July 30, 2010

Little baby boy is sick..

It looks like our little "brother" has fallen sick. We don't know what happened but he had been quiet since yesterday and lost his appetite. He also did not poo solid. We fear that there's something wrong with the food he ate or maybe he picked up something from the floor like the last time and fell sick because of it. This boy is a very cheeky one who just can't sit still. He loves to explore and taste everything he can get his paws into. We had to bring him to the vet and hopefully he'll get better soon.

We are so worried.

The last time he picked up something from the floor, he got into really bad spasms and vomiting. The vet suspected he licked or ate something that's aerosol poisoned. So be careful when you try to get that mosquitoes away by spraying that aerosol and risk having your little friend accidentally lick where you sprayed.

But this one is a tough boy.

Looking sad

But he still loves the camera!

July 28, 2010

No movie so we Eat, Eat, Eat!

First and foremostly if I said that I have lived in KL for the past 20 years and I have never been into TGI Friday's, would you laugh at me? Well yes, honestly, I have never been into TGI Fridays before. Not that I don't want to, but I'm the type of person who is more comfortable going somewhere that I've been at and I would return to that place again (or outlets) when I go out. I find security in that sense. Yes, boring I know. But that's just me.

Anyway, last Sunday, once again B-bunz and I was supposed to go watch Inception and once again we did not get the tickets. I was trying to purchase online the day before at GSC Cinemas but all the good seats for the shows between 12pm to 6pm is already taken. And my goodness, all GSC Cinemas too! I was willing to go to Pavillion if I could get a good ticket but it was all sold out! I'm beginning to wonder what is it that's so HOT about this Inception movie. 

Then, I tried purchasing tickets through TGV but you can only purchase tickets using M-Mobile credits or something which I do not know what is the heads or tails of it and another payment option is by credit card, which I don't have. So I just prayed that God would help me the next day when we go straight to One Utama in the morning and since B-bunz said we should leave early because he need to meet someone, I thought the plan couldn't be better.

Until of course, the next day, when B-bunz is not awake.

I have arrived at his home and pushing him off the bed and dousing him with cold water (I wish I had though. LOL!) but still he was not awake. Finally, he ask me to sleep next to him. LOL! This B-bunz is a one lazy bum. So, our plan to go out at 10.30am turned into us leaving the house at 2pm. *Sigh* The thing I go through for this man..

As you might guess, by the time we arrived at One Utama, there were no tickets left. TGV's tickets for 4pm was sold out. The next ticket is at 6.30pm which I can't take because I have to be home by 7.30pm. Then we went to GSC and the queue was so long I felt tired just looking at it. So B-bunz got his cheeky smile out, gave me his Puss In Boots eyes, envelope me in his arms and told me he'll buy me lunch. Fine. How can I get angry at those eyes? *Double sigh* Why is it so easy for me to melt when I'm with this man? Hmm..

We were supposed to go to Johnny's Restaurant for Steamboat because I love Johnny's but on our way there, I saw TGI Friday's and asked B-bunz if he ever tried the food there. So one thing led to another, I found myself in TGI Friday's with B-bunz pondering over the menu. LOL! Everything looked so tempting I don't know which one to pick. But then we decided with these :

  1. Southwest Shrimp Martini
  2. BBQ Chicken Salad (for B-bunz)
  3. New York Strip with Mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and cheese, french fries, medium done (obviously by the long and very specific name, it has to be mine. LOL!)
  4. Drinks : Strawberry Surprise & Ice Lemon Tea
New York Strip

Strawberry Surprise, BBQ Chicken Salad, Shrimp Martini

OK, actually I wasn't entirely famished at the time but I ate like I haven't eaten in 10 days - how embarrassing. The Shrimp Martini was delicious and when our main dish arrived, the waiter gave me the salad and placed my order at B-bunz's side. LOL! Maybe girls like to order salads so they thought I'm just like all the others. And what surprised me most was, I actually finished the whole plate. I'm not usually a big eater, I can hardly stomach a set of McDonald's Value Meal but I really stuffed all the steak down that day. And then some of B-bunz's chicken too. LOL! B-bunz said he wants me to put on weight a bit so if I start having a flabby tummy, you may blame him. LOL!!

I was thinking, one of these days, if we have some extras to spare, maybe I'd like to try Chilli's too. Yes, I have not tried that one either. But fret not, I will not behave like a kiasu Ah Lian OK? I'll probably just eat like one. LOL!

