August 31, 2010


Congratulations for turning 53 this year! Yeay!

If you're a person, there must be at least a few strands of gray hair on your head, a few wrinkles on your face and maybe you'll be a little slower when you walk.

But you're not a person. You're a country. And for a country, you're still young and vigorous! And because of that you might make a few mistakes along the way, you might decide wrongly due to your "hot blood" and might break a heart or two. But please, do learn from the experiences of others. Do take note that reckless decision-making does not help any country. We should not have to repeat the same mistakes others had to get the same lesson in life. Let's take all the mistakes others had done in their lives as examples to us. In doing so we can put ourselves in the map of the world quicker than what others had in their lifetime. We can become a model, an Idol, a celebrity. Only then, the people in you will prosper more than they have now. Let's do this for our future generation.

Malaysia, you know what I'm saying is true.

Still, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY everyone! And Happy Holiday!

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August 30, 2010

Spooky Encounter

Was Tweeting with LJ earlier about Singapore and stuffs when I said something about having a spooky encounter many years ago at Bedok. It was not the first time I had a spooky encounter, as a matter of fact. My first spooky encounter was when I was around 4 years-old. I'm not sure if I ever had any before that, but what I experienced when I was 4-years old is something I cannot forget, even now.

It happened when my family and I was staying in Taman Keramat, KL. My father was transferred to MINDEF KL and we had to shift from Lumut, Perak into a rented double-storey terrace house. When my parents went to check on the house, the neighbours were all friendly and welcoming but they didn't say anything or the fact that the other tenants had only lived there for as long as a month tops. My parents, on the other hand, were in need of a house at a good location which also includes a nearby pre-school for myself. Yup, I had been in kindergarten since I was 2-years old. 

Anyways, when all five of us shifted into the house - Dad, Mom, Aunt, Granny and myself - everything was fine at first. We fell into a routine. Early morning Dad would leave for work, Mom would get me ready, Granny will prepare breakfast, Aunt will follow Mom to send me to school, then in the afternoon they pick me up, we stay home until evening when Granny and Mom start to cook and Dad come home from work, we'll watch TV together and by 9pm, I have to go to sleep. The first week was fine, but the second week things started to get weird.

You see, our sleeping arrangements is like this, Dad and Mom sleeps in the Master Bedroom whereas Aunt, Granny and myself sleeps in the room next to the Master Bedroom. Our door is always kept slightly ajar to let the lights from the family lounge come in and also for easier access to check on me.

From the second week of our stay there, every time when it's midnight, my Dad and Mom will be awaken by the sound of scratches at their window as if someone with long nails is trying to scratch their way in to my parents' bedroom. At the same time this is happening, we'll also hear footsteps on the roof like people walking and running on the roof. And the door will creak and move slowly as though there's soft wind blowing at it and make it move.

Photo courtesy of Google

This spooked everybody out - except me. I didn't quite understood the volume of the problem. At first, everyone thought there were thieves or robbers around but as the frequency of the problem increase, they start thinking that there might be something else disturbing our peace at night. Later, I started seeing things. I made a new friend. A young boy, pretty much my age who would appear after Maghrib in my room and play with me. Back then, my toys consists of a police squad car, fire engine and legos. So there I'll be in my room playing and talking to my so-called friend until my Granny or Aunt will find me there and ask whom I'm talking to. I'll tell them who it is and they'll start having this weird look that I don't understand.

Soon after, my family's attitude and routine started to change. My father will always make it home before Maghrib. And every time the Maghrib prayers is on the TV, all 5 of us will be huddled together in the living hall. I didn't understand why, especially because during this time I will see at the top of the stairs a man, a woman and my young friend backing me up with their hands, calling me to join them. I always wanted to go, a strong feeling pulling me towards them but my family never allow - especially after I told my family what I saw.

