May 29, 2010

Another surprise in Hollywood

Remember a few days ago I wrote that Brittany Murphy's husband died of cardiac arrest? Then, on May 24th, Slipknot bassist - Paul Gray was also found dead in his Iowa hotel. He was only 38 years old. (I don't know about you guys out there but I'm not a Slipknot fan and I don't know much about their music so I'm sorry I cannot elaborate much on their music here).

Remember him?

Then today, I went online and found out another news : Actor Gary Coleman dies of brain hemorrhage.

I was so surprised. So many deaths this month alone. How sad.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman
Gary Wayne Coleman (February 8, 1968 – May 28, 2010) was an American actor, known for his childhood role as Arnold Jackson in the American sitcom Diff'rent Strokes (1978–1986). He was described in the 1980s as "one of television's most promising stars." After a successful childhood acting career, Coleman struggled financially later in life. In 1993, he successfully sued his parents and business adviser over misappropriation of his assets.
- Wikipedia

Let's hope that there will be no more sad news coming our way. The month of May is going to leave us and June is greeting us soon so hope happier news will arrive and better movies brought to our silver screens. May their souls rest in peace.

May 28, 2010

My current favourite reality show - Giuliana & Bill

There's this reality show that I really like to watch every week because I think both the main subject of the show are so sweet, cute and brilliant. And I don't mean just because they're both famous and successful in what they're doing but their show is so far away from all the reality TV talent shows or those boring-bimbos-nothing-better-to-say shows. Which is why, it is always fun for me to tune in to their shows weekly.

Who am I talking about?

It's Bill and Giuliana Rancic.

Photo courtesy of Google.

In case you don't know, Giuliana is a celebrity news personality who is a host on E! News. Apart from her job as an anchor, she also co-hosts red carpet events such as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Bill on the other hand, is the first candidate hired by Donald Trump in the first season of his reality show, The Apprentice. Bill is a real estate developer and also an international motivational speaker. Both Giuliana and Bill were married on September 1, 2007.

Aren't they such an adorable couple? I just love their love story. And I love watching them on-screen. It doesn't hurt that they're both good looking. But it's not just that - it's the chemistry between them and the understanding they have on each other that's so beautiful. Yeah, yeah so I know reality shows like this will be edited once, twice and some more to make them look good and to show only the good parts but the thing is, both their behaviour and ways don't look rehearsed or edited at all. They're both original.

I think maybe the key to a successful reality show of relationships or families would be if the main subjects in the show are smart people. Let me take three reality show examples (on families or relationships) :

  1. Giuliana and Bill.
  2. The Newlyweds (Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey).
  3. The Kardashians (ok, too many for me to list down).
Out of those three, which makes you smile the most? 

I totally love how Bill cares for Giuliana and is always there for her - especially when she's scared (like the heights and the flying). I love how in control he is and how Giuliana lets him be in control, even though she is also a successful person herself. Maybe you just need to let the man in your life know he's the man in your life and that even though you can live by yourself and had been doing just that for the last 30 years, you also cannot live without him. 

It just comes to show that when you're intellectual, you say intellectual things and not curse in every few sentences or make stupid decisions. When you're in a relationship or when you're married, you have to work things out together. Discuss. Plan. Love is not just saying it, love is getting it done - together.

There was this one funny part in the "Made In Hong Kong" episode when their tour guide, Danny starts eyeballing Giuliana and can't get his hands off her, it was so obvious that Bill was plain jealous. LOL! It's sad though to see in this season how hard they try to get pregnant and the disappointments they had to go through. They both seemed like the family type and the responsible parents type. Although, hopefully if they have kids someday, those kids won't turn out to be one of the many spoiled-coz-my-parents-are-famous type. That'd be sad...

If none of you reading this had ever seen this show, you're really missing on something good. The show is just fabulous. If you would like to see how normal famous people can be, and how they tackle issues like normal people do, you should watch this show. Seriously.

So Sex and The City 2 Wardrobe did NOT cost US$10 Million!

