April 30, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are married, their names and titles has changed. You may address them as :

His Royal Highness, Duke of Cambridge ;
Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge.

From left : Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Michael Middleton

Love this. She looks so pretty

Gotta be up to date with the change of titles. But don't worry though, they won't chop your head off if you addressed them by the wrong name (I hope!). LOL.. Anyways, just a follow up from my last post on these two, and some more photos to share.

The marriage vows

Westminster Abbey

Was waiting for the Royal Kiss and what a surprise that they gave the public not one, but TWO kisses. This is a history in itself - something different from tradition - and a lovely one too. Whatever it is though, everything looks beautiful and fantasy-like, right down to the horse-drawn carriages. The Duchess of Cambridge looked serene and relaxed in her beautiful wedding dress. Although it is not as grand or as elaborate as the late Princess Diana's, but it definitely will be written down in history and followed by many bride-to-be's in the world. Oh, and Philippa Middleton (Kate's sister) is also so pretty!

The Royal Kiss

Glad I followed the wedding (or tried to, when my internet connection does not fail me) because now I want a carriage for my own wedding too! (HAHA, dream on..) Whatever it is though, wish them all the best and may this union last forever and ever.


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April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding | Prince William & Kate Middleton

Right at this moment I am watching the #RoyalWedding LIVE on Livestream. Well, I am at the office, how else can I follow the Royal Wedding? The hype about the wedding started since few weeks ago and now, today it is finally here. They're finally getting married!! Can't wait to see Kate's wedding dress. Right now, everybody is filling up Westminster Abbey. I am busy checking out the hats and head accessories. Not to mention, David Beckham!! LOL!

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

I read somewhere that a Chinese Astrologer predicted that this marriage will not last, it will be just the same as Diana's. I'm not sure about that but hopefully (as we always do for newlyweds) that this marriage will last till the end of time. So, let's celebrate and wish them both all the best alright? Come on guys, no matter where you are, come follow the Royal Wedding LIVE with me! 

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April 27, 2011

Movie Review - Thor


Imagine living within the 9 circles of the realm where Asgard is where the Gods live - the center of the realm - the deities that people of the Earth had worshiped since the olden days. Imagine then that one of this Gods is stubborn, hard-headed and likes to challenge authority. One day, he made one mistake and his arrogance gave reason for his father to exile him away from Asgard into another realm - Earth.

Oh the ripped body below you don't have to imagine. He seriously look like that.

Oooh yummeh!

The fella with the yummy bod is Thor, Son of Odin. His father is Odin Allfather. Odin Allfather is King in Asgard. Thor has a brother, Loki who is dark haired and look nothing like him or his father or his mother. You'll know why when you see the movie. Thor is just a young hot-blooded fella who wanted nothing else but to prove himself to his father. The only problem is that he did it the wrong way and that made his father angry. Put that with Thor's defiance, so one God is stripped of his powers, cast off to Earth along with his mighty hammer.

But on this planet is where Thor learned a lesson or two about love and humanity (oh yeah, we're big on that). The Feds came in too, stuttering in their Man In Black costumes and acting like they own the place. However, I love the funny parts too. I mean seriously, where else can you get comedy in an action movie if not on Earth? LOL! Love the part when Thor was at the hospital shoving everybody out of his way effortlessly while  screaming, "You dare attack the son of Odin?" and less than a minute later he get a shot on his bum and immediately fell asleep. LOL!! 

The CGI is not bad at all. I was so busy being entranced by the storyline, the funny scenes here and there and the architecture of Asgard. Even if you've never read about Thor, or the Marvel comics on this person, I'm sure you would enjoy this movie like I did. Oh, I also think since I was watching it in 3D, my eyes had to focus more and my mind can't wander off much. So, no bad reviews there, other than a little itch on my nose bridge for wearing the 3D glasses for 1 hour and 55 minutes. I SO want to go watch this movie again - even if it's not free next time.

P/S : Don't get up too soon once the credits are up. There's something of a surprise at the end of the credits!