July 24, 2010

Playing the Piano | River Flows In You

I first found this piano piece when the hype on the movie Twilight first started. I read somewhere that this was supposed to be Bella's Lullaby which later was changed to a new composed song by Carter Burwell. So I went scouting all over the net for this song until I found the right one and downloaded the .pdf file. I was so happy, I started practicing this song on my Piano.

It is titled "River Flows In You" by Yiruma. He's Korean by the way.

Actually, at first I wanted to play the song for B-bunz coz I thought the melody was just pretty so I practiced like a maniac. And then, something happen between us and I went into a crazy up and down battle. My feelings was everywhere and when something like that happen, I cannot focus much on my music. My fingers just don't sync. However, recently I've managed to collect myself and find my way back to the black and white keys and so here is the result. My version of "River Flows In You".

You may download this piano sheet here. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I did.

July 23, 2010

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr MARRIED!

*GASP* My Legolas is married. *faint*

Yup, looks like it's official.

The pair got married in a secret and intimate ceremony and we only find out about it when Miranda cancelled an appearance at David Jones (an Australian department store) and explained that the time is to be used for a secret ceremony and honeymoon.

Kerr, 27 and Bloom, 33 have been dating for three years before getting engaged and announcing it last month. Orlando is starring in the Three Musketeers remake that will be out soon but let's say you have been living in a cave all this while, he has also starred in many blockbusters such as Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy. Now if you don't know who Miranda is, she is one of the Top 10 highest paid model in the world! Oh, and yes, she's one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Hey, with a body like this, of course she's an angel.

Damn. I want that body too. Like I said, I'm giving myself 3 months tops to get this kinda body. Now it's 2 months and counting...

What is it with this Old Spice?

I was first introduced to this man with the awesome body (*tingle all over*) a few days ago by my friend, Zety through Twitter. I thought he was hilarious. Not that he said anything funny, it's just that with his voice, his physique and the Old Spice hovering around, it felt like a somewhat weird combination. Have you guys ever watched the Old Spice advert? Let me share it here with you.

I know we don't have Old Spice here in Malaysia but this Old Spice has turned into some kind of a viral overnight fame from what I read. It all started from the one who portrays the man every woman dreams of, Isaiah Mustafa. I have no problem with him, of course. But I don't think I would buy Old Spice for my man any time soon. Why? The name itself is already a turn off. Do I want my man to smell like an old man who had too much spicy food for dinner? LOL! Can he be spicy even when he's old? 

I think I've had enough Spice in my lifetime. There were five - Posh Spice, Baby Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice and not to forget, Crazy Spice. LOL!!

Then, I read today on Yahoo! TV that despite the example of a perfect male body portrayed by Isaiah, the Old Spice sales are not making so well. Like I said, maybe the women are wondering should they get it for their men and risk having them turn into a spicy yet old man - thus an older sex life? LOL! Hey, we women think a lot OK? And the men, do you think men would like to buy anything that suggests they're OLD? If they name the product Hot & Spicy, maybe it'll be a better hit with the guys. Hey, names plays a big part in an everyday life, you know. 

What? Do you think Tom Cruise would get laid as much as he did now if he uses his real name - Thomas Cruise Mapother IV?

Still, I enjoyed the video clips. Hope you guys will too. 

July 21, 2010

My Animal Friends..

In my lifetime I have come across many animals. Some are the big ones that are wild, some cute ones that you just feel like squeezing tight to your chest, some that can fly up in the sky, some that are slimy and make me shiver and some that I hope I will not come across in my lifetime like those weird Amazon animals that can probably swallow me whole in less than a minute.

Still, it never cease to amuse me when I come across the same animals that I've seen before. I have a soft spot for animals no matter if they're a big cougar or a small kitty. 

But firstly, I would like to write about this moth. 

Mr. Moth

I know moths are closely related to the butterflies, both being of the order Lepidoptera. The only difference is that butterflies are pretty, usually colorful and the wings are patterned whereas moths are just plain and simple. Although, I am not very sure what sort of moth this one is, this fella had been sitting on my bedroom door for hours. I wonder though, when the elders (orang tua-tua) used to say that when butterflies (or in this case, the relatives) comes into your house, then it means somebody you haven't met for a long time is going to drop by your house. And then those elders also said that if your eyelid is always tingling, then it also means you will be seeing someone you haven't met for a long time. Is this true? Two days ago, at the same time this moth is stuck to my door, my left eyelid can't stop tingling. It went on for two days.

