February 28, 2010

Cheater. Cheater. It's so bitter.

I was doing my regular email checkups when I clicked on a link that directed me to a blog ranting about her cheating boyfriend. She was completely mortified that her boyfriend is willing to cheat with her own best friend and have the cheek to say that it didn't mean anything. She could not understand the moral values of her boyfriend and why men would think with their balls instead of their brains. So there she was ranting, cursing and wishing the end of the world for her boyfriend yet she did not touch one thing about herself or the partner-in-crime to this cheating drama ; her own best friend.

The other day, I was watching a re-run of Oprah on Hallmark and they were talking about cheating men. The invited guest was a man who deals with men and their issues.

So, my conclusion after watching the show was to strengthen my initial perception already. Women are basically the reason men cheats. Women. Obviously I am a woman but I am not going to back up my fellow females in this matter. Of course there are two sides of a story. Sometimes three, four or infinite sides to a story. But I think I'll talk about a few only...
  • When a man and a woman get caught in an affair and somebody cheats, we first and fore-mostly will look at the guy and blame him. Why in heaven's name can't he keep his willy in his pants? What is so good about all this "extra" carnal act? Don't they feel remorse for cheating behind their partner's back? Now take this into consideration :
  1. Yes, when it comes to the opposite sex, men usually tend to throw their technicality and logic and think with their penis. Especially if the devil looks like Angelina Jolie with 38 25 36 stats. Their brains will fall from their skulls to their scrotum in less than half a second. But so what? It's in their nature. How many studies have shown that men think of sex 3/4 times more than women in a day? Some studies shows that men think of sex every 10 minutes. But does that mean they get the act done each time they think it? If they do then maybe they should buddy up with Tiger Woods and go into rehab too. Plus, it takes two to tango. And just thinking of sex is like doing the robot dance to a Mozart concerto piece.

  • Men cheats with women who are willing to cheat with them.
  1. If there's no cheap women on the planet who can easily fall into a man's embrace (or bed) without him having to spend his time, money and resources on you, then how can we blame men for getting it in, off and out easily? When a man cheat with you and you get caught, you cry and say that you never intended to hurt his partner, you were caught up in the game or his charms or whatever. Now, aren't you cheap sistah? I don't understand how women can still cheat with a man when they already know he's with someone. So maybe he's all that you ever dreamed off in a man but have you ever thought that maybe he's also the man of his wife's dreams and that's why they're married? It's just too bad you found him too late.
  2. Example : There's a very good piece of veal in the market and it is put on display at dawn for sale. Person A woke up early, wash up, went to the market, saw the veal and earned it to buy the good piece. Person B woke up at noon, lazily wash face, went to the market, saw Person A already carrying the good piece and suddenly went to Person A, punch Person A in the belly and steal the veal. Person A = Angel. Person B = Bloody Bitch.
  3. For women like me though, someone who have found the perfect man but also knows that if I can fall for his characteristics then there would be other women out there who could also find his character appealing, what should I do? Are we safe? There are many psychotic women nowadays who don't mind stealing a man even though he's married or with kids just so that she can enjoy the benefits of being his wife. And there are cases too (which sad to say) happens within the modern Malay society who still practices creepy voodoo and hocus pocus just so that they can get what they want. And I'm not making this up. It happened to me. The question is, why? If it's not meant for you then why not just move on and find someone else?

  • A man loves it when the woman he's with remembers the three things that makes him a man. Call it ego, call it nature but a man need that to feel complete. So their woman should never look down on them on these three things : who he is, what he does and how much he makes.
  1. I know women are as successful as men nowadays, if not better, but that does not mean we can boast our success to everybody including our husbands. You can boast to your school friends, your colleagues, your family, your relatives but draw the line somewhere with your husband. Even if he makes lesser than you, he'd like very much to know that he's the "man". Even if everybody else knows you're the more successful but the male instinct is also sensitive and needs to be cushioned once a while. When their own wives fail to do that, that's when they start finding "comfort" somewhere else. A place where he don't have to care for the woman as a wife but enjoy the wifely benefits - the care, the respect and most of all the throne.

