June 10, 2011

    The vote is in!

    Have you done your part and vote? Oh, don't worry the election is not here yet. I'm not talking about voting for your favourite political party but I'm talking about voting for your favourite M&M's coz you wouldn't want to miss winning M&M's prizes of your choice worth up to USD1000 right? Well, I'm a certified contest junkie so I enter any and every contest I can find. This one is no exception.

    Last Sunday, after my family and I got out from the Pet World Malaysia 2011 exhibition, we went to Jusco to get some goat milk and we came across these colorful giant choc poppers near the LG entrance. There was altogether five of them, happily hopping around near the M&M's booth. My family and I was most attracted to the yellow one, coz he's just so cute holding his sign upside down. LOL! And so I did my part in voting for my favourite M&M's character - I think you can guess which one I voted for right? You can vote too, right here.

    I feel for the people wearing these costumes. It is not an easy job, especially when dealing with kids. They can be unintentionally mean sometimes. LOL! Oh, I was also told that the mascots will be visiting local colleges and universities to garner votes. So don't forget to vote for your favourite guys!

    We also voted for the best restaurant to eat in and the others won. I voted for Tony Roma's but everyone else said they want Manhattan Fish Market so I had to eat fish instead of meat that day. What can I say right, you gotta learn to compromise, especially with those whom you love.

    But whatever it is though, it is fun to go out with your whole family once in a while, especially now that my brothers and I are all grown up. Try to spend as much time as you can with your family before it is too late.

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    June 08, 2011

    Happy Smurfs Day

    Yesterday, I woke up, drove away from home and found myself in a very foreign village. Everybody there was blue, including myself, which I thought was such a coincidence. But then more and more people came and everybody was excited with what's going on in the tiny little village. I couldn't help it but I was excited too. And then only I realized that I was also, *gasp*, Smurfed.

     Smurfs Village

    HEHE.. Aren't these Smurfs overflowing with cuteness? I used to grow up with Smurfs. I actually had a bed sheet of the Smurfs characters when I was younger. Wow, that seemed like eons ago. But now, they're back and they're here to spread their blue fever to the younger generation of today too!

    There were lots of activities during the "Happy Smurfs Day" celebration yesterday at IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara. We, the members of the media & special guests were given a "Smurftastic Surprise" with 20cm high Smurfs figurines scattered around the entrance and Ground Floor of IPC as well as given the chance to taste the special 3D fondant Smurf Cupcake. 


     Awww so cute!

    The "Happy Smurfs Day" is actually in celebration of the Global Smurfs Day which will be held on 25th June. The Global Smurfs Day is celebrated worldwide to remember the late Smurfs creator, Peyo (1928 - 1992) who celebrates his birthday on the same day.

     Clumsy, Smurfette & Papa Smurf

    Yesterday too, we were informed that there is a Smurf-o-Graphy Contest going on from 7th - 19th June where contestants are invited to submit their most creative photo with one or all three of the Smurfs costume characters (when they appear at IPC at selected times) above. All you gotta do is submit your photo with a slogan either via e-mail, post or you can check out Sony Pictures Facebook for more details. Below I include the costume character appearance schedule :
    6 - 10 June   : 3pm - 3.30pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
    11 - 12 June : 11.30am - 12pm, 1.30pm - 2pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
    13 - 17 June : 2.30pm - 3pm, 5.30pm - 6pm
    18 - 19 June : 11.30pm - 12pm, 1.30pm - 2pm, 6pm - 6.30pm
    However, if you're not interested in entering the contest, just wait for the movie to be released in the cinemas then! Here I include The Smurfs Movie Trailer for you guys!

    Have a Smurfing Week fellas!

    P/S : Thank you to Nuffnang for the invite. 

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    June 07, 2011

    May 2011 Top Commenter

    Another month have gone by and now it's time to crown the top commenter of last month - May 2011. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who had visited my blog and especially to those who tried hard to become the First Commenter or First Two Commenters at my blog posts. Your link will forever be under those posts. Hope to see more of you (and others too) in the months to come!

    Wahey, looks like this month we have a tie! And so, the blog badge of both these winners will be placed at my sidebar for the whole month of June 2011. The winners are none other than...

    Ladyjava and Shemah! Congratulations to them both. To the rest of my readers, if you would like to get free permanent backlink, do try to be the first commenter at my blog posts. Points will be given to the First Commenter or First Two Commenters and the person with the highest points will have their blog badge displayed free at my sidebar for one month. So come on and "chop" away!

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