One day, I was playing under the stairs which was a small space made into a store-room that my parents kept some stuffs in. My Granny was busy frying fish in the kitchen while my Aunt was having a shower. I played by myself before I went into the store-room to find something (I can't remember what). Suddenly the door closed from behind and I couldn't open it. I wasn't scared though because in the room was the man, the woman and the little boy. The woman touched my face and the man touched my hand. The little boy smiled. At that exact moment, my Aunt unlatched the door and was shocked to find me in there. Everyone wondered how I got latched in. Due to that incident, my parents decided that there's something very wrong with the house and my safety might be at stake so they started to find other houses and decided to leave by the end of the month. From then on, the intensity and volume of the nightly disturbances increased. Doors started slamming in the middle of the night, banging noises were heard in the kitchen too, crying and sobbing sounds echoed in the house and finally, a day before we were supposed to leave, on that very evening, I saw the three figures at the top of the stairs where they usually were. They waved and backed me towards them, so I walked slowly to the stairs. The rest of the family members was watching TV intently while my Granny was in the kitchen making some tea and no one realized I was slowly walking to the top of the stairs. Suddenly, when I was only shy of two stairs towards the top, my Granny snatched me up and I saw the three figures suddenly cried and turn away - and that's when I saw it, there's a hole at the back of the man's head, the woman blouse was bloodied and the boy had his familiar bruise around the neck.

Photo courtesy of Google

Before we left, my Mom asked the neighbours if there were any incidents that ever happened in the house. That's when all the neighbours started to speak up. They told my parents that there had been a murder in the house a few years before. A family of three was murdered by robbers who stabbed the woman and bludgeoned the man to death before they took all their jewelries and left them there until a few days later when people noticed their disappearance and police dropped by the house. Nobody saw their son though. 

The story was sad, of course. But the experience left my family members worrying over me for months. I was fine with the whole thing actually, which made my parents worry more because since then I will sometimes see things and not get scared. OK, weird, I know. It's not like I'm that boy Cole from the movie Sixth Sense. I don't see dead people ALL the time or have them come to me to help them with their unfinished business. Heck, I don't even see Casper or his three ghosts buddies. It's just sometimes I'll see a whisper of a shadow or hear sounds and not freak out or jump out of my skin. I think I'm pretty brave in that department. 

P/S : I'll continue on the encounter in Bedok in my next post.

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At the stroke of midnight..

A couple of days ago, I officially turned a year older. Yups, hopefully wiser too - in matters of the heart, of life, of the universe and everything in between - I wish.

At midnight, everything was great. My Twitter was flooded with Birthday wishes, so was my personal FB and my web FB. I received lots of calls from friends, handbag shops and jewelry shops to wish me a Happy Birthday. LOL! It was fun. And the best part, I get to stay out late for the day. Which is just fabulous considering my parents have this "curfew" for everything. Due to this, I just can't wait to earn my own living and be able to have my own say.


Daddy gave me a gift, in the form of cash, so there's not much to complain there. LOL.

However, I first planned to go to this Chocolate shop I saw from a friend's blog and when I went online, I saw that they had an outlet in Bangsar Village. Sad to say, I did not check it out thoroughly by calling to make sure they're there. I mean, I didn't expect the shop was no longer there. I just thought since there's an address online, it should be there and I don't have to call just to ask if it exists, right? *Sigh* Due to my careless assumption, I didn't get to indulge in some Chocolate-y moment that night. *Sob*

But then, my gray mood suddenly turned into a lot of colors - blue, red, green, yellow, white and so much more - instantaneously when we arrived at i-City, Shah Alam. You see, I have a thing for colorful lights. I get pretty excited when I see them. It's just the child in me, I suppose. 

TEN (10) things I absolutely love :
  1. Colorful lights
  2. Bubbles
  3. Fireworks (the type they have during New Year's or National Day)
  4. Rainbows
  5. Smell of rain 
  6. Walking in the rain (Only drizzle, not heavy rain. I don't want to get pneumonia)
  7. Smell of new-cut grass
  8. Smell of new books
  9. A garden of colorful flowers
  10. B-bunz (LOL!)

Aren't they gorgeous? Oh my, I'm like SO in love. And so excited. I nearly squealed. LOL! 


We arrived at around 10.30pm. We paid RM10 in order to park inside. Because of that, we got a coupon which enables us to enter either the "Animal Park" area or the "Cold Room" area. We chose the animal place coz I saw this big dinosaur and I just wanted to go near the dinosaur. I don't have anything for dinosaurs, it's just that I'm not a fan of cold areas coz I get cold easily. Oh, and we also entered this lucky draw from the RM10 ticket.

Look at those photos yourself. Aren't the colorful lights just beautiful? OK, I'm using a cheap camera, not some heavy-duty DSLR so my photos don't really do the place justice. Seriously, I was so excited. And the place is pretty big. So even though there are many people, it don't feel so crowded. And it's so easy to get there - through the Federal Highway.