So, remember a few posts ago I wrote about wanting to see Sex and The City 2 and that they spend US$ 10 Million on wardrobe alone? Well, I got the info from E! News the other day but apparently they did not spend that much anyways. And how did I know that? Ah-ha... I received a direct e-mail from Kat Malinowska of PopSugar TV who told me they love my site (Oooh so proud!) and that they want to share one of their latest videos which is an Exclusive interview with Patricia Fields (in case you girls have been living in a cave for the past few years, she's the stylist and costume designer for the SATC girls) and what she says about the US$ 10 Million wardrobe rumor.

E-mail from Kat

So, since Kat also stated there that it's free for me to share, here is the link where you can find the exclusive Patricia Fields video or you can just checkout the video below!

I just can't wait for SATC 2! I had been such a huge fan of SATC. I can't wait! *jumping up and down*

May 27, 2010

Animal Abuse

I was going through my personal FB today which I hadn't been updating for quite a while now (I had been super duper lazy these past few weeks) when I realized a Wall post by a friend about animal abuse - specifically a cat. I looked at the photo and oh my, I felt an overwhelming feeling of dread. How cruel can people be?

Photo courtesy of SCJ

According to the report, the cat above, named "Amazing Grace" for still being alive even though she is injured with a flat head nail driven into her skull with what is highly likely to be done with a nail gun, is looking healthy and in good spirits. However, the nail will be removed soon through a "risky procedure" and hopefully she will be healthy and back to her old happy self. 

Still, I wonder, how can someone have the stomach to hold the cat, place the nail gun in the middle of her head like that and shoot it. Oh my, the cruelty.

This reminds me of a story B-bunz told me about some kids living opposite his parents' housing area who would torture cats. They would impale the cats with iron bars and leave the cats to die slowly. They love dogs, but not cats. At first, I never seen anything like that and thought maybe B-bunz was just talking about an incident or two but whenever I accompany my brother to a computer shop at that area, I would come across deformed carcasses with iron bars stuck to them. It's so sad and so cruel. If only someone caught them in the act, maybe we can put these type of people behind bars - kids or not.

Animals are also living things. If we can't respect another life, be it plants, animals or humans, there's no wonder cases of child abuse and dumping babies seemed like a norm in the world today. Where is the love people?

May 26, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is coming soon! I can't wait!

I wasn't much of a Toy Story fan when it first came out but I think the whole storyline was just so cute that I started watching it and then I get hooked on to it and now I just can't wait for the latest installment. In Toy Story 3, we'll be seeing our regular friends like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Rex, Hamm and so many others who had gone through a whole lot of adventure in the last two movies. But what about new toys? Would any of you like to see new toys joining the old crew?

Now, here are a list of toys and which one would any of you pick?


Now, if it were up to me, there's one toy that I would pick first and that would be Peas-In-A-Pod. Why? Because I think they're absolutely adorable. Look at those smiles. And, have you heard that three heads are better than one? (Wait, or is it TWO? Lol!)

Do we have any Toy Story fans here? Which toy would you prefer to appear in this latest installment?

*This post is in conjunction with a contest held by Nuffnang.

May 24, 2010

Brittany Murphy's Husband found dead not 5 months after she died!

I didn't know how to react when I read this news - "Brittany Murphy's husband died of cardiac arrest".

Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy

It was only 5 months ago when Brittany Murphy had left us after going into cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009 at the Los Angeles home she shared with her husband and mother. It was later stated that the primary cause of her death was pneumonia while secondary causes includes iron-deficiency anemia and multiple drugs intoxication. She was only 32 years old when she died.

Her husband, Simon Monjack, a British screenwriter, was devastated when she died, stating that she was his best friend and soul mate. He looked torn on the day of the funeral and was inconsolable after her death.

And now, I read the news that he is also dead at the same house she died in Hollywood Hills and his death is still under investigation.

I'm like, WHOA!

Do you believe in true love? Can a death of the person you love most consume you so badly that you slowly deteriorate and eventually die too? I was thinking, can I ever handle it if someone I love most leave before me? The answer is simple - no. I know I would die too. Die of heartbreak. At this point and the heavy things weighing on my heart, I'm not too far off already.

