September 04, 2010

Spooky Encounter Part 2

Remember my first post on my Spooky Encounter that happened to me when I was 4 years-old? Although that had been ages ago, but I still recalled it very clearly. Plus, my parents remembered them too so sometimes when we gather together (usually with relatives), we'll talk about that incident again and again.

However, the real reason I wrote about that Spooky Encounter was because I tweeted with LJ to talk about my other Spooky Encounter in Singapore - Bedok specifically. 

This happened when I was 9 years old, before my aunt marry a Singaporean who happens to live in Bedok. It was during the Hari Raya festival. My aunt was already engaged to my then-future-uncle and she brought me along to accompany her when she meets his family. My aunt's then-future-husband had a niece who is one year older than me called Nur and because of the close age, we became quite close. She knows pretty much everybody in that block and the other three blocks. For three whole days I followed her around to celebrate Hari Raya at people's house and getting angpows each time. Truth be told, that was the only year I made about S$2,000 just by following her from one house to another. LOL! I was such an amateur then.

So, on the last day, we were closing in on the last few units when I felt so exhausted and asked to rest by the stairs for a while. Hey, it was around 11pm at the time and I was dead tired. I've never visited so many houses for Hari Raya before and not to mention, eat as much as I did for the past few days, so I was heavy, sleepy and exhausted. While I sat, Nur skipped happily around and running up and down the stairs, exploring another floor and left me by myself for a while.

I was sitting there for less than 2 minutes when I heard someone calling my name. Specifically, my family nickname. I thought it was my future-uncle's sister. It sounded exactly like her and thought maybe she was wondering where Nur and I was. So, I called out saying I'm right at the stairs. Not long after, I heard her call my name again and thinking that maybe she didn't hear my reply, I got up and walk towards her voice.

OK, before you point out the obvious, let me inform you that I had never been to those flats before that three days. Not to mention that we had been going up and down the floors from one block to another in that area that I lost my sense of direction. For a kid like me who had never lived in flats before that - the only flat I ever stayed in was a three storey walk up flat in Toa Payoh with my aunt when I was 7 years old - my sense of direction is a little bad. I also did not try to memorize the way since I knew I can rely on Nur entirely. So, I didn't think much when I walked towards the familiar voice.

About a dozen or so steps later, I heard the voice louder next to this end unit that's facing another corner. So, if you would like to imagine, for me to open the door to that unit, I will be hidden from Nur's or any one's view entirely. I remember that Nur's house was located something like this so, without thinking twice, I turned the doorknob and went inside.

The minute I stepped in, I felt a heaviness so huge that I just cannot explain. My exhaustion overwhelmed me and I felt the sudden urge to just lie down on the sofa in the middle of the living hall and sleep. It registered in me that the sofa was not like the sofa in Nur's house and that even though the living hall was brightly lit with florescent light, the kitchen and everywhere else was dark. I can still here the voice calling my name although it sounded at a distance this time because my eyelids was so heavy that I can't even open them. Within moments, I was asleep.

Now I don't know if this was a dream or if it was real. What happened was, as I was lying on the sofa, I felt a tug at my toes. I slowly opened one of my very sleepy eye and I saw a woman - or I thought it was a woman - she had really long uncombed hair, so long and thick that it was covering her face. I felt this crazy feeling, I'm not sure if any of you've experienced it before, like when you're asleep but suddenly you feel the urge of peeing so you get out of bed and walked to the bathroom and you peed but when you did, you were sort of wondering to yourself, are you peeing or is this a dream and you give yourself a mental shake and then you saw clearly that yes, you are squatting in the bathroom and you are peeing. Hmm, have any of you ever felt that before? 

So there I was with my eyes slightly open and I looked at this figure and my mind was at that stage where I wasn't entirely sure if what's going on is real or just a dream and I tried so hard to give myself that mental shake but everything was still so hazy. All the while when I was trying to do that, this woman figure was slowly touching my toes one by one. I was trying to move my limbs but none was working and as I was about to give up and decide that this is probably some bad dream, I heard a familiar voice calling out my family nickname. It was Nur's and the voice was getting louder and louder. Nur's voice had a sense of urgency in it that made something kick into my system. Suddenly my hazy thoughts cleared and I saw the figure for what it really was, hovering in front of me with saliva dripping from between her long hair that's covering her face. Her face was burned, dark as charcoal and her jaw was dislocated. As I looked at her, she was also looking at me, her eyes searching mine and she tried to smile, though with that dislocated jaw it looked crooked and crazy-looking. 

At that exact moment, two things happened at once. Nur's voice sounded like she was calling for me right outside the house and a rush of adrenaline came all over me that made me sprung out of the sofa towards the door and fell out of the house in front of Nur. Nur screamed in surprise whilst I only managed to mumble about something in the house. But as both Nur and I looked into the unit, there was nobody there and it was dark as night. I felt this sudden chill washing all over me and I just got up and quickly told Nur to bring us both home. It turns out, Nur's unit was only one floor above.

I didn't tell my aunt about that incident though, I just had this crazy feeling the whole night as if something was staring at my back but when I turned around, nobody was there. The next morning, I had a high fever. It went on for more than a week even though I've finished the prescribed medication from a clinic. Finally, I told the story to everybody and my then-future-uncle's mother called a witchdoctor to come give me something to drink. Soon later, the fever went away and I didn't get that "staring at my back" feeling anymore. Much later, when I've returned to Malaysia, Nur told me that the tenant of the unit that I went into was a single woman who a few weeks before had killed herself by jumping out from her kitchen window. 

And that was the last Hari Raya I ever followed her to get angpows.

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Che Armster said...

whooaaa.. this story is definitely one of the creepiest I've ever read.

lina said...

takut! :'(

Shemah said...


Bella Enveeus said...

I didn't feel quite scary then. Just weirded out. I must be the one who's weird. LOL!

Bella Enveeus said...

Just make sure places yang tak dikenali jangan la nak jalan or explore sorang2. 

Bella Enveeus said...

I know I write this in detail probably that's why it feels creepier but well, I like to explain in detail. :)

J. Love said...

ok i have to touch on the peeing subject. i get that all the time. when i am peeing, sometimes i tried to stop because i wasn't sure if i was peeing in the bathroom, or i was actually on my bed, peeing in a dream. when i was a kid, i did wet the bed. tee-hee! 

well my mom was someone who had a gazzilion spooky encounters! she was a singaporean and she seemed to be encountering these scary entities when she was there. which always made me think that flat houses are scary. 

i never encountered any, though. and i definitely don't wish to!

Razz Momma said...

yikes! seriously doll that's crazy.. what's that? pontianak or something?

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah you've experienced it before too? Alright, so am not the only one. I have tried explaining that to some people and they say they never experienced something like that before. Sigh.. Makes it harder to give a good narration.. :-P

My mom's a Singaporean too (still is) but she never experienced stuff like this before. She told me when she was a kid, her family lived nearby the Tan Tock Seng Hospital where they had to walk through the mortuary to reach home but they never encounter this sorta things.

Weird that my brothers and I are the ones who kept encountering these things instead.

Bella Enveeus said...

I don't know. Hmm but from the description it is pretty much like a pontianak right? :(  

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