March 28, 2010

So long since I read fiction novels

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Three days ago, I started with Lauren Weisberger's novel titled Everyone Worth Knowing which in my opinion was just a normal type of novel but which I still finished just because I had bought the whole box set of six novels at a cheap price and after reading two other novels from the same set that sucks badly, I thought maybe Lauren might be able to cheer me up a little. Sadly, she could not.

I totally dislike the Phillip Weston British billionaire who allegedly is an international player but is actually gay. Seriously, can't she turn him into a hot straight guy with stretchy limos that transports him everywhere instead of riding on a scooter? A SCOOTER! What billionaire goes to a costume party riding a scooter? And I hate it that he always ends his sentence with "love". I wonder if Lauren ever had British friends? Every time when I read Phillip's sentences, I imagine Katy Perry's fiance's (Russel Brand) voice and his scraggly looks and skinny body. Honestly, I do not have any problem with Russel Brand, I actually think he's rather funny but can I imagine him ever acting in a movie as a billionaire with girls throwing themselves at him? No way.

So yeah, TOSS this book. Although, I do love the cover. I just love shoes, what can I say.

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Then, there's the second book which I just finished it today, one whole day. It's called Markham Thorpe by Giles Waterfield. I bought it when I went to The Gardens for the CLEO Beauty Workshop the other day. Actually, I bought two books that day. This first book was pretty cheap considering it's in hardcover and quite thick. So, I bought it and found it was quite good and managed to finish it one whole day. 

I liked the tag. Servants Know Everything. Never Trust Them. Never Fall In LoveThe tag was already making me interested and then when I saw the price I thought I could afford to get this and another book too. At least I'll have two books instead of one. (There was actually another book that I was interested in too but the price is both these two books combined, so I had to keep a raincheck on that one). Ellen reminded me of someone I know, someone who is also the type who likes to read and sometimes wishes her life would be like the characters she read in books but when real life is presented to her, she knew she had to make the best out of it for herself and her family. It's sad that James Markham wasn't much of a man. It would've been great if he had taken control and actually married Ellen if he really loved her like he said. 

But then again, some men are weak. And under certain circumstances, some women can be very strong indeed.

For this book, I'll probably give 6.5/10

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And the last book is called Blood Royal by Vanora Bennett. Some good friends can vouch for the fact that since I turn into adulthood, I had very much loved to read Historical Fictions compared to my favourite romance genre back in school. Maybe I've outgrown the lovey-dovey romance genres. Maybe I saw that in the real world, you can't get the fairy-tale happiness ever after life. There's always something or some one that would dash it away. But I have to admit, I do sometimes buy the Mills & Boons novels when I see no one's watching. LOL!

When I read the first few pages, I recalled the name Thomas Duke of Clarence, Henry IV of England and Catherine de Valois. Ahhh.. Yes, we're speaking of the forefather of the Tudor lineage, the King who avenged on Richard II for banishing him from Court after his father, John of Gaunt's death. Yes, it was Henry of Bolingbroke and his father's story - John of Gaunt and his last wife, Katherine de Roet was one of the best royal love stories I had read. Since I had always loved reading the English and France histories, how can this not be a great read for me because I was so in love with Anya Seton's Katherine since many years ago.

I haven't finish this book yet, it is a 580 page novel and I have limited time. I will try to finish it in the next few days and hope to update what I think about it here.

*   *   *

I was trying to recall when was the last time I read so many novels at once.  It had been a long time, that's for sure. I usually had to read at least TWO books per week - minus academic books. I have a full four tiered shelf full of books and still adding and counting. Maybe I had been too engrossed on other things, sometimes things that does not concern me or required my involvement. I think I had involved myself on too many affairs that I am unaccountable for and in between that I lose a little bit of myself. Come to think of it, when I had slowed down doing things I usually do for myself, my progress start declining. So I think it's best for me to be my own self again. Being a little guarded and cynical won't kill anybody right?

March 27, 2010

Question of The Day #1 March | B.E.T.R.A.Y.A.L.