Yet people always talk about love that stands the test of time and even the universe. Will you really meet the one you love in the after-life again? Will you love that person the same way you did in this world, or would it be an undescribable unconditional type of love that nothing and no one can stand in between? Does that type of love exist anyway?

There was a couple, an old couple, in my family's village who had been married for nearly 60 years. They marry when they were young, arranged by their parents, way before Malaysia even had its name (it was still Tanah Melayu back then). I guess the patience they had for each other, the respect and the faith is what made their marriage rock-hard. They were always happy. In the husband's eyes, in his short-sighted slightly cataract 72-year old eyes, it always smile and lit up whenever his wife is nearby. And in the wife's wrinkly arthritic hands, they always found his hands to hold or his arm to touch. When she died, he seemed so lost. His children, grandchildren and even great-granchildren could not make his eyes lit up the way his late wife did. And a month later, (we said his wife's grave was still "merah"), he passed away too. Quietly in his sleep, just the way his wife did. It was a love story I envy. I really did. 

News of death is always a sad thing. Whatever the cause of the death, I hope both Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack hadn't been in much pain. I hope the love they had for each other are the storybook-love type that will be remembered for a long long time.

May 23, 2010

One Last Time

My gaze fixed in your direction when I think you're not looking,
My heart bursting with pride and love bubbling over the brim,
My eyes tracing every curve of your handsome beloved features,
My brain branded and seared with each and every memory of us.

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?
Can it be the other way around? Can we make amends?
Only time, ticking of the clock can bring us the proper outcome,
Until that time comes I have to make my treacherous heart numb,

It's not easy, it really isn't to go down this path,
It's harder still to be apart, fearing backlash in its aftermath,
Jealousy, envy, a bevy of juggernaut stampeding our way,
At our weakest point we faltered, I wished we never went astray.

But this is also a punishment for the mistakes we both made,
If only you felt this pain, it cuts through me like a blade,
The consequence to us both, a hefty price must be paid,
Is it worth to wait so long, after everything that has been said?

Does actions really speak louder than words, tell me my love?
The guilty conscience displaying, these misconceptions, my sweet dove,
I would've given you the world, I really would if I could,
You know that don't you love? Tell me you knew I did good.

Do you believe if we're meant for each other, one day we'll be together?
Do you believe in trying, in believing, in faith, in forgiveness altogether?
Do you believe what we had was real, what we had was true?
Would you accept my sincere repentance? In detail I shall construe.

Allow your heart to open up wide, trust in me, let me through,
Allow your mind to see, regard these efforts, value what's true.
Allow yourself again to believe in us, me and you, just us two.


May 21, 2010

Favourite Past time | Sex and The City 2 Coming Soon

I realized I haven't been very active in one of my favourite past time which is entering contests. It had been a while since I last won something. All the ups and downs I experienced these past few months had somewhat stunted my winning progress.

I used to go to malls and take all the contest entry forms at the front counter and enter everything I can get my hands on. It became like an obsession actually. Although I had stopped for a while but right now, I'm just trying my luck on contests that has to do with Sex and The City 2. Anybody and everybody who knows me knows how much I love Sex and The City and their wardrobe. Damn. The shoes!

Who loves Sex and The City please raise your hand!

Look at the price tags!
Photo courtesy of

Would you believe that for the latest sequel, they spend nearly USD10 million on the wardrobe alone? TEN MILLION DOLLARS! OMG! And the four girls get to keep some of the clothes! Not to mention shoes!  I wish I was one of them right now! If they ever make a younger version of Sex and The City, I'll make sure I'm the first to audition for the part! I SO can't wait for the sequel to hit the cinemas. 

Oh, and I also can't wait to see this sequel because there's Aidan. Aidan in Abu Dhabi. I always thought Aidan should be the one for Carrie because Mr Big was just so slow in proclaiming his love. He only realized Carrie's the one when she's all the way in Paris and after they had been on and off for like, 5 years! I really want to know what is that "something happened" between Carrie and Aidan in Abu Dhabi and how Mr Big handles it. 