This movie will be in Malaysian cinemas by 28th April 2011. Thanks to Nuffnang for the free tix!

Movie Rating : 8/10

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Adults go crazy in God Of Carnage

PJLA presents : God Of Carnage

Now one thing I can agree with Michael (Megat) last night, people don't know what they're getting into when they get married. One minute they're holding hands at the altar saying their "I Do's" and the next they're scratching each other's eyeballs out. Then you throw in a kid or two in the picture, all hell break loose.

Parenting is not an easy task. I should know, I've driven my parents crazy half of my life. Well actually, more like most of my life... On the surface they try to be the good guys, they try to be calm and collected but if I push the wrong button (or right one in some cases), I shall have to be ready for the tirade of screams and shouts. What can I say? They're human too, and they have their boiling points. 

Same goes with Alan (Will Quah), Annette (Lina Teoh), Michael (Megat Sharizal) and Victoria (Maya Tan Abdullah) in this play called God Of Carnage. They are two professional sets of parents meeting together to talk about their child's misdemeanors but suddenly one person said the wrong thing (or the right thing, whichever way you prefer to take it) and they started picking on each other's faults instead. So what's the outcome to all the pointing fingers? A lot of screaming, getting drunk with rum, broken door knob, a boxer-clad Alan and the best of all - puke all over the room. Yup, you read that right. Puke in a play.

 Photo credit here

Truth is, even though the play has not been adapted to Malaysian settings, I think it is natural for parents of any nation to be pretty defensive where their children is concerned and they would shed their nice image just to defend what they think is right or just. Sometimes too, disagreements in marriage that were never addressed can also trigger intense replies or outbursts. I think this play is an eye-opener to everyone, no matter if you are single, married and if you do or do not have kids. There's always a bomb in all of us, waiting to explode because everybody is the same at the end of the day, especially when stripped to our basic fundamentals. 

Read Synopsis :
Two young boys, a stick and some broken teeth are the catalyst in this tale of this two families. Veronica, a writer, and Michael, a company wholesaler, are parents to Henry. Annette, a wealth manager, and Alan, a lawyer, are parents to Benjamin. The two couples meet to discuss the misdemeanors of their sons.
The evening begins quite amicably, and the four parents intending to resolve the situation diplomatically. However, as their hope for this begins to splinter and these illusionment sets in, the evening deteriorates from one of mild unease and discomfort, into a deluge of accusations, recriminations, jealousy and rage.
Boys will be boys, but can the grown ups be grown up enough to resolve their differences without losing sight of right and wrong? The facade of civility shatters as the God of Carnage wreaks havoc in the living room and all hell breaks lose in the most hilarious manner!

This play is extremely entertaining, especially with the fantastic quartet. They have been rehearsing for the past 3 weeks for this play and from the preview last night, that rehearsals paid off. The beginning of the play might seem a little rehearsed but it gradually slides to funny and exciting mode non-stop for 90 minutes. Yes, be prepared to be glued to your chair for 90 minutes - there are no intermission. And who knows, maybe you can try to find out how Lina pukes on stage too! So if you're in for a laugh over something you might (secretly!) have something in common with, do head down to PJ Live Arts Theatre @ Jaya One, PJ.

The God Of Carnage will only be available on :
28th - 29th Apr : 8.30pm
30th Apr : 5pm & 8.30pm
1st May : 5pm
3rd - 6th May : 8.30pm
7th May : 5pm & 8.30pm
8th May : 5pm

Admission prices are : RM 60 and RM30 (for student and senior citizen only).

P/S : Thanks Ayu for the tix!

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April 26, 2011

Britain's Got Talent 2011 Audition & Riddles

I haven't been following Britain's Got Talent this year. American Idol has taken up too much of my spare time.  Plus I've had quite enough of the hoo-ha on last year's Susan Boyle. When Bbunz showed me this video earlier today, I actually thought this dude is awesome. I didn't expect he was going to sing what he sang but when it ended, I was as amazed as the judges and audiences. I would've given him a loud round of applause too!

