June 10, 2011

The vote is in!

Have you done your part and vote? Oh, don't worry the election is not here yet. I'm not talking about voting for your favourite political party but I'm talking about voting for your favourite M&M's coz you wouldn't want to miss winning M&M's prizes of your choice worth up to USD1000 right? Well, I'm a certified contest junkie so I enter any and every contest I can find. This one is no exception.

Last Sunday, after my family and I got out from the Pet World Malaysia 2011 exhibition, we went to Jusco to get some goat milk and we came across these colorful giant choc poppers near the LG entrance. There was altogether five of them, happily hopping around near the M&M's booth. My family and I was most attracted to the yellow one, coz he's just so cute holding his sign upside down. LOL! And so I did my part in voting for my favourite M&M's character - I think you can guess which one I voted for right? You can vote too, right here.

I feel for the people wearing these costumes. It is not an easy job, especially when dealing with kids. They can be unintentionally mean sometimes. LOL! Oh, I was also told that the mascots will be visiting local colleges and universities to garner votes. So don't forget to vote for your favourite guys!

We also voted for the best restaurant to eat in and the others won. I voted for Tony Roma's but everyone else said they want Manhattan Fish Market so I had to eat fish instead of meat that day. What can I say right, you gotta learn to compromise, especially with those whom you love.

But whatever it is though, it is fun to go out with your whole family once in a while, especially now that my brothers and I are all grown up. Try to spend as much time as you can with your family before it is too late.

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June 08, 2011

Happy Smurfs Day

Yesterday, I woke up, drove away from home and found myself in a very foreign village. Everybody there was blue, including myself, which I thought was such a coincidence. But then more and more people came and everybody was excited with what's going on in the tiny little village. I couldn't help it but I was excited too. And then only I realized that I was also, *gasp*, Smurfed.

 Smurfs Village

HEHE.. Aren't these Smurfs overflowing with cuteness? I used to grow up with Smurfs. I actually had a bed sheet of the Smurfs characters when I was younger. Wow, that seemed like eons ago. But now, they're back and they're here to spread their blue fever to the younger generation of today too!

There were lots of activities during the "Happy Smurfs Day" celebration yesterday at IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara. We, the members of the media & special guests were given a "Smurftastic Surprise" with 20cm high Smurfs figurines scattered around the entrance and Ground Floor of IPC as well as given the chance to taste the special 3D fondant Smurf Cupcake. 


 Awww so cute!

The "Happy Smurfs Day" is actually in celebration of the Global Smurfs Day which will be held on 25th June. The Global Smurfs Day is celebrated worldwide to remember the late Smurfs creator, Peyo (1928 - 1992) who celebrates his birthday on the same day.

 Clumsy, Smurfette & Papa Smurf

Yesterday too, we were informed that there is a Smurf-o-Graphy Contest going on from 7th - 19th June where contestants are invited to submit their most creative photo with one or all three of the Smurfs costume characters (when they appear at IPC at selected times) above. All you gotta do is submit your photo with a slogan either via e-mail, post or you can check out Sony Pictures Facebook for more details. Below I include the costume character appearance schedule :
6 - 10 June   : 3pm - 3.30pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
11 - 12 June : 11.30am - 12pm, 1.30pm - 2pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
13 - 17 June : 2.30pm - 3pm, 5.30pm - 6pm
18 - 19 June : 11.30pm - 12pm, 1.30pm - 2pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
However, if you're not interested in entering the contest, just wait for the movie to be released in the cinemas then! Here I include The Smurfs Movie Trailer for you guys!

Have a Smurfing Week fellas!

P/S : Thank you to Nuffnang for the invite. 

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June 07, 2011

May 2011 Top Commenter

Another month have gone by and now it's time to crown the top commenter of last month - May 2011. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who had visited my blog and especially to those who tried hard to become the First Commenter or First Two Commenters at my blog posts. Your link will forever be under those posts. Hope to see more of you (and others too) in the months to come!

Wahey, looks like this month we have a tie! And so, the blog badge of both these winners will be placed at my sidebar for the whole month of June 2011. The winners are none other than...

