boyfriend instantly. But does it really work like that? Or, would it backfire and make me feel like a cheap slut when morning comes? This is not a good method. I know I'll end up crying (and barf again!) once it's done.

Would I opt for E? I think I had, did, always will. I know sometimes I put up a bad girl face just so that people will think I'm some spoiled little princess and they won't come near me but deep down, I know, even if the man I love so dearly does something like this to me, I cannot do anything else but forgive him. God, for so much love that I nurtured, built and gave to him all these years, is it so hard to forgive him? But I must know the reason he did it first. And then I will forgive him. Will I forget what happened? Maybe I will ask a lot of questions first. I will have to know everything, he will have to be honest and then I will see if I can stomach it or not. I will probably puke many times in the process (I think you can imagine why). Still, I'm the type of person who prefers not to think so negative of a person because I always feel that deep down, everybody has a good side and we should give them a chance, just like sometimes I also need a few chances to right my wrongs.

I am not an angel. I am not God. I am only human. I feel, I love, I hurt. I'm loyal, I'm honest, I'm faithful. It's just either the other person appreciates me enough or not. 

However, this whole Tiger Woods' and Jesse James' stunts seemed like a norm in the Western part of the world. Let's not make it our lifestyle too. We're from the East. We have our different culture and different ways of being brought up. We have our religions. Hold on to that. Hold on to what we are and always will be.

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