Had to use Photobucket coz embed disabled by YouTube

Right now, I would just like to throw in some riddles. I encourage you to answer, just to get your brain cells working a little. I'll update this post with answers in 3 days ya? Here it goes..

Fun riddles to enjoy!

  1. A beggar's brother died but the man who died had no brother. How is this possible?
  2. A bus driver and a doctor is in love with the same woman. The bus driver had to go on a one week bus trip. Before he left, he gave the woman 7 apples. Why?
  3. I can bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye or even a thought to your mind. But I can't be seen. Now what am I?
  4. What two things can never be eaten for breakfast?
  5. The person who makes it doesn't want it. The person who buys it doesn't use it. The person who uses it doesn't see it. What is it?
  6. On my way to St. Ives I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. Each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kitten, cats, sacks, wives. How many were going to St. Ives?
  7. It is everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else. What is it?
  8. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. 
  9. There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English word - from nine letter right down to a single letter. What is the original word and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?
  10. I can sizzle like bacon, I am made with an egg, I have plenty of backbone but lack a good leg, I peel layers like onions but still remain whole, I can be long like a flagpole yet fit in a pole. What am I?

Are you guys brave enough to answer? 

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April 22, 2011

James Durbin and Stefano Langone

This week's theme for the Top 7 is Music of the 21st Century.

I know I've said in a few of my American Idol posts that James Durbin is not one of my favourites this year but his performance last night was incredible. OK, maybe the song Uprising by Muse kinda had something to do with me loving it too coz I am an absolute huge fan of Muse but wow, James is starting to grow on me. With that costume, he reminded me of Adam Lambert. And of course, I always support the cutie Stefano Langone. I know he's not the strongest in this competition but this week's Closer by Ne-Yo is such a sexy song for him. Yeah, just like Jimmy Iovine said this song is pretty much about sex and when Stefano gave that sexy eye stare to the camera, oooh ma shizzles!

James Durbin singing Uprising by Muse

Stefano Langone singing Closer by Ne-Yo

These two had been roommates since the beginning of the American Idol week.

It was nice to get the 5 girls and 1 guy who was already out to come back and sing Pink's Start A Fight. It's still a sad thing to be reminded that Pia Toscano is already out but at the same time, I am also glad Naima Adedapo is out weeks ago. I just didn't like her at all. I know she's got the whole sad family story and all but she doesn't have a good voice and I think she's just trying too hard. Whatever she's doing is not called stage presence anymore, it should be renamed as stage clown. LOL! Oops, I know I'm harsh about this but whatever, I don't like her.

I love the show last night, including the part Steven Tyler cursed on Live TV. I think it would be really hard to see who will be the one out of the Top 7. Wow, time flew so fast and by tonight, another person will be going home. Another 6 weeks to go to find out America's Idol of 2011! Are you guys as excited as I am? Woohoo!

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April 17, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton

*Gasp* They're married?

LOL! Alright, it's a spoof. But hey, those actors looked just like the real thing don't you think? Right down to William's thinning crown. Oops!

I guess they've all grown up and out of their cute faces. I still remember a photo of the two princes when Princess Diana was still alive, all shy and young and now, William is getting married and Harry is a party boy. 

 Young William, Young Harry and Princess Diana

I didn't follow much of the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton but I thought the pair looked very good together. I suppose other than a good match, an attractive spouse would be a bonus in the royal household. We all know that Kate will never be able to replace Princess Diana, but with her good looks and style, she might be able to garner enough support and fans from this generation the way Princess Diana did with hers.

Kate Middleton, Prince William

 Princess Diana's wedding dress

This would be an interesting match indeed. Hope to see how the wedding is like. If Princess Diana walked down the aisle with a 25-foot train, I would very much like to see Kate in something more spectacular and memorable. Well, she would in fact be a Princess and possibly a Queen too some day. Just hope that this will be a reunion that lasts forever.

The wedding's on 29th of April. Wowwee!