Ladyjava and Shemah! Congratulations to them both. To the rest of my readers, if you would like to get free permanent backlink, do try to be the first commenter at my blog posts. Points will be given to the First Commenter or First Two Commenters and the person with the highest points will have their blog badge displayed free at my sidebar for one month. So come on and "chop" away!

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June 06, 2011

Pet World Malaysia 2011

Went to this year's Pet World held once again at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Did you know that this year is the 4th Malaysian International Pets & Aquatics Exhibition? Well, now you know. The exhibition is from 3rd - 5th June from 10am - 9pm. My family chose the last day to visit this exhibition - it's just our way, we always do things last minute.

By the time we arrived, it was already 3.30pm. The entrance fee for adult is RM5 and children is RM3. The Main Stage was alive with Product Introduction, Dog Lover Of The Year Award 2011 and some contests. The speaker was speaking in Chinese so I only understood a little here and there. We first entered Hall 1, which was a little packed with people before heading to Hall 2 and Hall 3. We didn't buy anything from Hall 1, only saw many types of dogs and this one particular obedient dog is just so cute and it's fur is so thick and fluffy!

They call this Rudolph-wannabe "Pom Pom"

When we got to Hall 2, Dad was interested in Kitty's Crumble, an organic pet litter made from uniquely processed grains of coconut husk that has unbeatable natural odour elimination, super absorbency and small carbon paw print. What's better is that you can recycle it as your fertilizer after use. There was a promo so we bought the RM75 pack and got the RM 25 pack for free. Now we just have to try it with our kitties. If they like it, then we'd prefer to change to this rather than using the normal cat litter. We bought this from the Progenesis Group booth.

Oh, Kitty's Crumble is not for Kitty only. It's suitable for a variety of pets - gecko, snakes, spiders, hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and birds too!

Cats at Cat Show

After playing with some puppies at the Petsmore booth, we made our way again to Hall 3 and this time we were greeted by cats in cages for The 4th Pet World Malaysia Cat Beauty Competition. Most of the cats were sleeping then, since the competition started at 10am and I saw some cats was starting to behave erratically, an indication that they're stressed out, probably because of the noisy hall and crowd.

In the same hall, we came across H.O.P.E. H.O.P.E. is the abbreviation to Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist. It is a non-profit, no kill shelter that rescues dogs and cats regardless of breed or age. When I saw the photos of the dogs, as usual it tugged a string at my heart. OK, maybe more than just a string. My feelings were further enhanced when the dogs I saw in the photos were actually there at the booth, brought all the way so that the visitors can see for themselves that these dogs exists and they are indeed in need of help.

Below I show photos of the dogs at the booth. Below is a photo of Kenko and Fortune. Kenko is a victim of a hit and run while Fortune is believed to be a victim of abuse. When I took this picture, Kenko was resting while Fortune was asleep.

Top : Kenko.   Below : Fortune

The photo below is of Kenko and Fortune when they were first brought to H.O.P.E.

If you feel like I did when I first saw these photos and you would like to help these animals, you may do so by donating to H.O.P.E. through their Maybank Acc : 5012-0808-5710 or you can contact them and check out for yourself the shelter at Lima Kedai, Skudai, Johor. Go to their Facebook or their website and find out more how you can contribute to their cause.

Seeing this kind of cruelty toward animals is draining to my mind. My family helped what we could today but what I can do next is just spread the word, hoping that some of you out there might reach out and help these animals in pain. Let's not turn our backs to them and let's stop cruelty to animals. Love them, do not hate.

Anyways, how was your weekend guys?

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June 04, 2011

Movie Review - X-Men : First Class

This is the bestest movie of all X-Men movies. 'Nuff said.

Err, OK, maybe that's a little too short. Maybe I should write a little more than a 12 words summary eh?

From left : Sean Cassidy/Banshee, Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, Raven/Mystique, Moira MacTaggert,
Hank McCoy/Beast, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Alex Summers/Havok.

Honestly, I never imagined that a prequel could be more interesting than the original but X-Men : First Class certainly had me rethink it. I'm actually not much of a Marvel comics or DC comics fan. I don't read the comics so I wouldn't really know if the movie sequence is in line with the comics or not. But what I can say, after watching the other X-Men movies and comparing it to this one, I love this one more. I don't know what it was exactly, maybe it's the storyline or maybe it's the actors but I just enjoyed it tremendously. 

