May 23, 2010

One Last Time

My gaze fixed in your direction when I think you're not looking,
My heart bursting with pride and love bubbling over the brim,
My eyes tracing every curve of your handsome beloved features,
My brain branded and seared with each and every memory of us.

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?
Can it be the other way around? Can we make amends?
Only time, ticking of the clock can bring us the proper outcome,
Until that time comes I have to make my treacherous heart numb,

It's not easy, it really isn't to go down this path,
It's harder still to be apart, fearing backlash in its aftermath,
Jealousy, envy, a bevy of juggernaut stampeding our way,
At our weakest point we faltered, I wished we never went astray.

But this is also a punishment for the mistakes we both made,
If only you felt this pain, it cuts through me like a blade,
The consequence to us both, a hefty price must be paid,
Is it worth to wait so long, after everything that has been said?

Does actions really speak louder than words, tell me my love?
The guilty conscience displaying, these misconceptions, my sweet dove,
I would've given you the world, I really would if I could,
You know that don't you love? Tell me you knew I did good.

Do you believe if we're meant for each other, one day we'll be together?
Do you believe in trying, in believing, in faith, in forgiveness altogether?
Do you believe what we had was real, what we had was true?
Would you accept my sincere repentance? In detail I shall construe.

Allow your heart to open up wide, trust in me, let me through,
Allow your mind to see, regard these efforts, value what's true.
Allow yourself again to believe in us, me and you, just us two.



Bluecrystaldude said...

Salam Bella,

You did this? Amaaazzing :)

Rizal said...

Salam Bella,

Apa-apa pun Rizal harap apa yang terluka, Bella akan sembuh.

Tapi seperti kata Haaziq, memang hebat karangan ni. Syabas : ) :-D

Razz Momma said...

oooo wow! i am i.m.p.r.e.s.s.e.d. (i know u hate me writing with period such as these, lol!)

this is a good piece.. but no matter what babydoll, don't question urself.. u didn't do just good, u did great.. anybody who's not blind knows that.. now u don't have to worry.. no more crying on skype. i'm coming to KL in few weeks time and we're gonna paint the town red!

Razz Momma said...

don't lose urself.. ure worth so much more.. no man (or woman for that matter) can bring down what ure worth..

we love u sweet! :*

LV said...


i love this sweetheart.. super!

LV said...

believe in urself.. he'll come back to u.. i know he wud coz ure an angel! :*

Bella Enveeus said...

Awww.. Me? Angel? O:-) *Acting sweet* :-P

Thank you sweetie..

Bella Enveeus said...

:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Bella Enveeus said...

Awwww Love you too darl~ :*

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHA! Never mind, you wanna use periods all the time you may do so.. I have no problem whatsoever.. :-P

Why must paint the town ah? You know I'm lazy mahhh.. Can't we just relax, by the pool of your hotel room and sip drinks ah? HAHA! But no clubbing honey. You know I don't club..

Bella Enveeus said...


Terima kasih.. Tak lah sehebat mana, sekadar melepaskan apa yang terbuku di hati.. Tapi kena cover2 la sikit.. Glad you liked it.. Insya'Allah hati ini akan baik kembali.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...


Yup, I did this.. ;) Thanks for liking it.. :)

Razz Momma said...

am so proud of u.. am happy uve found what ure looking for.. am happy uve realized what we hoped u would many many months ago.. *hugs* :*

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