  • Prevention is better than cure. They say "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" right? So why not care for yourself, not just so that you won't visit the doctor's office but also so that your man don't go running to some other well-maintained woman.
  1. Women, especially those who have been married for more than 5 years tend to forget one of the reasons their husbands married them. I'm not saying that physical is the top reason as to why the man married you. If he does than he's a shallow idiot and you're better off without him. However, it does not hurt if you care for yourself, your skin, your figure just the way he likes it. Make him remember what is it that made him fall in love with you in the first place. People always say first impression says it all and usually the physical is the first point of decision-making. No, you don't have to get Botox to retain your youth but care for yourself and your health. If he can carry you to the bedroom on your wedding night then try to maintain that so that he can still carry you after 30 years of marriage.

Alright, alright, I'm not saying I'm a marriage counselor. But this is just logic. The technicalities may differ slightly for different individuals but the fact of the matter is, we are all humans and born with similar instincts and ideals. Every day is a learning process. So women, learn about your men! Don't take things easy. Because you certainly do not want to cry over spilled milk.

P/S : This does not mean that men should not be blamed. If affairs ever happen, it's also because men could not avoid temptation. If the zipper is the only thing that's stopping you from having that affair and you don't think you can trust yourself, go get a chastity belt!

February 27, 2010

Terjah Eyriqazz @ Great Teacher Onizuka

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

In case you have no idea what "terjah" means, according to Citcat, it translates to surge. And according to the Thesaurus part of my brain, it also means rush or roll or flood - whichever way you wanna take it. I'm not saying I'm going to flood Eyriqazz's website with nonsense and BS but maybe I should roll in a more casual approach? Let me begin...

The reason I am writing this is because Eyriqazz or GTO is having a blog contest. It's nothing too grand, the prizes are average but I can see the benefit of making such contest - especially for a novice blogger such as me - in order to promote your blog and listen closely to the voice of your readers. It's always better to get a direct feedback instead of hearing from a little birdie how some people hate your website or love it to death. 

I suppose what made me like reading Eyriqazz's blog is because of his written voice. It is not faked. I can imagine hearing him as I read his articles. He does not compile too many stuffs that will cloud your judgement or perception. His writing are mostly direct and then made colorful with additional photos. I believe this is the basic way of making readers interested in what you write. Visuals are important. Even if you're a superb writer like Stephen King, you can't write a blog with paragraphs of long paragraphs only. Blogs are not novels. People will go to sleep. 

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

So what are my favourite Eyriqazz blog entries?

The top one will have to be the Tips for New Nuffnangers. Honestly I am a little lost about the type of bloggers Nuffnang would choose to hand in advertisements and advertorial jobs. My initial reason of starting a website is to write blog and share things I see with everyone in the world apart from opening an online shop. But then, when I sit back and hop from one blog to another, I am intrigued to read the achievements some bloggers get from only advertisements on their blogs. Some make hundreds per month while others makes thousands. Even Eyriqazz, who just started blogging seriously for the last 6 months managed to get a few hundred ringgit from advertising alone. And having him share tips for young bloggers such as me is just icing on the cake!

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

Secondly, I would say his "terjah" episodes to other blogs are very intriguing. Like I said, he's got a voice of his own and reading his opinion on how to improve their blog gives a slight idea on how I can improve my own blog too.

Then, seeing him going to events by Nuffnang such as the Mister Potato, winning the Samsung Corby and the latest win on Astro B.yond is just so much fun and exciting. Gives me the drive to make my blog good so that I can be invited to events such as those as well.

Lastly, I think the only downside on Eyriqazz's blog is the background. The layout is fine as it is but maybe the color of the background are a little dull. Maybe Eyriqazz could jazz it up a little bit. There are many free blog layouts available that might suit Eyriqazz's taste and style. But then again, layouts are secondary compared to the quality of the written works itself and Eyriqazz's entries are great enough to stand alone.

February 25, 2010

How did BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 & Celcom Turn Me On?

This is a story of how the dormant unselfish part of me was awakened into a full-fledged burning desire of need and want when an event accidentally flicked my switch on.