This movie was set in the 60's where young Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) was in Germany during WWII and under the cruel practice of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Young Charles "Professor X" Xavier (James McAvoy), on the other hand was in England and he comes from a wealthy background. In this way, at least we understood why Erik had such a grudge to the world while Charles is more calm and collected.

But then, there were also some illogical parts in this movie which does not tally with the other past X-Men movies. For example, in the past both Professor X and Magneto always said that they built Cerebro together but in this movie it was Beast who built it for them. And also when they were trying to recruit, one of the mutant they met at a bar was Wolverine (the real Hugh Jackman) but if you think about it, the timeline is not right because Wolverine was actually a "project" made by Stryker way after that.

Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr

Still, there were some funny parts, some quip here and there that got you laughing and loosen up a bit. I loved how real everything looked, even though you know some parts uses CGI but it is still entertaining and believable. The cast played their parts very well and they make us believe in what they believe in. I absolutely love how Fassbender and McAvoy mesh and work real good together. And another thing I loved is that the movie used historical events - the Cuba crisis and Cold War (60's) - to prove its point.

 Sebastian Shaw & Emma Frost

The only thing I did not love was probably Emma Frost (January Jones). I don't find any significance in her busty tight-fitting character. Maybe they just needed some other telepath just to slow Charles down and stretch the movie a little bit. It's not like she played any part to stop the X-Men team anyways.

Well, I think I shouldn't be dishing out too much infos on this great movie. It's just best that you guys go see it for yourselves and then fall in love with the characters and plot just like I did. Oh, and maybe you'll fall in love with James McAvoy too (just like I did as well. LOL!). I am sure you will not regret it.

X-Men : First Class will be in Malaysian cinemas by 2nd June 2011.

Movie Rating : 9/10

P/S : Thanks to Yes World for the premiere tickets on 31st May.

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May 31, 2011

Chinese Muslim Cuisine

In a country as diversified as Malaysia, it is not unusual to bump into someone who has the same skin color as you but might be of a different race and religion. So when the word Chinese and Muslim is brought together in the same sentence, it is not unusual either.

HOMST Restaurant is a Chinese Muslim Restaurant. The owner, Mr. Yusuf, is shy with the camera but he is very soft spoken and nice. I love that the restaurant is bright because then I'll be able to see everything on my plate. I don't mean that romantic lights are bad but I prefer this type of food outlet instead of an outlet that make me have to pick at my food one by one for fear if there's a bug hiding somewhere (yeah, I was always unlucky like that). The restaurant is also spacious and clean, which gives me a peace of mind all throughout my eating time.

There are a variety of food sold here, from fried stuffs - rice and mee - to a more specific dish that consists of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and others. Since I was at this restaurant to celebrate my aunt's and uncle's 19 years wedding anniversary, we chose to to have plain white rice for 5 people with 7 dishes.

Black Pepper Chicken

Sweet & Sour Lala

The Black Pepper Chicken is yummylicious. They serve you boneless chicken fried until it is crispy and mixed with black pepper sauce that is not too hot but enough to give you the "kick". Then we chose the Sweet & Sour Lala which gave us the exact taste - sweet and a little sour tangy taste. You can eat the Lala just like that too. I did exactly that and pretty much cleaned up the whole plate! LOL!

Bawal Putih Asam Deep Fried Fish

Buttered Prawns

Then there was the fish, which is one of the "important" food for my aunt. She can't eat without fish. We ordered the Bawal Putih Asam Deep Fried Fish. It is first deep fried so that there is no fishy smell and then cooked again with Asam, Lady Fingers and Tomatoes. However, you can still taste the sweet Bawal Putih even though it's been cooked twice. Oh, and the Butter Prawns is AMAZING! The fried egg floss is just so delish! I don't even eat the prawns at first - even though the prawns are big and fat! I was eating the floss bit by bit, savouring each taste.. Make me drool just thinking about it right now. Yums!