This is a hypothetical scenario :
  • Ellie (fictional female) first knew Edward (fictional male) through online just like half of the world's population. They were so comfortable with each other that they hooked up almost immediately. After being in each other's lives, they found out about each other's ex's who were quite mentally disturbed (hypothetically speaking). Ellie is not the average normal female like those of her race and age. She was brought up quite differently and she has a distinct personality. Edward is the good-looking popular guy and seemed to have females queuing up for his attention. 
  • One day, after a few years Ellie and Edward were together, one of Edward's closest blood relation got married. Ellie was the least bit disturbed even though she knew Edward's now new in-law dislike her. Until one day. Ellie did an undercover job and found out Edward's in-law is a good bosom-buddy with Edward's wacko ex. All this while Ellie knew Edward had always wanted recognition and appreciation from his family members. And so, Ellie kept her silence for she did not want to hurt Edward. She knew deep down inside him, he still looked for that ray of hope. And she knew being with him would hurt her so bad than this for she would always be second when faced with his family. But she loved him and for that, she kept her silence.
Was it right or wrong for her to do so? Or should she just confront him?

Now the hypothetical question :

How would you feel if a blood relation to your partner informed that he/she had not contacted your partner's ex whom you suspected he/she prefers from you had done just that and even gossiped something bad about you at the same time? How would you react? Forget about it and forget about your partner's incredibly impossible family? Or mend your broken heart all by yourself?

P/S : A partner's faith is not only tested by going through the storm or twister with you but it is also further enhanced when you make a decision that is best for both of you. Don't think of what you gave but think of what more you can give.

March 23, 2010

Say HELLO to my sis..

Oh wait, wrong spelling.. Meet my cyst, actually.

Jalan Cheras
43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : (03) 8769 2999
Fax : (603) 8769 2908

I haven't been feeling very hot lately. I feel rather weak recently actually. Then, my menses which was supposed to come around 14th or 15th every month had not appeared, or shall I say appeared in 4 to 5 drops in one whole day and only when I pee. I feel the regular cramps but no blood.  I was already feeling like there's something just not quite right with my body right now. You can call it intuition or whatever but who else knows my body better than myself right?

I had been stalling to meet a gynae because my daytime are usually filled with going to places and getting things for our soon-to-open new company. So, I had been postponing to see a gynae for nearly a week now, until today.

I went back to KPJ Kajang because I had been here a few times before. The first when I had my appendix removed and second to see a gynae named Dr. Ralizah. She's the only lady gynae there and although the doctors in KPJ are definitely qualified, I don't feel very comfortable seeing a male gynae. However, today I was informed that Dr. Ralizah is on leave, performing umrah and will only be back next week. So, like it or not, since I'm already there I decided to just go to the other doctor. A male gynae - Dr. Lee.

I was lucky that there were not many patients today so I didn't have to wait for too long. I arrived at KPJ sometime after 3pm so the place is practically empty compared to if I come early in the morning. Dr. Lee is uncomplicated, fast and easy to understand. Unlike some doctors who likes to use Medical jargons to clueless patients, Dr. Lee is very direct and he explained everything even before I was able to question him anything. The minute I came in, I explained to him my problem in detail and he immediately suggested to do the ultrasound because he said I could have a cyst. I wasn't all too happy with the word because the last time someone in my family had a cyst - my mom - which was 7cm long, she had to undergo an operation.

Anyway, the minute the cool apparatus touch my lower belly, he saw it. There it was. An ovarian cyst. It was black in color which he says is a big possibility it is only filled with water instead of blood. Blood-filled cysts are hazy in the ultrasound. My cyst measured at about 4cm long which is not too alarming, and he informed me that he will give me some medication to help make my blood flow regularly in hope that the cyst will burst by itself. However in two weeks' time, he wants me to come back to see him or Dr. Ralizah, whomever I prefer, to scan myself again and see if it's still there. He said if it is, we can do a laparoscopy which is a minor surgery.

Well, I do hope it will go away and I won't feel this discomfort anymore. I know I'm not in pain or anything but sometimes I feel a nagging discomfort which takes off some of my focus from things I'm doing or working on. Till another two weeks then!

March 22, 2010

Love the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon and Fireworks!

Alright, I like fireworks and if it means that there are some glowing hot air balloon at the same time that is held once a year then, why not take some time to go right? I hadn't gone to the show last year, which was also the first time it was held in Malaysia. So I took the opportunity to go this year, which is only held for 4 days from 18th Mar - 21st Mar. 

I went to the Night Glow on 20th Mar to, well, as you can see, the Night Glow. LOL! Then there's the fireworks, so it's my kinda thing. I know that the Night Glow will only be on Saturday night according to the itinerary from the website and I had planned to go there with someone since two weeks ago. First with B-bunz but found out last minute that he had to work on Saturday and then planned to go with a girlfriend but since she wasn't invited to the CLEO Workshop the same day, she didn't find the need to come all the way to Putrajaya.