Update : More blog post on Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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April 15, 2011

Movie Review - Scream 4

Can you believe that the first installment of Scream was 15 years ago? Yup, Scream (part I) was released in 1996. Wow, I was still in high school back then. Look how far we've come. Anyways, I was at the cinema yesterday with a bunch of Nuffnangers catching the Premiere Screening of Scream 4, which is due in Malaysian cinemas on April 15th.

To me, sequels are never as exciting or as surprising as the first movie. There's always something that takes the "awesomeness" away. Be it the character or the plot or the location or the camera angle, there's always that lack of something, in the exception of a few very good movies with sequels such as Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars. Movies with sequels like Die Hard, Harry Potter and even Pirates Of The Caribbean seemed to have something wrong or not enough or too much in the installments. I wonder why...

It is obvious that I wasn't into this movie. Even though the gang - Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) - are back, the reason for the horror to return to Woodsboro was so calculated. I knew from the 1/3 of the movie that the perpetrator has got to be Sidney's family member. And since the last two Scream installments were completely plotless, I was immediately turned off from the beginning of this movie because it reminded me more of Scary Movie instead. I mean, Scream and it's sequels are supposed to be a serious movie, so why are they looking so much like it's parody?

The only positive thing I can say is that Courtney Cox don't look a day above 40. Other than that, I am not impressed. Oh, and there are times when the dialogues are exactly what they are - dialogues. If a maniac starts slashing a bunch of people in a small town, are the cops going to just make stupid jokes with each other in the middle of the night and risk being killed? And at times when you know there's a psycho stabbing people to death, will you walk in a quiet car park all by yourself as if you're invincible? Oh gosh, I feel like slapping all those dead victims, shake them and scream, "why are you such a moron and let yourself be killed so easily?" Really, do people react this way to murderers? 

Yeah, I've watched too much Criminal Minds to buy this movie's stupid dialogues and plots.

I suppose I can check the "startled" box though. There are some parts that made us jerk in our seats thanks to the sudden loud sound and element of surprise. But I guess that wasn't enough for me.  After the awesome Scream (part I), I wanted more than this from the creator of The Hills Have Eyes and Nightmare On Elm Street. I'm sorry Wes Craven, this one is BAD.

For what it's worth, if you're a fan of Scream, you can just go to the cinema and celebrate the 15th year of this movie franchise. To the Malaysian movie-goers, be prepared for some serious editing and censorship. For now, I'd let you enjoy some still photos instead.

Movie Rating : 5/10

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April 12, 2011

Criminal Minds

Yesterday around 8.15pm, on my way to my car after I'm done with work, I took the lift to the Ground car park where I parked my car. As the lift was moving, I thought to myself, what would happen if the lift got stuck with me alone in it. Brushing the thought aside, I waited for the lift to arrive at G and when the door opened, I was so spooked that I took a few steps back in the lift. Why? This is what I tweeted.

Crazy, I know but that thought just crossed my mind out of nowhere. LOL!

You see, part of the car park - especially near the lift area - was pitch black. It didn't help that the lights in the lift was so bright that it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the contrast lighting. However, being in hell is not what I'm most afraid of. It's being in the dark and having crazy psychos around that scares me more. So there I was, walking towards my car at the other end of the building while looking behind my shoulders every few steps.

I think I watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds.

But there's nothing wrong to be cautious right? Plus, assuming something bad at times like that makes a person more alert instead of someone who take things easy and end up being robbed, kidnapped, raped or worse, murdered. With what's been going on in the country right now, I have to be cautious.

It certainly doesn't help that I watch gruesome TV series based on things happening in real life. I love watching Criminal Minds, in addition to all the CSI series, Bones and House. Yup, I love the science-based shows in comparison to chic flick or comedy. 