If only I could stay out late, I would've prefer to go there in the early morning because this place is open 24 hours, 7 days per week. There'll be lesser people and I'm sure the air is cooler. *Sigh*.. I want to come here again one day, just to walk around and not snap photos like a crazy woman so much. B-bunz must be tired waiting on this photo-crazed girl. LOL!! So, if you guys haven't been there before, do come by - that is, if you love lights but if you don't, it could be pretty boring since that's all there is there. Oh, but they also have some live performances until almost midnight. We didn't try the food from any of the restaurants there. We only get one Sweet Corn which costs RM4 which I bet the food in the restaurants must be pretty expensive. So, better bring your own food and picnic out on the field. Or if not, make sure you carry some drinks. Walking around can get you quite parched.

i-City is located at :

City of Digital Lights
CityPark, i-City, 40000, Shah Alam.
Tel : 03- 55218824 / 03-21411517

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August 26, 2010

Silent Tears

One of my best friends contacted me last night in urgency. She was one of the very few friends I trust with my life whom also in the many years we've been friends, had always defended me and been completely loyal to me. She told me one thing last night - she was afraid she's going to die.

I was surprised. I know that even though we had been closer than sisters back in high school, we had sort of drifted apart after she got married and I pursued my studies. Few years ago, I wasn't fully supportive of her decision to marry at the age of 20. She still haven't finish her Diploma and knowing that her future husband did not allow her to continue towards getting a Degree or work, does not help make me see him in a nice light. Still, I was happy for her and when she got her first daughter, I was ecstatic. I was the Godmother to her little daughter and when the second daughter arrived, I couldn't be much happier.

I thought, there she was, happy with her decision, with a husband who loves her, daughters who listens to her whereas myself, sometimes trying to reach for too high and crushed when I couldn't get what I aimed for. When she had a family and happy, I was still alone, sometimes heartbroken while sometimes I manage to smile but most of the time, I felt what I always do - ALONE.

But when she called me yesterday and told me she never felt so alone like she did at the moment, I was shocked. It couldn't be so bad, I thought. My best friend, the tough one shouldn't be crying her eyes out like this. What could be the problem?

Chronic urticaria was what her doctor first thought she had but after a year of prescribed Cetirizine, she still have the allergies and when they did a blood test last month, her doctor suspected she have Hepatitis C. She was weirded out because she have not done anything that might make her contract Hepatitis C. She's worried that for not knowing about it this past year might cost her life and having to wait for two months for confirmation of the recent blood test did not help one bit. So she called me, knowing me and my Medicine background to ask me more on other possible medications, the severity of Hepatitis C and the success of liver transplant.

I didn't like it one bit that she started talking about death. It saddens me when she questions how her little girls is going to cope without her. It makes me quiver when she says she loves me. After all these years she still say the same thing, "If I was a guy, I would've married you in a heart beat." So even though I didn't cry when I spoke to her, even though I was firm and I encouraged her to get out of the dark clouds, in my heart I cried. I cried these silent tears.

Have you ever lost a best friend? I cannot imagine losing one. No, not now. Not ever!

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August 25, 2010

More kitties in da house!

If it weren't for the fact that our house have a lot of land, I think we'll be bursting with cats at every corner by now. The other day I helped a momma cat deliver her litters at 1 o'clock in the morning when it was raining outside. She could've picked a better time. LOL! Plus since my room is closer to the shed and I heard the mewing, I can't just close my ears with cottons. It was a tiring night.

Then two days ago, another Queen of ours also delivered her kitties. SIX of them! We didn't even know how she got pregnant! I think it's my boys' work again. LOL! Coz they're the only boys not neutered - yet.

"Argh! I've got things at my titties!"

Well everybody, this is N.G. I don't know what those initials stand for. She had been called N.G. since she's a baby. LOL! My mom sometimes have no idea what to name them. I don't know how she can have 6 babies but she did. One of them is slightly underweight and undersized so we had to separate him/her (we don't know the sex yet) from the other kitties. 

There was a moment of suspense though when N.G. delivered the last kitty, she didn't push hard enough or wasn't strong enough to finish eating the placenta that it went back in. That's when she just can't stop mewing in pain and discomfort. She kept turning right and left. We had to bring her to the vet where she was jabbed in order to liquefy the placenta. Now she looks much happier!

Look at all these watermelon (Bengal) kitties!

For those who have pets and Queens that will be delivering soon, make sure you're around when she gives birth. Things like this can happen and it's dangerous to the Queen's womb and health.