Then, there were some friends from my personal Facebook who said they were going and invited me along but one of them is going with her boyfriend so I turned the offer down coz I didn't want to be a third wheel. Finally, I brought up the idea to my parents and then they thought it would be fun to bring everybody together which means the 5 of us and our 2 maids. But then, last minute, my brothers bailed, the maids got into a misunderstanding and didn't want to follow and so I just went with my mom. 

Yup, my mom is very sporting. Plus, she knew I am not feeling very well mentally and physically so she decided to just entertain me. I needed to get my mind off some things. There were some things bugging me and my system. 

We arrived at Precint 2, Putrajaya by 8 something. I tried to take some photos but sadly, my camera does not produce great photos at night compared to the other photographers, lugging their DSLR in front of my face. I was going to say, "Fine. I know you have a bloody DSLR, just stop shoving it in front of my face!" *Jealous mode* LOL!

Marching Band

Since we arrived quite late already, it wasn't too long after that that we saw the fireworks. Before that, we saw a line going for the balloon ride (which took like 5 minutes going 50 feet up in the air before slowly coming down) and mom excitedly told me she want to ride and we were giggling like 7 year-olds trying to find out how to ride. Our excitement were quickly doused when we were told that some people was seen queuing for the tickets at 5am. Oh my goodness! Five in the freaking morning! Sorry, not for me... LOL!

After I took some more photos of the glowing balloons (and trying very hard not to climb over the barrier so I can get closer to the glowing balloons), mom went to buy those battery operated blinking Mickey Mouse headbands for the ones at home. And I bought the battery operated blinking light bubble gun. LOL! I love bubbles. There was one time, when I actually asked B-bunz to buy the scented bubbles they sell in Toys R' Us. What? I like to feel cute sometimes...

Yeay! Fireworks!

And right after we bought those, the fireworks came out. Weeeeeee~~ I love 'em. My mom loved 'em. We were standing side by side laughing and giggling like 7 year-olds again. LOL! I must look quite retarded. And then some foreign guy came and snap a photo of us both before walking off. He must be thinking the same thing too.

Look at that crowd! And this is just 1/4 of it!

Well, I guess this experience is enough for me. I just don't feel very comfortable with a huge crowd like that. And I do mean, HUGE crowd. I also don't think the arrangements of the hot air balloons for the glow session is very good. They're concentrated at too small an area. And because of that, I couldn't take the Darth Vader shaped balloon. However, for those who don't mind the crowd or want some fun times with the kids, this is the place to be. Many kids are in awe at the balloons and so excited with the things being sold.

Well, whatever sways your boat, I say.

March 21, 2010

My CLEO Beauty Workshop 2010 Experience

Yesterday, March 20th was the CLEO Beauty Workshop by Neutrogena day and I was in the second session which was from 2pm-5pm. It was my first time attending any beauty workshop whatsoever. Honestly speaking, I was not very particular on my skin care regimen. Luckily I don't usually get giant pimples on my face but I do get those little zits once in a while. However, considering my age, which is already above 25, I have to admit that my skin renewal process is getting slower compared to when I was 18. Plus due to the weather in Malaysia these days, it gets oilier - and it's annoying to boot.

I got up pretty early yesterday because I was supposed to go to a specialist doctor in the morning. I had been having some weird health issues lately which I have quite an idea what is the cause but I just wanted an opinion on a medical expert perspective. Since this is our "battle", I know I have to endure this. But then that's another story...

So, with that postponed, I went to help my mom instead and still it seemed that time passes so quickly. I rushed home by 12pm, got myself ready as quick as possible but I only managed to leave home for The Gardens, MidValley at 1pm. Luckily the traffic wasn't so bad and I arrived and found a parking space by 1.40pm. I went to the 4th Floor where The Gardens Club Lounge is located at which is on the other end from The Gardens Signature cinemas, gave them my name and found a seat at the 5th table. The workshop began at the stipulated time and I love that by the way because I hate to wait. LOL!

Anyways, the first speaker was a representative from Neutrogena and as embarrassing as it is for me to say this, I totally forgot her name. (Sorry!) She showed us the new range from Neutrogena product, which is the Hydro Boost and the right steps of usage. Everyone there were given the opportunity to try out the products, which means we had to clean our makeups, use the Mousse Cleanser (cleansing foam), the Clear Lotion (works like a toner), the Essence (which is the serum) and the Water Gel (moisturizer). We were also given one mask per person.