Argh! I can't wait! Please let me win the premiere tickets!

May 20, 2010

Give It To Me Right Baybeh!

There is this one sexy song that really can't stop playing in my mind. I first heard it when I watched So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 when Ryan Di Lello is partnered up with Noelle Marsh. I wasn't much of Ryan and Noelle's fan in comparison to Legacy Perez and Kathryn McCormick. 

Yet, when I saw both Ryan and Noelle do this sexy number, my brain just went into overdrive. And then I noticed Ryan's body. LOL! Steamayh!

Anyways, I found this video at metacafe. Turns out YouTube had to block this video because it contains content from Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation. Oh, whatever. But isn't the dance step sexy? Especially when she tore her clothes and when he went on the table. Wish I can dance like that. There's just something about dancing that makes me happy. And wish I have partner who would dance like that with me.

So, after watching this show, I quickly went online to check out who the singer was and the full version of the song. And since then, I can't seem to stop the music from playing in my head over and over and over again. So seriously, my man wherever you are, "when I want it", make sure you'll "give it to me right". LOL!

Enjoy the videoclip you guys!

Okay, okay,
He's got my number and
You can't, you can't
Warn me baby here I am
Either you make the time
Or just forget me

I'm not, I'm not
Tryna run your life
That's why, that's why
I'm nobody's wife
But when I want, when I want it
You gotta be ready
I don't want it all the time,
But when I get it,
I better be satisfied
So give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

I don't think you understand,
How real it is for me to find
A man who thinks he can
So give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all
yeah yeah

On time, on time
I expect you to be
Oh my, oh my
Baby in my fantasy
You can't get it right,
Then just forget it

No ways ok
For you to go around
uh uh, today
You better make a touch down
You know what I like,
Won't you accept it

I don't want it all the time,
But when I want it,
You better make me smile
So give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

I don't think you understand,
If you can't please me,
I know someone who can
Give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

This is the real life baby
This is the life that makes me say
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahh

This is the real thing baby
When I'm alone I can make me say
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahh

I don't want it all the time,
But when I want it
You better make me smile
So give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

I don't think you understand,
If you can't please me,
I know someone who can
So give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

Give it to me right
Give it to me right

Give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

Give it to me right,
Or don't give it to me at all

May 16, 2010


I was at KFC yesterday to have my first meal of the day which is also a late lunch - because I went to so many hospitals in the morning - when I saw a very simple act of kindness.

There was a Malay man, with a crew-cut haircut, wearing a blue T-shirt, sitting by himself near the glass window, eating his chicken and probably sucking on the bones when a dark young boy wearing a "ketayap" (skull-cap), who does not look any day above 9-years-old and does not look like a Malaysian citizen either came out of nowhere and start going to everyone's table to offer them to buy some religious books or give some "sedekah" (alms) to him. The boy went from one table to another until he stopped at the Malay man with the blue T-shirt's table. 

The man told the boy to sit opposite him. The man looked quite fierce with his crew-cut haircut and he seemed to be asking the boy a lot of questions. The boy answered some of the questions at first before he started to look quite disinterested. He started staring out of the window and start counting the books in his hands. Then, the Malay man with the blue T-shirt gave the boy his cheesy wedges. The boy took the wedges and came to my table to show the books and ask for a little bit of money. He had the books in his right hand and the wedges in his left hand. My brother and I looked at the tattered books in his hand and wondered if he might be a part of those syndicate who kidnaps children, export them to another country and tell them to beg or work.

The boy then went to a vacant table, sat down and start eating the cheesy wedges like there's no tomorrow. Then, I noticed the Malay man with the blue T-shirt was no longer at his seat and not a minute later, I saw him put a medium-sized Pepsi drink on the boy's table before walking out of KFC. 