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Happy Birthday!

To my father actually. My birthday is not in another few days.

So, what do you give a man who has everything he wants and need and would nag if you buy unnecessary things for him which he might deem "a waste"? I have no idea. I think it'll be easier to be able to buy anything and have the receipient gladly accept it. But my dad is not the kind of person who likes to spend much on himself. He's a very simple man.

But since I'm stubborn, I still got him a cake. And card. And he blew the candle at 12am!

Hope he likes it. Happy Birthday Abah!

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August 23, 2010

Don't be an idiot!

How can a 28-year old man be so effin' stupid? And his 25-year old wife can be so witless that she can follow her husband into hiding - that is before they gave themselves up to the police after being advised by police and friends - after their 6-year old son flew 15 meters up in the air, got stuck in a tree with an open skull and his brains lost somewhere in between. Oh my God, what has gotten into the people in this world? I wonder where all the humanity went.

Photo inset : 6-year old Khairul Arif Ayub
Photo courtesy of The Star Online

Haven't the Government and the media been showing all sorts of adverts on the dangers and hazards of illegal fireworks and firecrackers and what-not's? Haven't there been enough mishaps and accidents when it comes to all this illegal fireworks and firecrackers since the government banned all firecrackers - except for the "happy boom" and "pop pop" types - few years ago? So why are there people who are still trying to smuggle and sell these things, and not to mention endanger themselves and the people around them in the process?

And one more thing, if you're really going to do something illegal, why do you have to involve a young child into this business? If you're storing the bloody firecrackers in that allegedly "safe house", then why do you leave your 6-year old son with two young guys who might not be attentive to your son's whereabouts and then go do your errands somewhere else? Why not just bring the boy along? And where the heck is the mother in this picture? I thought mothers are often attached to their little ones. What kind of mother is this woman? I don't even want to write their names. Why should we even want to know this kind of people?

Photo courtesy of Harian Metro

If this is the kind of parents roaming around in this country, then no wonder we have lots of social problems with our young generation. If you don't have a clue how to become parents, don't be one! It's not just about trying to keep yourself from vice and sin, it's about being able to fulfill your responsibilities. If you can't do that, then go water the plant or something.

Gosh, I cannot imagine the boy stuck on top of some tree without his brains. I... My goodness! All this people, what an embarrassment to nature!

More news and updates can be found here.

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August 22, 2010

When I'm bored, I watch this!

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Coz these dudes really make me laugh out loud! They're just like super fabulous. I don't know if they follow script or if everything that comes out from their mouth are genuinely spontaneous (coz my Dad refuse to believe it's spontaneous) but whatever it is, when I'm bored, sad, unwell or felt alone, I'll play them on the DVD player and burst out laughing.

These are just some of my favourite scenes!

With invited guest - Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg owned this game. She's incredible but then Colin came in and oh my this bald guy is just so hilarious! LOL!

"If You Know What I Mean" game

I like this one. Colin (the red shirt) can't do this game and he looked very awkward. He's so cute!

"Song Styles" game

Honestly, I wouldn't mind having Wayne Brady sing for me. He's got an amazing voice. This is one of my favorite segment because the lady, May is also so cute. LOL!

From left : Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles.

From all the episodes that I've managed to watch (there are so many!), it's just obvious that even if this show is rehearsed or not spontaneous, these guys must be real good with their language and vocabulary. If you have never watched any of Whose Line Is It Anyway episodes, you've missed out on a lot of laughters, fun and a lesson or two. So you better go out and find them coz when you're bored or not feeling up for anything, this show will bring a smile to your face. No matter how many times you've watched them.

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August 21, 2010

Do you like National Geographic Channel?

I do! It is one of my favourite channels besides E!, MTV and AXN. Yeah, I love to watch those other three channels too. Fashion is the best!

Anyway, I was just lazing around on my sofa the other day when I saw this advert that was showing on National Geographic Channel about Britain's Greatest Machines by Chris Barrie and I couldn't help but laugh. I'm not laughing at the inventions but I was just laughing at the advertisement.

I love the part when he talks about "the iconic transit van", backbone of the nation's workforce and because of its impressive performance, "a big hit with the bank robbers". LOL! How true. And that's why I laughed. 

Well, I just love brilliant advertisements such as this one. I mean, I have to admit that sometimes shows like the National Geographic can be quite boring. But when I see advertisements like this, it really grabs my attention and I feel like waiting in front of the TV and catch it when it will be aired. They don't have to bring out sexy ladies or bling-bling into the frame, just say something funny that consists of 5 words is fine already. Plus, I've always liked to learn more on British histories and what-not's.