One more thing about moths that I just found out is, they're not scared of people. I can touch the wings and Mr. Moth still stay at the same spot, not moving an inch. And then, yesterday morning when I was about to shower, I notice Mr. Moth is already sitting on my bathroom wall and he still didn't move even though the water from the shower head sprinkled at his direction. Normal butterflies would've flown away in a jiffy but not moths. Oh, wait, I hope this is not a fake moth sent by someone to take naked photos of me in the shower. LOL! 

And then, these kitties, they just complete my day yesterday.

After coming home to a really tiring and work-filled day, I had forgotten completely about Mr. Moth spying on me in the shower that morning. I was about to go to my room and lie flat on my bed when I decided to visit these three little kitties. They're just so adorable. They climb on me, giving me that look with the big eyes and all my weariness went away. There's just something about little living things right? Be it kittens or puppies or bunnies or babies. Sigh.. I wish I was a 5 year-old again. At least I won't be blogging about how sad and boring my life is of late.

More Italian Food! | Italiannies The Gardens

Like I said in my last post, I am not much of an Italian food enthusiast. But B-bunz, he really love Italian food and so, last weekend, I followed his stomach (things you'd do for those you say you love - LOL!) to Italiannies. As usual, we left late for lunch because B-bunz is not a morning person. It is really tough to get him up early in the morning. And one more thing that makes me want to slap his bum is when he changes the plan we made the night before on the morning itself just so that he can catch another wink or two. Again, things you tolerate for those you say you love...

Anyways, we went to The Gardens, planning to go see the movie Inception as well. But since we arrived at 2pm, the GSC Premier tickets for Inception are already sold out and only tickets after 8pm is available. *sob* This is what happens when you did not purchase tickets online. So people, DO NOT imagine you can get good tickets by queuing up on the weekends. If you arrive by 10am when they open the counter, then maybe you're safe. But after 11am, good luck. So, use your phone and reserve those tickets if you really want to watch something or better yet, just purchase them online!

So, B-bunz thought he'd leave it to our "good luck" later by checking out tickets at GSC MidValley after our lunch (I know that won't happen but I was just happy being out with him that day so I didn't complain much) and we went into Italiannies instead. 

It was so busy in there at that time of day. Nobody came to help us to our seats so B-bunz brought me all the way to the end corner near the window. He got a little pissed that nobody came to clear the table for us, yup, it was THAT busy. However, after a while, somebody came and cleared the table and we ordered our food. I remember I chatted online with someone the night before, who informed me he worked in Italiannies The Gardens. However, we did not exchange phone numbers or anything and I totally forgot his name - I am awful with names - so I was not able to say hello. LOL! Due to my handicap and also forgetting to keep the receipt, I've also forgotten the names of the food we ordered. So, I'll just put up the photos instead. LOL!

Not mine.


As usual, while you wait, they serve the complimentary bread with Olive Oil and, hmm, I actually forgot to ask what's that blackish thingy they put in the Olive Oil. Anybody knows? Then came our clams which is absolutely yummy. After that, our drinks and then both our food arrived. I ordered this chicken with spaghetti and tomato sauce and B-bunz ordered the salmon fettucini. And we sat near the window so that I am faced directly towards the TM Tower. If only it were night, I'm sure it would've seemed more romantic.

However, 2 hours later, romance was the furthest thing on my mind. I was super full - I am not a very big eater so, we ended up packing half of B-bunz's fettucini while he helps himself to half of my second chicken and spaghetti. *burp* I was disappointed though that I wasn't able to catch the movie Inception with B-bunz that day. I SO want to go see it! This weekend perhaps?

July 13, 2010

Our Italian Lunch at Trattoria Cucina Italiana Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday was the first time I went to this restaurant. Heard that the food was amazing. So, thought of trying out what's so amazing about it. I'm actually not much of an Italian food enthusiast compared to Japanese food. But B-bunz, he's one mafia bad-ass (LOL!) and he loves Italian food. Which is why, after reading some reviews on local food blogs and websites on this restaurant, I suggested to B-bunz if he would like to try. We went there for lunch.

Amazing. The road was super duper clear. LOL!

This restaurant is located at Jalan P. Ramlee, opposite Modesto's and Aloha, nearby The Beach Club. So you can imagine how this road is at night right? But amazingly, at 2pm it was empty. Quite deserted. We could actually lie down on the road for 5 minutes and no car will come hit us. LOL! If only it was like this every day.