Kailan Oyster Sauce

Asparagus Belacan

Bean Sprouts Oyster Sauce

We had three types of vegetables. I usually need vegetable in my plate so having three types is no problem for me. The first one is Kailan Oyster Sauce. The Kailan is cooked with Oyster Sauce and topped off with some fried shallots. The second one is Asparagus Belacan. Asparagus is my favourite type of vege so I don't really care if it's fried with belacan or cooked with oyster sauce or anything else. Lastly is Bean Sprouts cooked with Oyster Sauce and topped with fried shallots too. We love that the Bean Sprouts are still crunchy and juicy!

Ribena Special

I had the Ribena Special drink - Ribena Ice Blended with Lychee, Nata de Coco and two cubes of watermelon. This is the first time I tried this and I liked it. I didn't get the chance to snap the others' drinks though. The minute their order arrived, they sipped their drinks like crazy. LOL! All I know is that there were two coconuts, one cold Lychee juice and one Sirap Bandung on the table.

Two sides of the interior

If you would like to try some Chinese Muslim cuisine, head down to HOMST Restaurant. They have four outlets which are in Kajang, Shah Alam, Kota Damansara and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (HQ). You'll go home full and satisfied with the price. Our total pocket damage was only RM187.00!

HOMST Restaurant Kajang
No. 47G & 48G, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A,
Seksyen 1, Taman Prima Saujana,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel : 03-87340760

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May 27, 2011

Mesmerizing Magical Musicals

Ahhh musicals. I just love them. I've been in love with musicals since I was very young. I love to move to the beat of Grease - how can we not dance to "You're The One That I Want" or feel Sandy's heartpain when she sings "Hopelessly Devoted" or get caught up in all the "Summer Nights"? But that's not the only musical that I love. I also love Fame, Footloose, Moulin Rouge, Mamma Mia, Westside Story and so many more! So, when Magical Musicals (consists of 30 medley songs from these musicals and others too) is said to be coming to Malaysia soon, I am just so full of excitement!

I read that there's a mixture of West End talents as well as local talents in this musical show that will be held at Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheatre from 10th June - 17th July. The ticket prices range is from RM300 (VIP), RM250, RM200 and RM100. For musical lovers such as myself, this will be such a treat!

Oh, oh.. But that's not all you guys..

If you've got the moves in those shoes, you should strut your stuff and show how you groove at the most awesome musical flash mob in Malaysia! You can bring your friends and families - no matter if they like to dance or not - to be a part of this historical event. But first, you gotta register here and come dressed up as a character from the musicals involved. Why? So that you can redeem a mystery gift worth RM250 with your registration receipt on the flash mob day! Isn't that fabulous? Have a great time and win something too?

Musicals involved : Moulin Rouge, Mamma Mia, Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and Glee.

The flash mob will be held at 1pm on Saturday, 28th May 2011 at the Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance. If you like to dance (or know someone who does), come and join in on the fun. Get foot loose everybody! 

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May 25, 2011

Shopping is a breeze

I love shopping. Well, what girl doesn't right? But sometimes I just don't have the time to walk in to shopping malls, browse through every piece of clothing or handbag or jewelries like I would love to. Or even if I do have the time, I might just miss that one gorgeous dress or the to-die-for handbag just because there are too many things on display. So, most of the time lately, I opted for online shopping. In addition to me being online almost 15 hours a day for work, online shopping is also much more convenient!

Now this is where HiShop comes in to play. This is definitely one of the important URL I bookmark on my lappie.

Since the day I signed up, there have been some sales going on and one of them are home furnishings (among others) which my mom quickly told me to purchase. Oh yes, my mom is crazy about home furnishings and when she saw the tag price, she was just too happy to force me to "buy".

Does that video remind you of someone? It surely reminded me of myself before this. But after being a part HiShop and it's awesome online club, I am enjoying shopping more because it's so easy peasy and has it's benefits too. Not only members get exclusive access to the private sales that goes up to as high as 80%, we can all be rest assured that the stuffs sold here are all 100% authentic branded goods. Isn't that awesome? You get to purchase authentic branded items just by the click of a mouse and the payment method is also so easy - including Maybank2u, other online bank transfers and credit cards too.