Being in the advertising field requires a lot of new and fresh ideas. Something that is very hard for me to do because it's quite hard for me to get out and refresh my mind or eyes with my surroundings. Part of the reason is because of the limited funds I have and another is because I'm not married yet and I have parents who are quite strict with girls - and in this case, since I'm the only girl - it's tougher. Which is why lately, my creative thinking has dwindled from little to almost none because my lack of catching on with the what's-up's of the outside world. In my spare time, I read - and I do read a lot - but sometimes I just need to get out there before my brain turns square.

Like what they say in the movie Cry Baby (oh Jonny Depp is hot! yummy), "you don't want to turn into a SQUARE!"

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August 20, 2010

Cute edible food just so tempting right?

I love food and although I can't eat so much in one sitting but I can finish say, a 7-course meal if I take my time. Dessert is the best part of a meal! I totally love ice-cream. Vanilla, ice-cream tops the chart but if there's Strawberry or that Toffee Rainbow-coloured ice-cream, I take those too. I love those rainbow coloured toffee flavoured ice-cream like Paddle Pop. Yum!

However, right now I'm talking gonna talk about these cuties that I bought from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. Have you guys ever been here before? Ever tried their donuts? I'm not much of a donut fan but when I feel like eating some, I would go get them at either Big Apple Donuts & Coffee or J.Co Donuts & Coffee shop.

So yesterday, while walking around in Alamanda trying to look for the best food for break fast, I couldn't resist to purchase these cuties at the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee shop.

These are called Donashi. They are inspired by Sushi and designed like those sushi with rice paste. There are quite a variety of flavours in - strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, custard, chocolate and so much more. Oh, do you see that round chocolate cup in the middle? That's the chocolate dip. You dip the donuts in the chocolate and then sink in your teeth into the donuts' soft middle where the rich cream is at and feel the taste wash in your mouth, your tongue and all the way to your throat before you swallow it down. (OMG, my description sounds erotic! LOL!)

  Ohh La La!

I was first attracted to the colour but let me tell you, the taste is just as beautiful. My brothers tasted them and went, "Delicious.. Yum Yum". Sadly B-bunz could not eat them coz he have sore tooth and the sweetness makes his tooth ache. 

How much is it? Only RM25 for 28 of these yummy edible cuties!

Look at those!

Tempted much?

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August 18, 2010

What's wrong with our men today?

I know modern day people say that chivalry is dead. But my romantic heart refuse to believe it sometimes. What's wrong with having guys opening the restaurant or car door for a girl? What's wrong with having guys pick up the tab or have him hand over his jacket to you in the cold night? I'm sure there are many independent women out there. I'm an independent woman myself. But being pampered once in a while does not hurt either.

However, this is not what I'm going to explore right now. What I would like to write has nothing to do with guys opening doors for girls.

These past few months, there's like a trend that babies are dumped everywhere in every state. 

Then now it's like another trend where husbands turn mad and get violent on their wives and children. 

What could be the matter? Has the stress level of men today doubled compared to our fathers? Is there something wrong with the food - too much hormones maybe? Have the bridge we make with our neighbours and friends of the world changed our old values and negatively influenced us into becoming The Hulk? Or could it be, that we just didn't want to state the obvious - all these are signs that we're at the end of the world and we're going to DIE soon!

Less than a week ago the nation was surprised with a news in Terengganu of a man (also a drug addict) who splashed acid on his former wife, daughter and two other family members because his ex-wife wouldn't give him RM30 that he wanted from her. 30 Ringgit! His daughter, an 8-year old was badly scarred and is said might be blind for the rest of her life as a result to his actions. 

Che Ku Zaimah (left) and 8-year old Nurul Dahyatul Fazlinda

And then two days ago there was another news about a husband who slashed his wife and her male cousin out of jealousy after seeing her chatting with her cousin at their home. Talk about a rude welcome! There they were, innocently talking and the husband who came home early just went a grabbed a knife in the kitchen and start slashing his wife's face, hands and body. And when he saw his wife was trying to shield her cousin from harm, he went and slashed the man too before leaving the house and the two people lying in their pool of blood.