Hydro Boost

The Hydro Boost range is a hydration range (duh! "hydro" = "hydrate") and it's more watery compared to moisturizers which are thicker and stickier. I think I really like the Water Gel which leaves the skin cool and somewhat softer. It also smells good so, there's no reason for you girls (or guys!) out there to not try them out. 

If possible, buy the full range for better results. But if you're a little thrifty, get the three most important parts - the Mousse Cleanser, the Clear Lotion and Water Gel. And try to throw in the Mask as well to use at least twice or three times a week. You'll see a complete new you in no time! Ahhh, but no cheating. Use them religiously for the best results...

After the speaker from Neutrogena wrapped her slot with quizzes to the participants, we had a 20 minute break for some light snacks and a free complimentary hand massage. I love the snacks. I love the strawberry tart. So cute and deliciouso! Melts in my mouth! Mamma Mia! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.. LOL! After that, Joyce (I think that's her name) who is one of the CLEO rep and speaker of the day came to me and ask if I would like to try the complimentary hand massage. Oh well, I just had something to eat and drink so why not finish it with a nice hand massage right? So there I went. It was just a short 2 minutes massage but the lotion smelled nice and the complimentary massage was from CRES, a spa located just nearby. Everyone who tried the massage were given a RM20 voucher.

Hand Massage section

After the 20 minutes is up, a second speaker, Ms Wendy Lee took the attention of everybody there with her chirpy and funny attitude. It's no wonder that she's the founder Chapter One Asia Sdn Bhd which is a Professional Image Consultancy. I love her pretty white trench and  she's also very friendly. She first came to me to compliment my hairband when I was eating and her bubbly personality made me warm up to her almost instantly - which usually I don't do because I tend to assess people quietly the first time almost every time. She noticed myself and the people in my table were not participating much in the last slot, well no doubt because it was a little dull. LOL! But the minute she spoke in front, everyone got alert and went laughing along. Even the cameraman was bullied by her! LOL!

Ms Wendy started talking about proper handshakes and body postures, best choice of clothing for your body type and lots more while in between we had to go around and greet 10 people and compliment something about them in a way to get the conversation rolling. Well, almost everybody complimented my hairband, except the last one who complimented my top. LOL! Finally after Ms Wendy's slot is done, there was another quiz for 3 participants to win RM300 worth of products per person courtesy of Neutrogena. I didn't participate because I hardly remember the names of the products on display and I sure would know less if I was blindfolded and told to name one just by touching it. LOL!

Goody Bag

I think it was worth my RM30 to be there. The goody bag was great. We got the Water Gel which I absolutely love and is already using now plus some more. I also got to see how a beauty workshop is done and best of all, I got to make a new friend. It sure is funny that Daphne and I suddenly clicked and realized we were both same age and from a Convent school. LOL! I don't know. Maybe Convent girls will always have that Convent stamp on them. We exchanged phone numbers and would probably try to make some time to meet up for a drink one of these days.

Anyone want to try out CLEO's workshop but not sure if you should? I say, go for it! Their reps are very nice and friendly. 

March 19, 2010

Passing the time | The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Piano)

What do you do when you're bored? Or when you're angry? Or when you're sad? 

Some people would probably do the normal stuff but since I'm not normal and apart from crying - coz sometimes when I get emotional, the dam in me just burst open - I would put all my energy in my music and bang my piano like mad. Or play it lifelessly, depending on my mood. 

Okay, for those who did not know I play the piano, well, so now you know. LOL! I haven't the opportunity to practice this music much. I loved watching the movie Twilight. Well, I believe there are many Twilighters out there who loved watching the movie and the music from the movie right? In my opinion, I prefer the movie Twilight compared to New Moon. I can't wait to see the latest installment - Eclipse though. I like Edward and how he sparkle. And I absolutely adore the potrayal of love between Edward and Bella. Hey, Bella, that's me! Anybody want to be my Edward? LOL!

My favourite scene in Twilight will definitely be "The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb" scene. He looked so torn when he told her that he loved her. Once upon a time ago, someone told that to me, with that torn look on his face, as if he couldn't help loving me. Ahhh.. Memories..

Anyways, here's how I play the piece on the piano. I hope I don't sound too much like a novice because I just recently started to play the piano back. 

Interested to download Twilight Movie Score in PDF file? Go to my share file page here

March 18, 2010

Plans is all I have

I received a few invites in my email Inbox today. 