From left : Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, JJ Jareau, Penelope Garcia

Back to Criminal Minds - out of all the cast, I love Aaron Hotchner, he's the coolest. I especially love him in the smart attire that he's in all the time. I also love Dr. Spencer Reid and his cooky behaviour, it's so cute. Derek Morgan is gorgeous - just look at his body if you haven't - yums! And of course there are the others - David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, JJ Jareau and Penelope Garcia to complete the team. I just love how they get together and start profiling criminals. Although some of the crimes are just gruesome, I love watching the show for the team work, the friendship and the understanding they have of each other. 

Watching these sort of shows allows my mind to wander and get lost from the reality I am in sometimes. Honestly, I need a second life!

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April 08, 2011

Goodbye Pia Toscano

I was tweeting about how I can't wait to check out today's American Idol results and I got a reply that it's going to be a shocker. That one word already got me wondering like crazy, and when it was time for the bottom three, I just couldn't stand the anticipation anymore. I didn't even care that Iggy Pop was singing topless on stage. Other times, I would've puked seeing a 64-year old man singing "Real Wild Child (Wild One)" on stage without his shirt on, but the Punk singer didn't even manage to turn me off as I wait to see who is sent home from American Idol.

Bottom Three : Jacob, Pia, Stefano

The bottom three was Stefano Langone, Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk. When I first saw the lineup, I thought maybe Stefano would be gone. He was the least strongest in the bunch. But after Jacob was first sent to the couch, it was time to announce the one who would go home and oh my gosh, it was awful to hear that the power voice lady is going home.

This is so sad. I know Pia will probably get a recording deal very very soon and probably become more famous than the winner of this year's American Idol but it's just so sad to see such a beautiful vocally strong lady go home so early. But whatever it is, we wish her all the best. Maybe there's a blessing in disguise to this, who knows? She's got to be strong and work hard for a good record deal. Whereas the others who are still in the competition will have to remember what Randy says, "Nobody is safe!"

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April 07, 2011

Making YourSingapore Mine

Singapore. Who does not know this country? You see, my mom is a Singaporean and I guess because of that, I sort of take the country for granted. I don't really explore Singapore through the eyes of a tourist and appreciate all the beauty and splendor she has to offer. Honestly in all my years of living, I've only been to Sentosa twice. 

So, now that I am an adult and is capable of traveling on my own, I think I would very much love to travel to Singapore and see it through the lens of an outsider. I would like to appreciate what she has to offer and to enjoy all the beautiful sights and scenes there is. In order to do that, I need a proper planning. I would really hate it if I have to go somewhere and spend my precious time trying to find a location that I'm not sure of or trying to decipher a weird-looking legend on a map instead of going straight to where I wanted to.

 Plan your itinerary!

So, here's when the YourSingapore Guide comes into play. Oh yeah, I wish every country has this sort of web info guide so that whenever we want to visit another country, we can plan out and list our itinerary beforehand. So, do you want to know what I plan to do in Singapore for a 3D2N relaxi-taxi (borrow your word Marzie!) funtastic time?

I think the first two things I would look for in Singapore on my first day are food and some shopping time. So my first day will be filled with eating and shopping experience. I guess it's a way to wind down after a long trip, plus a way to a contented heart is a tummy filled with yummy food, right? Once the tummy's happy, then the shopping shall begin!

Day 1

My second day on the other hand would be all about events. But then again, what better way to start a day with an awesome food, right? And look at that! The Song of India, it says! And right after singing my heart (and stomach!) all the way to India, it is time to explore the finer things in life - art. It does not have to be with a brush too. Art comes in many forms, including fashion. Oh yeah, how can I deny a fashion show or two? Singapore is like the fashion hub in SEA. Plus, most of the latest fashion and designer items are cheaper here.

And ho-ho-ho. Don't miss that - JewelFest. The name itself is calling to me.

But then the night is still young, and so what else should a hawt laydee do in Singapore? Shake her booty of course!

Day 2

Finally, my third day will be a day of relaxation and taking myself back to nature. I mean, after all that shopping on my first day and not to mention, high heels on my second day (come on, I'm at a fashion show, if I don't wear high heels, I deserve to be thrown out on my butt), what better way to end my trip than with a relaxing soothing massage followed by listening to the sound of waves, seeing some dolphins tricks and cycling to reduce my carbon footprint?