What could've been in his mind then? I mean, even if what he imagined was true, if maybe his wife was cheating on him, why the need to resort to violence? Why not just divorce the woman and not leave her a cent! Isn't that type of revenge better than having yourself being locked up in jail instead? 

Last night I was chatting with one of my best friends and we were talking about the social issues going on in this world when I said something like, "I'm sure some crazy news is going to come out in the papers tomorrow."

Turns out I was right. At the front page of a Malay paper today is a news of a husband who, after being in a quarrel with his wife, got so enraged when she increased the TV volume that he started kicking his 6-month pregnant wife and then stepping on her belly many times as she lay on the floor. Then when he's done, he can just walk out of the house and leave her in pain where she had to endure it by herself and ask help from neighbours to get to the hospital.

I wonder how these men could treat their wives in this animal-like way? These women are the people they claimed they love enough to offer marriage to and then they can just kick, beat and burn them? How can these men live with themselves? Acting like a brute will not make a man anything else but a brute. What is wrong with these people? Have women been trying to call for equality for so long that men forget we are still the weaker sex? Have the wires in the brains of today's men gone awry or something? Is it just chivalry that's dead or respect altogether?

It's scary and sad too. All these things and experiences I see other people go through sometimes make me fear to even think of "marriage". *Sigh*

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August 16, 2010

Fun with ART!

Alright, so I know my last post is a little on the heavy side. The images are a little disturbing. Even B-bunz feels slightly queasy of it. So, let me get to a lighter topic here.

Art. I've always loved art. Few years ago, my brothers and I just love watching this "Art Attack" show on Nickelodeon. There were so many reasons to love that show because there's so many artistic things made that it is just so hard to not fall in love with. Plus, the host of the show, Neil Buchanan's British accent is just adorable. There were quite a few times where I kinda got caught up in the whole artistic vibe and tried to do some artistic things which later turned out slightly uglier than what I saw on TV. LOL! Still, some of them were useful enough to be used around in the house for a certain period of time.

So, when these photos were forwarded to my email, I really enjoyed them and only wish I was artistic enough to come up with something like it.

The writings in the "dialog box" suggests that these drawings are Korean. I do not know who the talented person behind this work but aren't they just cute? Sometimes I wonder how they can come up with ideas such as these to fuse something from real life with a drawing. I wish I could get into their head and see how they see the world.

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August 15, 2010

Harsher charges should be implied

Baby dumping is an issue that is at its height right now in Malaysia. Hardly a week will go by when another news of a newborn baby being found dead or alive is splashed across the newspaper. I don't blog about all the baby dumping stories that I read about but from some of my posts, you can see how these issues need to be handled more seriously and the people involved should be given a harsher sentence.

These past few days I read in the news that Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Women, Family and Community Development Minister have submitted a recommendation to the Cabinet to qualify some baby dumping cases as murder and that those who are involved shall be charged under the Section 302 of the Penal Code as "murder" or "attempted murder". Although a non-profit organisation have helped set up the country's first ever baby hatch for mothers to anonymously leave their unwanted babies for adoption, baby dumping cases still increase. Is it because these mothers (and not to forget the fathers) are ignorant of the existence of such place or they just wanted the easy way out? Or are they just heartless to begin with? And are these babies only those conceived out of wedlock?

Can you stomach this image??

You see, I had some friends who had got pregnant before they're married. It happened right after SPM. There were quite a handful - both my Chinese and Malay friends. From what I saw, the family members of my Chinese friends reacted less violently compared to the family members of my Malay friends. Of course, both the Chinese and Malays are angry, I mean, no matter what race you are, having a teenage daughter who just finished high school and who have so many positive possibilities in the future shatter just because she's pregnant is not a very pretty scenario. 

So what happened to them?

  1. One of my Chinese friend marry the father of the baby. He was responsible of his actions enough that he was there with her to inform her family about the child and he informed them he is going to make everything right by marrying her. 
  2. The other Chinese friend kept the baby but she didn't marry the baby daddy because she knows he couldn't provide for her or her child. Her parents raised the baby along with her. 
  3. One of my Malay friend was forced to marry the father of the baby even though they know the boy was jobless, had no proper education and could not provide for her and her child. The family was ashamed by what the relatives and neighbours are saying and now that friend of mine is with three children, working her ass off with two jobs, her father is paying for the house rental and the baby's food while her husband does not work and stay at home. 
  4. The other Malay friend of mine was chased away the day she told her parents she was pregnant, she went to a Rumah Bakti for pregnant unwed mothers until the baby was born and she gave it away.