Looks like it's confirmed that I will be going to the CLEO Beauty Workshop. Sadly though, I will be going by myself. My friend whom I plan to go with was not invited and her money order will be returned to her next week. Which means I will be by myself in a roomful of 25 strangers. Oh well, it wouldn't be so bad right? All I have to do is smile and introduce myself. Then I'll be listening to whatever it is they say in the workshop, take notes or something and snap photos in between. Not so hard right?

I've also received the Nuffnang Project 400 invitation to cover the story on the Gatsby Street Fair next month. Looks like if I attend, sign my attendance and blog about the street fair, RM50 will be credited into my Nuffnang account the following week. Well maybe RM50 is small to some but it could be a little stepping stone for this blog and maybe I could see that as my "ong" money. LOL!

Then, since last month DJ Fedde Le Grand cancelled his show at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound where I was on the guest list, I am now invited to go to Euphoria this 20th March to see (and hear!) DJ TyDi spin. I can even bring a friend. I'll just walk up, give them my name and they'll let me in. Sadly though, I am not the type who can stand loud music and I don't go to clubs. Ever. So, I have to toss this one out of the window.

Plus, I am so looking forward to go to the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon fiesta. I want to go on Saturday night because they will be having the Night Glow and fireworks session. Those who are close to me knows how much I love fireworks and lights. Yeah well, I'm a sucker for all that.

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Night Glow 2009
Photos courtesy of

Sadly, I do not have a date. Since the friend I was supposed to go to the CLEO Beauty Workshop was not invited, she didn't find the reason to come down to my place. And my other friends who are going will be having their boyfriends together. They invited me along if I would like to join them but I just can't. I'm just not that type. I DO NOT and NEVER WILL BE a third wheel. It's pretty embarrassing. So, should I go alone? Should I get my mom and make her my Saturday night date? I know I'll just tire her out if I drag her along, that is, unless she's the one who's up for it. Oh, this is a once-a-year program! *cry* 

Or maybe all this are just for normal people, and since I'm not... (you may fill in the blanks)

Itinerary of 20th March 2010

How pathetic can I be? No date on a Saturday night.

But maybe I should just spend the night at home? I had been getting this bad migraines for the last one week. Whenever I start thinking serious things or I try to focus on things, my head would start pounding. I feel like slamming it to the wall just to stop the pain. It's not like my usual headaches and it gets worse and worse if I don't just take two Panadols and try to sleep. It's really not good for me because I can get busy searching for things for my family's new office.

I think this is getting serious. I need to see a doctor. Maybe I should do that MRI again because this time the pain has worsen. 

March 16, 2010

Don't Let This Be The Last Goodbye

Picture courtesy of Google

Leaving you my love, was never an option,
Yet to let you succeed there is no other solution,
So I let you go for a while, accepting your reasons,
My heart filled with stones, my mind with illusions,
But my love for you is strong, so is my determination,
I pause - to allow you some grace and to allow me absolution.

I looked at my reflection, too many mistakes done,
My selfishness, my stubbornness had acquired me none,
Did I messed it up too much that I lost my One?
Why is it so dark here? Where is my sun?
Please don't tell me it's gone before it even begun,
Oh dear this burden in my heart, it weighs a ton.

For all my mistakes, I sadly accept this penance,
I will have to endure those days of your cool absence,
I would have to put up a face, a masked appearance,
I will keep my promise to you, I will keep a clear conscience,
Because I know I'll have you back, there will be no more distance,
Back home to me, always here for you, waiting, patience.

You told me to never let you go, that one fateful night,
So I am not going to do so; not without a proper fight,
Because you're the only one for me, you're my shining knight,
Not having you by my side as always feels not right,
So I vowed this time right now, out of contrite,
When I'm done you won't recognize the old me and that is my plight.

Now I only ask for a little favor,
Please don't let this be an insignificant endeavor,
Don't let go of what we have so easily,
I pray for this, I pray for you and to the Almighty,
To have you back next to me, teasing me with your charms,
And help me pick up the pieces of my heart again;
Before giving that familiar kiss on my forehead and wrapping me in your arms.

For you I would do everything, I would fly, I would die.
Just please don't let this be the last goodbye.


March 15, 2010

Saw my Mad Hatter at last!

Just got back from watching Alice In Wonderland at The Gardens, MidValley this evening. My brothers and I had been waiting to catch this movie since we first saw the trailer last year. But time hadn't been very friendly to us, so we had to make do and watch it after a few days of it's first day opening in Malaysia. Still, it doesn't matter. I got to see my Mad Hatter and I think he's fabulous. I always think Johnny Depp is fabulous.

