October 29, 2010

If I have a lot of money...

I would want a sweet ride. However, I wouldn't get a Lamborghini or Ferrari. I'd rather get myself a Rolls Royce. Or maybe a vintage Jaguar Roadster.

 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Imagine me driving that on the highway, the wind in my hair, the weather's just right and everybody's stunned by my blue body paint. Either blue or shimmery gold with shimmery silver on the front and rims. Yeah, I love gold. It brings out the "goddess" in you. Please, indulge in my dream.

But then, if you've got real deep pockets, these are some cars that you should seriously look out for. Here are the Top 10 Expensive Cars in the World 2010.

  • Koenigsegg Trevita 2010 price is $2.21 Million
Koenigsegg is a Swedish brand. With only three cars produced, the name "Trevita" suits it very well because in Swedish it means "three whites". The three cars are fully equipped with Koenigsegg Shimmering Diamond Weave bodywork, double carbon wing, paddle-shift, inconell exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, hydraulic lifting system, infotainment system, tyre monitoring system, chrono instrument cluster and airbags. Trevita has new shimmering diamond carbon fiber finish. Under the hood Koenigsegg placed the same 1018bhp engine. Very special on this model is the exterior paint fully developed at Koenigsegg headquarters.

  •  Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport 2010 price is $2 Million
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is made of carbon fibre and it houses a longitudinal beam that shifts the car's load from the first pillar to the second pillar at the time of accidents. It is powered by a 8.0 L W16 engine with carbon fiber elements and two air intakes that allows cool air for the cooling of the engine and the front wheels. The final output power released by the engine is 987 bhp and 927 lb-ft torque. Maximum speed of the car is 407 km/h. The car features an open top that can be opened or closed within a few seconds and when it is in closed position, it provides a large luggage space. The suspension system consists of shock absorbers and it allows the car's height to be increased or lowered depending upon the road conditions. The alloy wheels are enclosed with specially designed tires and the wheels are equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels.

  • Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster 2010 price is $1.8 Million
Pagani is an Italian super car manufacturer. The new Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster is a very valuable commodity, limited to only 5 units priced at 1.3 million Euro each. Behind the driver’s head in the Pagani Cinque Roadster is a hand built twin turbocharged AMG V12 engine that makes 678 HP. That tremendous amount of power lets the rocket ship inspired vehicle to sprint to 60 MPH (96.56 km/h) from a standstill in just 3.4 seconds and hit 200 km/h in under ten seconds and it won’t stop until it reaches a top speed of 217 MPH (349.22 km/h).

  • Lamborghini Reventón Roadster 2010 price is $1.56 Million
Italian maker Lamborghini only introduces 20 units of this beauty. Roadster features a jet-inspired carbon fiber body complete with aggressive 18-inch wheels while under the hood Lamborghini place a 6.5 Liter V12 that makes an astounding 670 HP and 486 lb-ft of torque coupled to the automaker’s six speed e-gear transmission. This combination of high performance pistons and electronically controlled cogs will allow the upcoming Reventón Roadster super car to go from 0 to 60 MPH (0 - 96.5 km/h) in just 3.4 seconds while reaching a top speed of around 205 MPH (329.92 km/h). Now how awesome is that?

  • Lamborghini Reventón 2010 price is $1.42 Million
Based on the Murcielago sports car, the Reventón is said to be inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet and is a true super car by all standards. Lamborghini only build 20 Reventóns, with all being spoken for. Eleven of the 20 cars are U.S.-bound. The exterior of the Reventón is formed by carbon fiber material, known as CFC. CFC is renowned for being both incredibly light and strong. It is available in only a single color, specially created for the Reventón model, and named after it. The color is a mid opaque green/grey that lacks traditional high gloss, but retains depth with the use of special metallic particles. The engine hood is made of glass laminate with open ventilation slits offering a glimpse at the large 6.5-liter V12 engine. The Reventón delivers 650 horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque. The G-Force-Meter is also completely new: this display shows the dynamic drive forces, longitudinal acceleration during acceleration and braking, as well as transversal acceleration around bends.

  • Maybach Landaulet 2010 price is $1.4 Million
Daimler added the Maybach Landaulet which is an open-top version of its Maybach 62 S to its lineup starting last model year. Maybach plans to produce only a handful of the cars for a select few customers with exceptionally deep pockets. Maybach occupants enjoy the convenience of audio, video, phone and navigation systems as standard equipment. The driver can also control the communication systems by voice, keeping both hands on the steering wheel for safety. A state-of-the-art, fiberoptic network is the backbone of all multimedia components and offers precise, high-speed communication among these components. A lifetime subcription to SIRIUS Satellite Radio is included with every Maybach. The Maybach Landaulet study is powered by the uprated V12 engine that Maybach engineers developed for the Maybach 57 S and Maybach 62 S. Thanks to twin turbochargers and water intercooling, the V12 develops a maximum output of 612 hp and 738 pound-feet of torque.