I have joined HiShop and am waiting for the right moment to grab that dress (*check bank account balance*) - especially since sales only lasts about 3-5 days! So, what are you waiting for?

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May 24, 2011

Our Johnny

Johnny (and Dad's legs)

A few weeks ago, on 20th April, our Indian neighbour's mother passed away. So, for the next three days, families and friends gathered at that neighbour's house and there were many people (whom we do not know) came and went from our area. In between the crazy three days, a young dog came to our house. The whole family came home one evening from dinner and this dog was sitting in front of our gate. We wondered who it belonged to, we were asking around but nobody knew where he came from. 

He had a collar on so we assume he belonged to someone. Our Chinese and Indian neighbours did not want to care for him. There were days when it was pouring heavily but he had no place for shelter so we decided to let him in our house compound. He is especially friendly with Dad, always wagging his tail when Dad returns home and sitting near Dad's legs when he's doing some gardening at the front yard. I supposed it's coz Dad was the first person who gave him food on that night he came to us. In the event that he was with us, we named him Johnny.

Then one day, an Indian family came and took him away. They said they're his owner, staying closer to the front area of the Taman and we believed them. They were surprised that of all the people in the Taman, this dog came to us and they're more surprised that we actually cared for him because they thought we Muslims hate dogs. I don't know where they got that idea but Muslims DO NOT hate dogs. Why do these people have to generalize things anyway?

So few weeks has passed and we thought Johnny was fine until last Friday when he suddenly appeared in front of our gate again. This time though, he had no collar on and his body was filled with ticks and fleas. He was scratching everywhere on his body and he looked hungry. He drank the whole bowl of water we prepared for him and when we bought food for him (Pedigree brand), he finished the whole bowl in a few minutes too. He was in a rather sad state and we were shocked. How can this happen?

I think he had been beaten too because whenever he see a wooden stick, he would scurry to a corner and make whiny sounds. We feel so sad for him.

 Collar gone and small wound marks around his neck

Our Indian neighbour (whose mother passed away a month ago) refused to keep Johnny because he said he already have two dogs and his dogs were trained to be very fierce whereas Johnny is a very friendly dog. He only offered to help give Johnny baths and help medicating the tick and flea problems. Our Chinese neighbours said they already have enough dogs to care for. One particular Chinese neighbour was so angry that Johnny peed near her bushes that she told us to throw Johnny in the river. I was like - are you for real??

Can't stop wagging his tail and always want to play

So now we're caring for him. Dad's contemplating either he should build a small wooden shed for Johnny in front of our house compound or bring him to our other house since the neighbours here are so hostile towards him. I don't know why they're so angry with him. It's not his fault he's here. It's his stupid owner's fault! The only problem with the second idea is that our neighbours at the other house are mainly conservative Malays. Also, my parents and maid only go to that house in the day to tend to our 30+ cats and they don't sleep there. Ahhh dilemma.

I wonder, does any of you here want a dog as pet? We call him Johnny and he's very friendly. He don't even bark. He doesn't know how to do tricks yet but I'm sure he is a fast learner because only a few days and he already understood when we gesture for him to go out of the house compound or when we call him to stay inside. He is a little scared of thunder and lightning so I think he will be more than happy to snuggle next to you when it rains and keep you warm at the same time.

What do you guys think?

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May 22, 2011

Landslide at orphanage

When I first saw the tweets on my Twitter time line about the landslide at Rumah Anak Yatim Hidayah in Hulu Langat, I was so shocked. Firstly because I was at home (Kajang) at the time and the weather was so hot whereas on the news it said that there was heavy rain at the location - which is not so far from my house anyway. I tried what I can with the tweets, hoping that the works can be done faster if they get the sufficient help.

A few hours later however, Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Selangor) tweeted this :

When my parents came home from the other house, I departed the news about what happened. My Dad said he heard the news on the radio but my Mom was more shocked than me when she heard the news because she had been to the place many times before. She knew those people and one of the orphan there was adopted by her - sort of like a Godmother program where you help them with their needs like clothes, school stuffs, etc.

No wonder I thought the name of the place was familiar.