It was that act, and how the boy gobbled up the wedges and the drink that struck my heart. This boy is so young. So very young. What is he doing here? He doesn't speak fluent Malay and he doesn't look like a Malay or a typical Indian Muslim for that matter. He must not be from Malaysia. My brother guessed he's from Myanmar but it is just sad to see a young boy like that, by himself in the day, going from one person to another asking for money when boys his age are busy attending school, playing hide-and-seek and have parents to bring them to KFC and eat a bucket of fried chicken. Still, that boy seemed to enjoy his life. After finishing the food on his table, he went to other KFC customers whom he hadn't approached and when he went out of the KFC, he started skipping away as if it was just another normal day and lives of young boys like him are supposed to be just like that.

We should be happy of what we have. We should let go or try to forget the things that we think had wronged us. We should be grateful we never had to resort to begging. We should be grateful we still have those who love us no matter how big or small the mistakes we had done in the past. We should strive to keep what we have and work hard to expand and build our own empire of love, happiness and freedom. We should take control of our lives. We should be happy. We should be humble. We should be kind.

Happy Teacher's Day Malaysia!

Photo courtesy of

Have you ever had a teacher who inspired you in some way? Even if that person have not taught you in school, have you had someone who had taught you a lesson, be it Math, Science, Geography or life lessons that managed to change you and turn you into a better person? Have you ever been truly touched?

When I was 7, I studied in another country, not in Malaysia. I had a wonderful teacher. I forgot her name, I think it was Ms. Lee. She was very petite. About 4' 5". She always said in a few years time, her class is going to tower over her. Everybody calls her the "little teacher" but I think she's simply cute, just like my late grandma. I never think those who are short (or dwarfs) are weird. 

Anyways, despite her height, Ms. Lee was a very athletic lady. She likes to play netball with us. Yup, I played netball when I was 7 years old. But of course, we had to bring the net slightly lower compared to the normal pole. Ms. Lee taught us Mathematics and English. And because of her, I fell in love with English language more. I was one of the outstanding student in class because of my grades - although the kids were likely to reject me because I'm a Malaysian but since my grades are good, instead of shunning me out of their circle, the kids in my class would always include me in on everything. And since I play the piano and I was the only one in class who knows every note, symbols and chords in Music class, I became the "popular" girl. 

Ms. Lee always had something nice to tell me. She always had a wise advice or quote-of-the-day for me. She would do the same thing with the rest of the class but most of them would just brush it aside like it's a piece of junk but I drank it all in. I like spending the day after class with her. Teachers in that country would stay-back many many hours after school just to help their students. And if they find students who absorbs lessons easily, they would encourage you to go further more and more. Many times she advised my parents to send me to a gifted-student school. Sadly though, back then it costs quite a sum to put a child in a gifted-student school and my dad was the sole breadwinner and only a government servant.

Still, Ms. Lee's impact in my life was evident. I loved English more because of her. I loved going to the library everyday and immerse myself in books and words because I know I would be able to go to her the next day and tell her rushingly (the way kids do when they're excited) on all the magical things I read the day before. Sadly though, when their country's military sector accused our military sector had stolen some military intel, all Malaysian militaries and their immediate families have to evacuate the country. So, I had to leave. It was the saddest thing that had ever happened in my young life.

Of course there were other teachers or lecturers who had made an impact in my life too, although not as strong as what Ms. Lee had been that many years ago. She was very attentive to my actions and speech. She listens very carefully and understood me. She made me feel special. Just like how Mitch Albom found a teacher who had left an impact in his life in his book "Tuesdays With Morrie", I've found mine too.

The best time to shape a person is when they are still children and they still listen to you. The best time to teach a lesson is when they still trust you and are open to many possibilities. So to those who teaches the young, not necessarily teachers but also parents, older family members or adults who might impart skills or lessons to those younger than yourselves, remember this :

Children Learn As They Live.
A Child that lives with Ridicule, learns to be Timid.
A Child that lives with Criticism, learns to Condemn.
A Child that lives with Distrust, learns to be Deceitful.
A Child that lives with Antagonism, learns to be Hostile.
A Child that lives with Affection, learns to Love.
A Child that lives with Encouragement, learns Confidence.
A Child that lives with Truth, learns Justice.
A Child that lives with Sharing, learns to be Considerate.
A Child that lives with Knowledge, learns Wisdom.
A Child that lives with Patience, learns to be Tolerant.
A Child that lives with Happiness, will find Love and Beauty.