Now, what is the conclusion above? Why are there so many baby dumps in this country? Although the papers don't tell what race the babies are but from cases where they caught the mothers, why are the majority Malays? 

I just point out the race here, I don't even want to start about the religion. I mean, nowadays you can't say that a Malay is automatically a Muslim because if they are, then their actions such as the topic I am talking about is an abomination to the religion itself. Islam does not say that when your child made a mistake, you should punish them so severely that resulted in an innocent life dead somewhere in a garbage bin or in the river. If that happens, then your act of banishing them from your home had somehow caused the lost of that innocent life and you're also involve in that baby's death. Can we blame everybody?

Now, should the "murder" and "attempted murder" charge solely be on the parents of the baby or also to everyone who contributed to the matter?

Whatever the outcome, one thing's for sure, this "trend" has got to stop. If we have to work a little extra by doing DNA tests and others in order to get more concrete proof on the offenders, then let's do it fast. I don't think many of us can stomach more images similar to the above anymore.

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August 12, 2010

Say "Bye Bye" Beckham

Fabio Capello

So what does Fabio Capello, the manager of England's national football team think David Beckham would say when he  reads from the news first that Capello wants him out of the team because it seems that Beckham, who is also England's most capped outfield player with 115 appearances is probably too old for the game at the age of 35.

Is Capello hoping for a smile and a pat at the back when it's time for Beckham to wave goodbye? I mean, don't people have the courtesy to inform the said person face-to-face first rather than telling it to the press first and having the said person read it from the news like some bad break up? Fabio said that he is in good terms with Beckham and that they have a good relationship but he haven't told Beckham of this decision directly. He just wants Beckham to play the next last friendly game in Wembley and say "bye bye" to the crowd.

Not sure why Capello is saying that England needs new young players now though. Could it be that he is having trouble with Beckham or some of the other old players? Still, fresh breath of air could probably help boost England's not-so-amazing rep that we saw at the South Africa's World Cup. Still, if Beckham is to play his last game for England in the next friendly match, he should be prepared because the next match would be against France in the not so distant month of November. And if so, hopefully he will be fully recovered from his injury that had made him being sidelined at the World Cup and be able to perform for his last call. This injury (ruptured Achilles tendon) could also be the reason Capello might not even consider David Beckham as one of the qualifiers for the Euro 2012.

David Beckham

However, despite his injury and huge coverage since marrying Victoria Beckham, David have always been this humble individual whose only obsession is football. He made his first international debut in September 1996 against Moldova and is also England's second most capped player after goalkeeper Peter Shilton. David is also the only England player who was sent off twice while playing for his country. The first time was against Argentina in 1998 France World Cup and another against Austria in 2005 World Cup qualifier in Old Trafford. Last October was his last international appearance at Wembley against Belarus.

Whatever it is though, David Beckham is certainly a sensational footballer. I remember the time, back in school when my girlfriends were so crazy over him that even the non-football fans knows everything and anything on him and Manchester United. He has certainly make big bucks with his ad campaigns and famous fashionista wife. It would be sad to see David Beckham go but then again, life goes on for everybody else and it's probably time to pass the baton to someone who has a brighter future and also qualified in this game.

P/S : Notice at my sidebar labelled "FCC"? I'm officially a FCC member! So, starting from this blog post, I will be giving out Linky Love to my first commenter at the bottom of each blog posts! Yippee! I'm so excited!

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August 11, 2010

To Muslims all over the world...

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed month of Ramadan Al-Mubarak. Utilize your time in this month well, try to do as many deeds as you can and try to avoid any vice. May your prayers be heard on this holy month and looking forward to Aidilfitri. 

Dear friends,

For the past few months that I have started blogging, I have written many blog posts and sometimes might be slightly judgmental or too cynical to some reader's taste. I would like to take this opportunity right now to apologize if I had by any way or means hurt any of you either intentionally or unintentionally since the first day I started blogging. I pray for the best on this holy month and hope to get the best wishes from all of you as well. 

Thank you.

Ramadan Al-Mubarak sudah pun tiba,
Mari melakukan ibadah dan cari lah pahala,
Jauhi perkara yang melekakan dan jauhi lah dosa,
Supaya mendapat keberkatan di bulan yang mulia.

August 09, 2010


For all the trust and faith you abused,
Do you think I would still be amused?
You are what you are - a classic player,
They fell for your charms, you're a stealthy slayer.