 Photos courtesy Berita Harian Online

Mom started crying when she saw the photos of the destructive place. Her contact, an ustazah there informed that her adopted son is fine but the boy's best friend passed away. Two of the people she was close with also passed away. The ustazah told us not to come today because it was still raining albeit only drizzling but with the number of crowd there, she thought it would be unwise. She told us to come tomorrow instead. Maybe we can help them with some essential items - such as blankets. food, extra clothes, etc.

To my dear Muslim friends, let us all recite the Al-Fatihah for the deceased and pray that their souls rest in peace and be placed amongst the blessed alongside Allah s.w.t. 
For those who are safe, let us also help them in any way possible so that we can at least help lighten their burden and the loss of close friends or families.


P/S : Name list of victims here.

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May 21, 2011

Movie Review - Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides

Went to check out this movie last Monday night. One minute I was sleeping with my hands on the table and my head on my hands, the next, my phone vibrated and I saw a message saying I won two tickets to the premiere of POTC 4 courtesy of MIX.FM. Free movie, what else should I do? So, I asked my Dad out on a date with me but he declined and then I asked my brother. We were planning to go watch POTC 4 in the weekend with my other brother and BBunz but I thought it's best if we check out the premiere first and if it's worth it, we can go see the movie for the second time in the weekend with the others.

By 8pm I arrived at MidValley with my brother. I saw some familiar faces but they're there courtesy of Nuffnang. I didn't enter the contest under Nuffnang but still lucky that I won two tickets. Phones and cameras are not allowed to be brought inside the cinema and while inside the cinema, there was some quizzes where  the winners get POTC 4 merchandises. I didn't answer any question because I didn't know anything about Mix.FM or their radio shows. LOL! I'm more of a Hitz.FM and Fly FM listener. (Oops, don't tell them that!)

So, Captain Jack Sparrow is back. What do I think about this latest instalment?

In all honesty, I had hoped for something better. I was yawning twice throughout the movie - something that happens very very seldom - which I never do if a movie captures my attention. I know there's Captain Jack Sparrow and inasmuch as I love Johnny Depp to bits, I can't help but wish there's Elizabeth and Will. Heck, I even wished these two loonies (photo below) would be in this latest POTC just to spice things up a little.

Mackenzie Crook (Ragetti) & Lee Arenberg (Pintel)

I prefer Ragetti and Pintel's sarcastic jibes and humor in comparison to Jack Sparrow's very fake and trying-too-hard-at-humor in this latest one. I also did not find the so-called relationship (or past relationship) between Jack and Angelica (Penelope Cruz) any convincing. I think focusing on the mermaids too much is also a waste of time, not to mention letting "love" come in the way between one specific mermaid and the missionary Philip Swift (Sam Claflin) is so pretentious.

Philip kept repeating the word, "Such beauty.." whenever he looks at the mermaid Syrena's (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) face. I mean, come on, if you're really a man of faith and your eyes has been opened with the experiences and the real world, then the last thing you should be so captivated with is the beauty of a woman (even if half of her is a fish). If a man of faith like that can be so blinded by beauty, how can we normal women feel secure with these men around us? *gasp*

Then there's Blackbeard (Ian McShane) and Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). Blackbeard was so unmemorable that I actually wished Davy Jones would pop-out onto the screen and save the day. Maybe he'd bring his other new pet Kraken and eat Blackbeard or something! I don't know, I just wished something exciting or surprising would come up and save everyone from boredom. At first I was happy to see Barbossa because he has always been Sparrow's frenemy but suddenly the exchange between him and Sparrow is just stale. All the explosive dialogues from the first three parts of this movie is gone. How sad...

But not all is in vain...

The music score is still fabulous. I also think the cinematography is just as good as the past three movies. Rob Marshall has the magical touch and that never wanes. I mean, look the photo up there where Jack's pushing the boat, don't you think those sands and waters are just beautiful? Don't you just feel like going to that tiny white sandy island?

I think if you LOVED the last three instalments and expect the world with this latest one, you'll be disappointed. But if you just miss Johnny Depp and want to see him in action, then you surely must not miss this movie!

Movie Rating : 6/10

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