May 12, 2010

Want to pamper yourself? Come to this women-only spa!

Are you a woman looking for a way to relax? Want to pamper your hardworking body from 8-hour work every day, five days per week? Are you embarrassed to be in a spa when there are men around? Well, fret not! There's a new SPA in town - and this spa is only for WOMEN of all ages and races! Relaxation and being in a safe surrounding is what most women look for these days. At Anjung Bayu, you can get all that and so much more.

Anjung Bayu Spa, Therapy & Beauty Center
115-1B, Jalan TKS 1, Taman Kajang Sentral,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel : 03-87364412
Operation time : 10am - 8pm

Anjung Bayu introduces a mixture of traditional and contemporary concept in its interior and services provided. The massages however is an implementation of both Malay massage and Aromatherapy massage. Of course, there are differences between these two massages.

Malay massage targets problematic areas or spots to treat problems in joints, muscular pains, body aches, wind and others whilst Aromatherapy massage is to allow customers to unwind and have a relaxing and enjoying massage experience. 

There are many packages and ala-carte services offered at Anjung Bayu. Walk-ins are welcomed however making an appointment are highly appreciated in order to allocate appropriate time to customers. 

Some of the treatments and services offered : 
  1. Wedding Packages - various choices of treatments offered which basically consists of relaxing massages, facial treatments, sauna, scrub, pedicure, manicure, hot stone and many more.
  2. Post Natal Packages - various choices of treatments offered including mandi daun (to excrete toxins and wind), bertangkas, bertungku, barut, pilis, param, aromatherapy massages, sauna and others.
  3. Various massage choices - full body massage, shoulder massage, head massage, upper body massage, hot stone and body massage, herbal compress and body massage, migraine therapeutic massage and so much more.
  4. Reflexology.
  5. Facial.
  6. Promotional packages are also available for first-time customers, "birthday-girl" package, and offers according to celebrations within Malaysia such as the New Year, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and National Day.
The products used are highly recommended for best and effective results. 

To find out more on the price of services or products offered or to make appointment, do call the phone number provided (03-87364412).

Private bathrooms for privacy and comfort

Incredibly spacious rooms

Best equipments used for striking results

Each massage room has its own bathroom for quick shower after scrubbing. Oh, and there's jacuzzi too if you opt for any of the packages that includes soaking up in the jacuzzi! How awesome is that? 

Anjung Bayu was launched on Saturday, 8th May 2010 and the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to the Grand Opening was done by Datuk Normaziah Sheikh Mohamed, the winner of "Wanita Ikon 2007", a well-known beauty product entrepreneur who had struggled her way up to where she is now. Datuk Normaziah is highly supportive of Anjung Bayu and its objective. In today's hectic work environment and lifestyle, taking some time out of the hustle and bustle for a day of relaxation and peace can help turn you into an Energizer bunny. LOL!

Anonymous visitor & Datuk Normaziah Sheikh Mohamed

So what are you waiting for ladies? If you're in Kajang or near the vicinity of Kajang (Semenyih, Bangi, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, etc) and in need of serious body treatments or just looking for a place to ease off, come try the services at Anjung Bayu. They're not only highly affordable but the ambience, services and treatments provided will help you unwind and asking for more!

* Advertorial post.

May 10, 2010

Our Mother's Day Celebration 2010

It was a tiring day. Because the day before that was a longer and much tiring day. Still, I did not give the Mother's Day gifts on Sunday, May 9th. I decided to give both my moms (mother and aunt) their Mother's Day gifts on Saturday, May 8th, right after the launching of the new company. 

Still, seeing them smile when they got their gifts washed away the fatigue in my mind and body for a while. Although B-bunz was not around with my brothers and I to present the gifts to our "moms", his contribution and help to get the gifts and making this successful are highly appreciated.

Momma's Diamond Ring from GOLDHEART

Mommy's Handbag from Carlo Rino

I know the gifts might not be as beautiful as others who could afford to give their moms more expensive and prettier gifts but the four of us shared and gave this two gifts with a lot of love and prayers of good health and happiness. We hope that's what's important.