Opps, don't tell B-bunz I said that. Shhhh..

B-bunz couldn't follow us because he had a prior engagement and some paperwork. It's a little sad that I had to sit by myself in the two large seats. However, it was compensated because I could actually lean to the side and put my legs up on the seat next to me. Have you been in the Premier Cinemas in Signature, The Gardens? If you have, you'll know how big the seats are. I pushed back the divider in between the two seats because there were no one beside me and there I was, with my legs on the seat next to mine as I watch the big screen. LOL! I feel just at home. And since I was sitting in the middle row, I had no disturbances or people walking right in front of me. 

Still, the whole day was a long one... 

Early in the morning, after B-bunz dropped me home, I had to bring one of my cats to the vet. Our cat, Baby, had not been eating much and is not passing solids. He is also isolating himself from the other cats when he's usually more friendly and vigorous. We suspected he is ill or he had eaten something wrong. One of his favourite past time is to chase after mice or rats behind our house. So, he could've gotten infected with bacterias from the rats or he could've bitten a poisoned rat and have some traces of poison in his blood system.

Our vet gave us some medication which we would have to administer for this one whole week and monitor his feeding habits. Baby is a very friendly cat and although he's a little stubborn and would try his best to get out of the house when we keep him in, he would always come back to us in the evening for food and some lovin'. So we hope he'll be well soon.

It was a tiring day for me not only because I was running here and there to get things done but also because of the hot weather. It is too bright these days. I see there are no clouds in the sky at all. And not to mention, on the ground, more trees are being cut down to make way to one more project of apartments and another project of shops. The housing area nearby mine is just starting another building project and I admit, there is a significant change of temperature once they cleared all the trees. I can't stay outside very much these days. I feel faint from the heat and the brightness. I usually had no problem with Malaysia's hot and humid weather. But now, my body can't seem to handle it anymore.

Guys, please save the world. Preserve mother nature. All this heat is really not good for our bodies, our health and it will take a toll on our lifespan too.

March 12, 2010

When 2 Become 1

For you and I, when we're attracted to someone - be it mentally, physically or just plain sexually - we would zoom in on that person and forget about anybody else while we focus on our love interest. After a period of courting, that's when both the couples would proceed to make a decision to get married (or not) so that you can continue the human need for procreation. 

Love. Some people are so in love with each other they seem to be fused together. They seem to be able to read each other's minds. One don't need to finish a sentence because the other will finish it. But then again, how close is close? You can only seem to be "fused" together but you're not, well, literally fused into 1 right? But today, I would like to write about something I think is really cool. Something most of you probably didn't know, and honestly I didn't too until I read it in another person's blog.


Anglerfish are the members of the order Lophiiformes which can be found in both the deep sea and continental shelf. The ones that live in open water are more laterally compressed while the ones living in bottom-dwelling fishes are more dorsoventrally compressed with large upwards pointing mouths (like the photo above).

Okay, that is a one ugly mother. And I call it a "mother" because it is a female. All types of Anglerfish that you can find in the sea that looks pretty much like the above are females. So, you ask me, where have all the males gone? Or is this type of fish asexual? Well, not exactly. And here's the cool part.

The deep sea Anglerfish males usually mature soon after metamorphosis whereas the females takes longer. One estimates that there are about 15 to 30 ripe males to every female, probably due to the difficulty in finding mates in the enormous sea. The males are also smaller in size compared to the females for example females of the Genus Gigantactis can grow to 40cm in length and its male only grow to 2cm

When male Anglerfishes were born, their only role was to search out for a female (how romantic is that?). The males have no bioluminescent lure, they have larger eyes which probably is to spot the female's lure and have much larger olfactory organ in front of their eyes. They have high sensitivity to the female's pheromones and can search for the females for miles even. The reason for that is because due to their small size, they are highly dependent on the females for safety.

Now once a male Anglerfish locates a female, the small male attaches himself to her by biting into her belly. After a few days, his teeth and jaw recedes, his skin fuses with the female's and their blood systems merge. Everything about the male regresses except for the one important internal organ which is its large testis. The female now do not have to worry because she is guaranteed with supply of sperms for when she's ready to reproduce while the male is now taken care of for life. Now due to the large size of the female in comparison to the male and also because of surviving needs, a female Anglerfish may have more than one male attached to her.

Finding Nemo

So, do you find it cool? I do. And if you need to understand more on the mating process, do view this video.

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