I had always been a loyal sort. Everybody knows that. My parents knew that. My family members knew that. My friends knew that. My B-bunz knew that. Once I am introduced to one thing, I'll stick to it until it wears out or turn against me. Like, for example when I was 4 years old, my mom bought my first Happy Meal and introduced Filet O'Fish to me. From then onwards, I will order Filet O'Fish everytime I visit McDonald's. The first time I actually tried something else was when I was 16 years old. I tried Double Cheeseburger and thought, wahey, it's not so bad after all. From then on, I'll order either Filet O'Fish or Double Cheeseburger when I go McDonald's and that's about it. Boring? No. That's what we call LOYAL.

But changes is not such a bad thing right? Especially if it is for the better.

I want the bear too!

I had been using Nokia all my life. But then one day I saw something that was exceedingly complete, something that reminded me of brilliancy at the tip of your finger and a technology that evolves with every circle the earth makes around the sun. And what was it that turned me on so much and revitalized my Nokia-numbed senses? It's none other than... The BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520!


Click on each picture to read description

When Nuffnang informed of the Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 promotion being held at Chinoz KLCC on 5th February on their website, I dared to go through the heavy rain and massive traffic jam just to see what is in store and if possible, to enjoy the promotional benefits being introduced by Celcom. It is one of a limited chance to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 at a very low, affordable and reasonable price so why would I let such an opportunity go, right?

Sad to say, even though I managed to tackle the heavy rain through clouded windshield and terrible traffic jam through superb driving skills, when I arrived at the scene, the line was so incredibly long that I am no longer eligible to enjoy the offer Celcom was giving out - which was to the first 150 customers - to own the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 at only RM888 if you also sign up with the Celcom Exec postpaid plan. BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 coupled with Celcom network speed for RM888 is not a waste at all.

RM888! Isn't that incredibly auspicious? Damn! Hope my luck can improve with the help of Nuffnang...

I just managed to speak to their reps. *sob*

However, to those who did not make it to Chinoz that day or those who did but was not the first 150, fret not, Celcom is also giving out awesome deals that you cannot find anywhere else for the brand new BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520! With Celcom's unparalleled line connection and network, there are no rooms for questions, hesitations or regrets!

With Celcom Exec plans how can a person ever go wrong? 

The Celcom Exec 50 comes with a monthly fee of only RM148. The reasons you should choose Celcom Exec 50 postpaid plan are:
  1. 15 cents call rate to any number.
  2. Automatic discounts every month.
  3. Talk more, save more (up to 30% discount).
  4. Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
  5. FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month.
The Celcom Exec 250 postpaid on the other hand, comes with a monthly fee of RM250 because:
  1. FREE Celcom Broadband Advance.
  2. Flexible and hassle-free rate plan.
  3. 2,000 minutes (voice/video calls) or SMS
  4. Covers all your mobility needs (calls, SMS, MMS, Broadband - all in one).
I also notice that Celcom rewards their Celcom Exec customers on their birthdays, sign-up anniversary and sometimes just out-of-the-blue to surprise their beloved customers! Now don't you feel at least slightly intrigued (if not more) to be a part of the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network in the country? I know I do!

* This post is in conjuction with Nuffnang and Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 Blog Contest. Please visit Nuffnang and Celcom for more details!

February 20, 2010

The Mask

There's something about masks that are pretty intriguing to me. I love it that some covers the entire face or half of the face or masks that are adorned with gorgeous designs to suit the element surrounding the user, the costume and even the personality of the user.

I am very much attracted to using mask these days for a few reasons. 
  1. To cover up my identity. I know I'm  not some celebrity but I still get "stalked" nastily by people I don't even know and who could find the time to steal my photos and slam me. Why? I have no idea. Angry to see my lovey-dovey photos with my man perhaps? I don't even know these people!
  2. There are just so many beautiful masks out there. I sometimes wished that they have Masquerade Balls everyday so I can just put one on anytime. Some come with feathers, some with flowers, some with laces, some scary, some pretty and some very very intricately fashioned. Love them!
  3. I need a theme for my site. Masks shows something mysterious, flirtatious and sometimes might make certain people envy of what I have. So it fits right?
Anyway, what do you guys think of these masks? Look at the details. Aren't they beautiful?

Photos courtesy of www.accito.com

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