  •  Koenigsegg CCXR 2010 price is $1.3 Million
The Swedish sports car can easily hit 250 mph (402.336km/h) and is the fastest vehicle in the world that can legally be driven on the streets. Its V8 engine propels the car from zero to 62 in less than three seconds. Specially developed transversal 6-speed gearbox, with optional paddle-shift. Torque sensitive limited slip differential. The engine is made of Koenigsegg aluminium V8, 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts. Two-door, two seater with removable hardtop stowable under the front hood lid. The body is made from pre-impregnated carbon fibre or kevlar and lightweight sandwich reinforcements. Extra equipment includes paddle-shift, carbon wheels, fitted luggage, special leather and colour requests, Inconell exhaust system.
  • Koenigsegg CCX 2010 price is $1.1 Million
The word “CCX” means “Competition Coupe X” and was launched marking the 10th anniversary of Koenigsegg. The body of the car is made of aluminum and it features fog lamps, front lamps, brake cooling system, optimal headlights, ICEM Surf CAD software and it has 50 mm space at the headroom, which makes it as the most spacious car. Koenigsegg CCX has a Supercharged V8 engine with a capacity of 4700 cc. The engine delivers an output power of 806 bhp at 6900 rpm and 678 lb-ft torque at 5700 rpm. It can reach from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and the top speed is about 245 mph (394.29 km/h). The CCX features 6-speed Manual transmission and the gear shifts can be performed easily and smoothly even at higher loads. The CCX features the carbon fiber wheels with ceramic discs which consist of eight piston calipers in the front and six piston calipers in the rear. The interiors are mainly designed of carbon fiber and it features the leather seats, air conditioning system and a stylish dash board.

  • Leblanc Mirabeau 2010 price is $765,000
The LeBlanc Mirabeau was specially designed to feature at the 24 Hours Le Mans race. It features 4.7 L Koenigsegg V8 that delivers an output power of 700 bhp and 627 lb-ft. The top speed of the LeBlanc Mirabeau is about 230 mph (370.15 km/h).

  • SSC Ultimate Aero 2010 price is $740,000
Shelby SuperCars company are the brainchildren of Jerod Shelby who started building exotic old replicas model of Ferrari and Lamborghini. They teamed up with Aero and built their Ultimate Aero which is the fastest production car in the world, with a recorded speed of 256 mph (411.99 km/h). It dethroned the long seated Bugatti Veyron and shocked the entire world. This baby can go from 0 – 60 in just 2.7 secs. It has a twin-turbo V8 Enginer and a mind blowing 1183 horse power. However, though this may be the fastest car in the world but it doesn’t have basic safety and control mechanism like ABS brakes and traction control. So, think very carefully before you buy this one.

Although the super cars above might be very interesting to some, but I think I'll still settle with a Rolls Royce (dreaming again). I don't need to spend so much on a car. The rest of my money I should use to heal the world instead. Nothing wrong in dreaming right?

Photos and infos courtesy of Top Gear and other various car websites.

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LadyJava said...


Shemah said...

HAhaha I don't drive Bella!! So I wouldn't know what car would bring out the "goddess" in me!! hahahaaha tapi for me lah.. antara all of the cars above.. the best eye candy would be the Phantom and the Maybach. I guess for me, since I don't drive, those cars look best with a driver!

LadyJava said...

oohhhh am loving that <span>Lamborghini Reventón Roadster 2010... so sexy!!!</span>

lina said...

I wouldn't be comforatable in such pricey rides. If I am rich, I go to Japan 12 times a year! LOL :-P

Anyway, those awesome ride kalau kat KL, a bit wated what with all the jams here. >:o

Razz Momma said...

good choice doll.. rolls royce huh.. the blue is gorgeous.. and shimmery gold is gorgeous too.. though gotta be careful it dont turn out looking trashy.. that'll be some serious paint job

Razz Momma said...

but if i had a lot of money, that trevita is my choice.. diamonds indeed :-D :-D

tiefazatie said...

wah!!!nice la sis..mau nangis tgk harga!aiyak!

Bella Enveeus said...

HEHE.. Sebab tu tajuknya "If I have a lot of money..." since tak de a lot of money now.. :( Takpe, tak salah kalau buat ni sebagai pendorong untuk buat banyak duit kan? :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Yup, I've seen gold shimmery paint job on some cars but they do look bit trashy. But I've seen this color on a Hummer in KL and boy oh boy super duper HAWT! Honestly, gold on HUMMER!! :) *Drool*

Bella Enveeus said...

The trevita is awesome right? GORGEOUS!

Bella Enveeus said...

Ya, biasa la tu. I wouldn't mind traveling all over the world pun if I have lots of money. But kereta, just buy satu je la.. :)

Oh ya, in KL memang tak guna.. Jangan cakap jam, but bumps everywhere! Tensi! >:o

Bella Enveeus said...


Ya, I love the Maybach too. Have you watched Sex and the City 2? Love the Maybachs! I agree with you, both the Phantom and Maybach ni besar so kalau with driver, looks more expensive la. Tapi macam the Phantom I chose at the top tu, I love it coz it's Coupe, so top can open. I love these kinda cars! :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

HEHEHE.. Ya, love the lines.. But I'm more to bigger cars.. Super cars memang best but not so practical la :(

lady sharpshouter said...

uhhhhh, i heart lambhorgini reventon <3 <3

how i wish that i'm super rich now!
sexy! sexy! haha

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHA.. Don't we all wish the same? :-P Good choice! ;)

Lyla said...

if i have a lot of money i will buy lambhorgini hehehe... :D

Bella Enveeus said...

Good luck to us all! LOL! We ALL could use a lot of money :-D :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-P

Dukun Dijital said...

Whoaa.....Love all of em'.  But I'm more of a a "Hot-Rod" or "Overhaulin'" kindda guy. So if my pockets ran really deep. Hell Yeah! I'm gonna custom all my rides. 8-)

Oh man.. Thanx Bella. You just inspired me to write another post.

Bella Enveeus said...

I think most guys are like that. Boys and their toys - right? :-P I think ladies, once they get a nice looking car they don't really care about the rest i.e. want to put body kit or rims or whatever. Especially if the car is already sexy or hot to begin with.

Oh glad I inspired you. HEHE.. :-)

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