A smile, a sentence and they gave you their all,
I did too once, I can clearly recall,
And then you betrayed me and that was it,
Trust, faith, love, they're all in the pit.

Now go to that girl you wanted to exchange me for,
Crawl to her now, your psycho little whore,
Is this the kind of girl you like and adore?
Is this the kind of life you deserve anymore?

Funny how fast she exchanged you for her other "friends",
Funny how much she values you, I just can't comprehend,
And then here you are, trying to act cute,
But deep down inside, you're nothing but a cruel brute.

You crush the feelings of the person who loved you dearly,
And within that period of time, I saw everything clearly,
Were you just using me? Have you ever been sincere?
What you did hurt me deep, you pierced me with a spear.

But there was a vow I made I know I must keep,
I worry for your well-being, to see you through, a future so steep,
So I held on to prove you wrong - I care for you; so deep,
Till one day maybe when we're both strong, I will be gone in asleep.

I want you to know how deeply you've hurt me,
But to my being you can always refer, that I guarantee,
For your success is part of mine too, I care for you too much,
I will make myself strong again, no longer fragile to your touch.

I have learned my lesson, what I feared so long was true,
"You can't trust men, no matter what they swore to you",
But you will always be in my prayers, in every drop of tear,
I wish you all the best, a wish so sincere,

If one day you find the loyalty and honesty in you,
Then someday maybe we might be able to start anew,
Love is a complicating emotion that is hard to construe,
If one day it's meant to be, it is a hope long overdue,

If only you had appreciated me, appreciated what I can offer,
You would find a strength and security that none can confer,
If only everything was different, if only everything was great,
In confidence I would've proclaimed, forever you're my soul-mate.


August 08, 2010

How Classic is this Rimba Klasik Restaurant?

I can't remember the last time I've been here. LOL! Some neurons in my memory part of the brain must have fried when I accidentally mildly electrocute myself a few months ago because I don't even remember this place looks like this. Weird, I know although I have lived in Kajang for years and been through this road in Bangi many times before. It must be amnesia or something. LOL!!

So the other day, I came here with my eating partner who have been trying to make me put on weight this past couple of weeks because he can't stand being the B-bunz (a short and cuter term for Big Buns) between us two. Which is why, two days ago, before we went our separate ways, we dropped by for an early dinner at Rimba Klasik.

There's just something about the interior that I like. This restaurant have all this pretty lights and I always like pretty lights. I don't know why, I have that child in me, so if you're out with me and I start getting excited over colourful lights or bubbles, please bear with me. LOL! They had all the ceiling fans open so it was not hot although we sat inside. And although they use yellow lights, the place is bright so I like that. I hate certain restaurants that are dark and you're picking through your food and can't see what you're trying to put inside your mouth. 

We ordered the usual Malay food. Lime juice, Ice lemon tea, Two plain white rice, daging masak merah (for two person), kailan ikan masin, telur bungkus (for two person), sotong goreng tepung and 2 sup kosong.

All in all, it was more than filling for both of us. I can't eat so much you see. The total for all these was RM35.00 which is pretty good since we ordered two dishes which equals to two person. What is it about eating at places like this? You don't have to pay the service tax and government tax that's nearly 20% of your total. 

There are quite a range of food here. From rice, noodle, Tom Yam, seafood, satay, Western food and others. Parking space is big too, which is also something I love. I totally hate it when it's hard to find parking because it is so limited. So, anyone lazy to cook and want to eat out, you may drop by at this restaurant then. Plus, with Ramadhan around the corner, it'll be a great place to break you fast.

Rimba Klasik
Dataran Hijau, Jalan Persiaran Jaya,
Seksyen 10, Bandar Baru Bangi,

August 07, 2010

My 1st Nuffnang cheque

... have arrived.

I cashed out this earning after two months plus I started with Nuffnang. I know the amount is not much compared to the earnings famous bloggers make out there, but having seen it with my eyes that it works and having the cheque arrive at my home to prove it's genuine is a rather exhilarating feeling. Although this site only started with Nuffnang a couple of months ago, but making this amount of money means that it is the people who arrived at my blog and help increase my advertising earnings are the ones I should thank.

So, THANK YOU all for coming and visiting my humble site.

And having this cheque arrive yesterday, in time with my plan to hold a contest this month is fueling me to give bigger prizes too! So, wait around everyone. It wouldn't be too long until I notify how to join my FIRST contest ever!


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