About Enveeus

Enveeus originates from the word ENVIOUS and also ENVY US.

Bella is the main writer in Enveeus, being a busy successful girl, she is often envied by her peers, some of which she knew and some she did not have any acquaintance with at all. Most of the time Bella is patient and compliant. She accepts the fact that some people may like her and others may not. Everybody is free to make their own judgement or make assumptions on others. Different people have different mindset.
"What I can't stand though is when people cross the line and starts disrespecting me and the people around me," Bella.
Bella is often quiet and reserved but since she had been attacked too many times, she is starting to rebel. She will speak her mind, so beware of stepping on her tail.

Shop @ Enveeus caters for all ages, races and sexes. If there's something you would like to see at the virtual shop, please Contact Enveeus for we appreciate any feedbacks and would like to know what our customers prefer to have and would like to buy. Enveeus ships all over the world but discounts and special benefits will only be given to those from Malaysia (we're Malaysian after all). So please feel free to browse around!

(Enveeus is from Malaysia, a country of diverse race, religion and beliefs.)
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Enveeus is a personal blog that writes on almost anything and everything according to the writer's taste and voice. Any use of third party videos/photos/information will be credited accordingly. In an event that Enveeus and its associates failed to give credit/misjudged/any factual mistakes, please contact Enveeus for the matter to be resolved. 

Thank you.
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