May 05, 2010

Double Dosage

I was reading a post from a blog I frequent when I realize I also did quite the same thing. When I like an item, shoes especially, I don't mind buying two pairs of the same design in different colors. I don't care if people say I'm crazy. If I like the design, then I'd like to have it. 

Like these flats for instance, B-bunz bought for me one day at The Gardens, MidValley. 

We were out for a hit-and-run actually when I thought I wanted to go check out some flats. But B-bunz kept on nagging about the time, that we're only there for a hit-and-run and about our low-cash situation that it hit a sensitive button in one of brain cells. I was so frustrated because I was only thinking of checking out the flats, not actually buying them so why did my boyfriend have to go nag at me non-stop like this? I wanted to see if the sapphire blue flats with the rose petal on the top that I saw in a magazine is still available and see how much is the retail price. So when B-bunz kept repeating the same thing he had been repeating in the car on the way to the mall, I had a minor outburst. I was wondering why couldn't he just humor me for 10 minutes to go to the damn shoe store (which was only about 15 meters from where I said I want to check out the flats) to just see the price? 

So I went walking ahead and left him behind. I know by doing so it throws him off-balance. But I just couldn't slow down else he saw the tears start forming in my eyes. I know at times I try to portray myself as this strong brave girl but deep down I'm actually a little soft and the just-cuddle-me-and-I'll-be-fine type. B-bunz can easily make me laugh or cry. Honestly, he does have my heart in his grasp plus, he is my pillar after all.

Still, I know he sensed something was wrong. Though he thought the reason I suddenly turned moody was because he wouldn't let me get those flats. I kept telling him that wasn't the reason but I suppose I did act like a spoiled child a few times before and he assumed I was lying through my teeth right then. So, he brought me to TIAMO and told me to choose which flats that I want. I strongly refused but one kiss on my forehead and I melted. It's so easy for him to make me melt, you see. 

Why? WHY?? Sometimes I wonder what spell he puts on me coz it gets to quite an extreme level at times. It's like I can forgive him anything. Still, in that situation, I know I made a mistake. I know we don't speak the same language (him from Mars and I'm from Venus thingy) but sometimes he knows me too well (like what I would do in certain situation, what this facial expression means and what-not) that many times I just forgot that he's not a psychic and he can't really read my thoughts. There were many things I wished I had done differently.

Anyways, I finally chose those two flats and B-bunz paid it for me. And I was SO in love with them. And wherever I go, people look at me, then at my flats and then they compliment me. But every time when that happens, I feel grateful for B-bunz and think that maybe I must've done right somewhere to have him as mine. These flats may protect my sole, but B-bunz is my soul.

Oh God, why am I so mushy right now? Flats making me miss my man. How corny can I be? LOL!

May 04, 2010

Aren't Flash Mobs Fun?

Yeah, I love watching those videos where they show big group of people dancing like nobody's business in the middle of the road or something. I mean, how do they do that? Have any of you watch the T-Mobile commercial where the flash mob start dancing at the Liverpool Street Station, London? And some puzzled onlookers were like, looking and then laughing and they had this "awe-struck" face. I mean seriously, if I were there, my face will be gobsmacked with awe too. 

How do they do that? A bunch of big groups dancing in sync to the music? How much practice do you need to actually do that? I bet the choreographer must have a field day - it would be just like handling a huge classroom of super hyper students to move to the left, move to the right, listen to the beat, follow the music, etc. 

Then today I saw a re-run of Oprah (yes, I watch Oprah!) and they were showing Oprah's Kickoff Party in Chicago where the flash mob danced to Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling". I already think that dancing flash mobs are cool and to see the colorful crowd from a bird's eye view dancing to the music makes me jump out of my skin! I SO want to do that too! LOL..

Still, I wish I could be a part of something like that. I bet it is fun. Tiring, but fun at the same time. I also think, deep down, it makes you feel that connection, not just to the music but with the people dancing in sync around you.

B-bunz honey, come dance with me...

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