We sat outside, in the smoking area because as you might guess, B-bunz smokes. We were first served complimentary slices of bread with olive oil and salsa sauce. I liked it, they tastes good. The waitress was very friendly and she seemed to know what we need although we were sitting outside the glass window. Why did I say that? Well, at one point B-bunz was complaining that there's a hole in his straw as he took a sip of his Strawberry juice (RM 16) and so I got up to walk in and ask for an extra straw when the waitress was already holding a straw and passed it to me halfway. As if she can read our lips. LOL!

I totally love my food. I  had the ravioli with stuffed spinach and salsa sauce or something - "Ravioli di ricotta espinaci in salsa" (RM 34). B-bunz had a beef pasta something-something - "Penne cacio e pepe" (RM 32). Mine was delicious and sweet. B-bunz was not feeling so good that day though, he had a stomach discomfort so he wasn't able to enjoy the food as much as I did. Pity my bad-ass mafia boy. 

This is mine. Mine. All mine!!

B-bunz had this.

It took me quite a while to finish my ravioli. I'm not a very fast eater and I can't eat so much. But when it costs RM 34 for a plate, of course I'm going to finish it! LOL! But it's delicious so I'm not complaining. Then there's the dessert. I was hoping B-bunz could help me out with the dessert but he was still not feeling very well so he just ordered a hot Caffe Latte (RM 9) and I had to finish the dessert myself. It was a chocolate cake with 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream - "Fondente al cioccalato" (RM 26).

Ooooh mamma mia!

The chocolate cake was so rich, I was about to faint. I cannot finish the whole thing at all. I enjoyed the vanilla ice-cream but the cake made me shiver. I'm not much of a chocolate fan. B-bunz enjoys chocolate more than me. I'm a vanilla girl. But since B-bunz was afraid his stomach might get more upset, he didn't even take a bite of the cake. I had to mix the strawberry with the cake so that it doesn't taste so strong. However, I only managed to finish half. Oooh wow, chocolate that rich leaves me all tingly. I'm sure I gained 5 pounds just from that. LOL!

By the end of it, I was full - like I said, I'm not the type that eat much. Luckily I didn't go crazy and ordered a T-bone steak or pizza or something. The total of our lunch that day which includes Gov. Tax and Service Charge is RM 144.90. So, would I come here again? Maybe I would but not anytime soon. I like the food but the portion is a little less than the average Italian restaurant. It would probably be fun to come in big groups, order a variety of food and share together like one big happy mafia family. LOL!

I think I should start playing my Mafia Wars game again now.

E-G-1, Ground Floor,
East Wing, Bangunan Rohas Perkasa,
No. 8, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-21632368

July 09, 2010

My Usher Concert at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

OK, yes, so I went to Usher concert the other day - on 7th July 2010 to be exact.

So how was it?

First and foremostly, we arrived around 8.40pm. It was all a last minute thing actually. I got an offer on the tickets last minute. It was the RM438 (Yellow Zone) tickets. I was already a little pissed off that I didn't get to go to the meet and greet the day before because a girl who was supposed to give me the meet and greet tickets was offered big bucks by someone else and failed to inform me she have sold them. So, there I was waiting for the tickets, trying to contact her and she just vanished. I was angry  because I was offered by another person as well and I didn't accept that because I thought I would rather help her with a few bucks instead but then she went AWOL at the height of it all and I finally didn't get any. Seriously, if you want to sell something, be professional please! In between all that, I found out that a horde of fans were lucky to bump into him at Pavillion KL where he went shopping.

Usher shopping at Pavillion.
Photo from Twitter.

So, when I was offered the Yellow Zone tickets, they're a little too hard to pass up. I mean, it's right in front of the stage! Although, I do wish I got the VIP seats instead.

We went to buy some food before entering the stadium first because I was fasting that day and we were starving. So, the queuing to buy food took up almost half hour which meant we didn't get to see the opening act. I don't know who the opening act was but was later told that it was Sheila Majid and Mizs Nina - correct me if I'm wrong on this.

By the time we got our food and everything, we heard loud screams coming from inside the stadium. I thought Usher was already there but apparently (again informed by a friend) that it was just a van that came into the stadium. LOL! Seriously, these people scream for almost anything. By the time we went into the stadium, Usher was still not out yet and it was already 9.30pm. So, we ate first and then only he appeared - when I was about to finish my hot dog. 

Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I don't know about Usher's die-hard fans, but I felt a little cheated. Throughout this whole year, Usher's concert is the only concert selling really high-priced tickets. But the concert only lasted less than 2 hours. And in every song, he would just sing parts and pieces and let the fans do the rest. I do pity him actually. Even from the first song, he looked like he just stepped out of the shower. Don't they have cooling fans on stage or something? I mean, he can't be singing, dancing and jumping around without any sort of air directed to cool him a bit right? Isn't that like an essential thing for performers on stage? Coz it's hot up there what with the spotlight being directed on him, if there's no air he'd probably faint. I don't think the weather was too hot that night, plus it rained the whole day. So I assume due to the maximum sweating, he was not able to perform so well? OK, blame it on the weather.

And do you know that Usher is now single? In case you don't know, he said it a few times on stage. And he commented that "marriage is not his thing because he's tried it and it didn't turn out so well for him" on a banner made by a fan read, "Will you marry me?"

Oh, and the RELA people are so freaking annoying! They confiscated all cameras. I mean seriously, who does not bring cameras to concert right? Recording devices are all confiscated - but smartphones that are also able to record just as well as a recording camera were not confiscated. So those lucky ones with smartphones were able to record until the end. Isn't that like so unfair? I mean seriously, if concert organizers want to be such an ass, why not be a REAL ass and confiscate everything? Or maybe the RELA people can't differentiate smartphones with those normal phones. So sad they're not so smart. *piss off mode*

But then again, I still get to record the audio of the whole concert. HAHA! See, not so smart are you people?
(Audio will be put up in a separate blog post).

The concert finished at 10.45pm. Usher finished it with his latest song "Oh My Gosh" and there was no encore whatsoever. I've enjoyed his old songs more than the latest ones so those are the only one I scream loudly for and judging from the screaming level of the fans, I think the songs that the crowd could relate to the most was "Yeah!" and "Burn". And the histerics level increase a notch whenever he does all those sexual movements. LOL! I bet those two girls who got his soaking wet face towel must have already frame it up by now. LOL!!

So, my opinion on this one - it could've been better. I have been to many very good concerts where the artist have a very high level of energy and are very good entertainers as well. Luckily I didn't pay RM438 per ticket for this one (the cost remains a secret but maybe I should just fast for another week to recover).

July 08, 2010

So? I Don't Care...

I have no idea why but suddenly the brain just went into overdrive. I have been a good girl for a while now. I had been quite cynical and sarcastic at a point of my life when things had become too much for me to handle. But then, a person came and told me he will bring out the best in me back to the surface. I trusted him. I did. I had faith in every word. But I think sometimes you can't just rely on faith. There's always telltale signs somewhere and the phrase "still water runs deep" can bring a whole lot of meaning. 

Now, I do not know anymore. There are so many sarcastic words swirling in my mind. Words I had wanted to just say to the face who deserved it. But I can't, you see. I don't swear. It's so not me. And men who swears are equal to wild boars munching on their own shit. OK, that's not a very pretty mental picture.

Well, since I can't swear the anger out of me and I can't find a secluded mountain top to scream my lungs out, the only thing I can do is probably rejoice in my ability to find words rushing out of my mouth when I'm highly emotional. Today though, I am not in the mood for poems. So I want to try something else. Something I had been seeing quite regularly on my Twitter. 


There are many fantastic quotes made by many fantastic people (I even retweeted Lady Gaga's quotes ok? They're funny and at the same time completely true). So now I want to make my own quotes. And see if someone would give credit to me if they ever Tweet them. LOL!

Quote 1 :  
a man who is constantly surrounded by women is Hugh Hefner. 
a man who is constantly feared by women is a pimp. 
a man who is constantly in need of women is a dickhead.

Quote 2 : 
when a man choose not to appreciate what you did for him, he's an ass. 
when a man choose to claim what you did for him as his own, he's a scum. 
when a man acts convincingly as if it's all true, he's the ass of a scum.

Quote 3 : 
live with a slob, you become a housekeeper. 
live with a workaholic, you become an independent woman. 
live with a cheater, you become Lorena Bobbit.

I don't mean to sound bitter or like a feminist but hey, like I said, I'm emotional right now, so I don't care. If  you don't like it then don't read it or could it possibly be that you're one of these type of men? Or all of the types combined? LOL!!

Yes, alright, I better go do something to cool my temperature down, like, drink ice-cold water or something. I have a better and sweeter blog post coming up soon! Yeay!

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