After all that I can also try to hone my photography skills by capturing photos of all those amazing looking buildings and interiors of the National Museum and Fort Canning Park. Right after that, the best way to end the day and trip is by having a scrumptious meal in a restaurant that'll transport me straight to Bali, complete with wooden cabanas, international cuisine and the best part - lingering smell of frangipani. Ooooh yeahhhhh...

Day 3

I suppose my itinerary covers for a single-person trip or if I'm going to drag somebody with me (read : Bbunz). Whatever it is though, it surely is going to be a fun-filled and awesome possum trip! Oh, and I am not going to miss posing with the Merlion. That's a definite must! 

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2 + 1

Hachiko, Fifi, Cloud

I haven't blogged about my cats for a while now right? So today, I would like to introduce all of you to my three watermelon kitties (that's what I call my Bengals actually), LOL! There are two females and one male. Now, which do you think is the male and female?



Cloud chasing Fifi

These three are very cute and adorable. They are the litters of N.G. (Queen) and Ralphy (Tom). However, Hachi is the one most likely to bite when she's in a playful mood. I'll always have to warn her, "no biting", in a stern voice before she would stop biting and start licking my finger. Fifi is the smallest in the bunch. Her body is slim even though she eats a lot and she is also the sweetest. Cloud is just beautiful. I absolutely love his eyes. He look like a girl with those eyeliners. LOL!

 Cloud and his eyeliner Goth-looking eyes.

We already have quite a lot of Bengal cats at home. I think we have about 12 Bengals already, not to mention the ones we gave away. I was just a little disappointed though that these three are the only descendants of Ralphy. I don't know why my mom had to neuter Ralphy and Ryan so soon. Ralphy and Ryan were good boys in comparison to our other male cats. Maybe my mom just can't stand having them climbing the house roof when they were in heat. Luckily one of their offspring (Hachiko) looked a little like them. If not, I would be much more disappointed.

Right now, I am so into Himalayan/Persian breed. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have at least one that looked like below. What do you think? Aren't they gorgeous?

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April 05, 2011

Team Lotus Demo in Putrajaya 2nd April

On 2nd April 2011, Team Lotus held a demo at Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3, WP Putrajaya. The event, jointly organized by Team Lotus, SIC and Putrajaya took place on the main street in front of the Palace of Justice. What an awesome place for a demo right? This is also the first time the public is able to catch the Lotus T128 belting four laps around Precint 3. And not to mention, check out two of Team Lotus' good looking drivers, Jarno Trulli and Heiki Kovalainen.

 Jarno Trulli and Heiki Kovalainen

I actually went to the demo because I was one of the 5 lucky fans to win the Team Lotus garage tour. I was supposed to reach the location at 10.40am but at 9.40am, Mabel of Team Lotus called me to inform that I can bring a friend along because one of the other winners couldn't make it for the tour. And who else would I bring if not my uncle? He is a HUGE fan of F1 (and all other sorts of cars too). I was 5 minutes late though, because I had to pick him up and find parking at a place I hardly go to in a year. I can count with one hand the times I go to Putrajaya yearly. LOL!

 In garage

Oh, it was a hot afternoon but by the time the demo was supposed to start, it got a little cloudy. We had to wait for the VIPs to arrive first before the event can start. The event was graced by the presence of Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir and others.

Ready... Get set... Go!

But enough of that, let's just check out the cars eh?

There were Malaysian Super Series (MSS) parade, drift demonstration, pocket bike and a supermotard stunt display. However, I didn't stay long enough for the bike shows. My skin was already red like a lobster because I forgot to put on sunblock and I was also busy eating by then. Plus, am not much of a bike fan.

But you know what? That's not important. What you should know though is that Formula One is back and Sepang International Circuit will be open in less than 3 days! So, have you purchased your tickets yet? Go get it here ASAP. Do check out Team Lotus website (or try to find my photo in there!) for updates. More photos of the demo can be found at my FB page.

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