May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day Malaysia!

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Have you ever had a teacher who inspired you in some way? Even if that person have not taught you in school, have you had someone who had taught you a lesson, be it Math, Science, Geography or life lessons that managed to change you and turn you into a better person? Have you ever been truly touched?

When I was 7, I studied in another country, not in Malaysia. I had a wonderful teacher. I forgot her name, I think it was Ms. Lee. She was very petite. About 4' 5". She always said in a few years time, her class is going to tower over her. Everybody calls her the "little teacher" but I think she's simply cute, just like my late grandma. I never think those who are short (or dwarfs) are weird. 

Anyways, despite her height, Ms. Lee was a very athletic lady. She likes to play netball with us. Yup, I played netball when I was 7 years old. But of course, we had to bring the net slightly lower compared to the normal pole. Ms. Lee taught us Mathematics and English. And because of her, I fell in love with English language more. I was one of the outstanding student in class because of my grades - although the kids were likely to reject me because I'm a Malaysian but since my grades are good, instead of shunning me out of their circle, the kids in my class would always include me in on everything. And since I play the piano and I was the only one in class who knows every note, symbols and chords in Music class, I became the "popular" girl. 

Ms. Lee always had something nice to tell me. She always had a wise advice or quote-of-the-day for me. She would do the same thing with the rest of the class but most of them would just brush it aside like it's a piece of junk but I drank it all in. I like spending the day after class with her. Teachers in that country would stay-back many many hours after school just to help their students. And if they find students who absorbs lessons easily, they would encourage you to go further more and more. Many times she advised my parents to send me to a gifted-student school. Sadly though, back then it costs quite a sum to put a child in a gifted-student school and my dad was the sole breadwinner and only a government servant.

Still, Ms. Lee's impact in my life was evident. I loved English more because of her. I loved going to the library everyday and immerse myself in books and words because I know I would be able to go to her the next day and tell her rushingly (the way kids do when they're excited) on all the magical things I read the day before. Sadly though, when their country's military sector accused our military sector had stolen some military intel, all Malaysian militaries and their immediate families have to evacuate the country. So, I had to leave. It was the saddest thing that had ever happened in my young life.

Of course there were other teachers or lecturers who had made an impact in my life too, although not as strong as what Ms. Lee had been that many years ago. She was very attentive to my actions and speech. She listens very carefully and understood me. She made me feel special. Just like how Mitch Albom found a teacher who had left an impact in his life in his book "Tuesdays With Morrie", I've found mine too.

The best time to shape a person is when they are still children and they still listen to you. The best time to teach a lesson is when they still trust you and are open to many possibilities. So to those who teaches the young, not necessarily teachers but also parents, older family members or adults who might impart skills or lessons to those younger than yourselves, remember this :

Children Learn As They Live.
A Child that lives with Ridicule, learns to be Timid.
A Child that lives with Criticism, learns to Condemn.
A Child that lives with Distrust, learns to be Deceitful.
A Child that lives with Antagonism, learns to be Hostile.
A Child that lives with Affection, learns to Love.
A Child that lives with Encouragement, learns Confidence.
A Child that lives with Truth, learns Justice.
A Child that lives with Sharing, learns to be Considerate.
A Child that lives with Knowledge, learns Wisdom.
A Child that lives with Patience, learns to be Tolerant.
A Child that lives with Happiness, will find Love and Beauty.



Bluecrystaldude said...

Belllaaaaa! Tuesday with Morrie is one of my favorite book of all time!! I still skipping through it from time to time. The best book ever! (I have been giving this book for my friends on their birthday. Everyone should read it!)

I have met few wonderful teachers myself. When I was in high school, I admired my physic teacher, in matriculation; my chemistry lecturer and when I am in university; an associate professor in school of chemical engineering USM. I am looking up at them because of different reasons all together;

Physic teacher in high school: her determination to teach
Chemistry lecturer: he saw the future in me in chemical engineering
Assoc. Prof: his just one heck of a cool lecturer!

Whatever the reason is, I will always remember them and how each of them touches my life :)

Happy Teacher's Day!

Bluecrystaldude said...

*Assoc. Prof: he's just one heck of a cool lecturer!

Razz Momma said...

sadly ive never had such figure in my life.. im just a little unlucky.. cool teachers are a lot but one who definitely left an impression - nada :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

I suppose those who had been in the company of a teacher who left an impression on their lives are lucky people because not everyone experiences it.. But then, it doesn't have to be a teacher to leave such impression on you.. As long as you live, everyday is a lesson and people around us can also leave those valuable impressions and memories.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Yes, yes! I love it too Haaziq! I was introduced to it when it first came out and I loved it immediately! Of all Mitch Albom's book, I love Tuesdays With Morrie! :)

You're lucky to have such experience Haaziq.. Not many have had an impact such as yours or mine throughout their school or studying life.. (For example, Razz Momma.. :-P) And yeah, we can never forget these figures and how they leave a great impact in our lives, right? :)

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