October 08, 2010

Saving the best for last - Day 5

I am in the hospital. *gasp*

Yup, true I am in Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara. But not as a patient. As a tourist. LOL! Tropicana Medical Centre is the Official Medical Centre of My Selangor Story.

Medical Tourism is also a form of tourism in Malaysia. In 2008, Malaysia is TOP FIVE (5) of Medical Tourism in the world. Malaysia is third after Panama and Brazil followed by Costa Rica and India. The strategic location of the country, modern infrastructure and internationally recognised quality standards is what made Malaysia one of the destination for services in medicine.
Medical Tourism includes Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, Alternative Medicine and others.

Read more of it here, here and here. Detailed answers on Medical Tourism and it's likes can be found here.

We were brought from the Mammogram room all the way to the Semen Collection Room (LOL!). The Mammogram technology itself is very up-to-date:
  1. Mammogram machine uses CAD (Computer Aided Detection) which gives off 40% less radiation than normal Mammogram machines.
  2. There are colorful lights on display which will help distract patients when the Mammogram process begins.
  3. Due to the CAD technology, results are 50% clearer than normal machines.
The MRI machines is also up-to-date :
  1. There are 32 channels which can detect infarction in coronary artery and such. 
  2. Also for better results in tracing breast cancer because dye is inserted before checking for hidden tumors. Especially good for dense breasts.
  3. The MRI machine only uses "contrast" and not "radiation".
The last time I was in an MRI machine to check my brains due to some "memory problems", it had been quite scary because the machine is so big and my head is trapped in a box-like cover but looking at the MRI machine in Tropicana Medical Center, it is one of the latest machine that will leave any patient relaxed and calm.

 Tropicana Medical Centre
No. 11, Jalan Teknologi, Taman Sains Selangor 1, 
PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-6287 1111  Fax : 03-6287 1212

After touring the hospital, we then got on our bus for lunch at a restaurant right outside Sunway Pyramid - Frames! This is a one framed-up restaurant, I tell you. Full of frames everywhere!

 I had the Pan Seared Dory

And right after filling our tummies, it's time to go to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! However, since I had to submit a final assignment, I had to skip the Theme Park. However, there are so many new stuffs here in Sunway Lagoon. There's the Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Water Park, Wildlife Park and Scream Park. The latest attraction here? Bungee jumping!

Sunway Lagoon
3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-5639 0000
Mon-Fri : 11am-6pm ; Sat&Sun : 10am-6pm; Public&School Holidays : 10am-6pm
Closed on Tuesday except on Malaysian school & public holidays.

By 7pm, all of us already gathered at the lobby for our Farewell dinner. We're all psyched to go to Ampang Lookout Point, me especially, since I had never been there before. But guess what? Our driver took a wrong turn somewhere in the middle and what could've been less than an hour's journey (through bad KL traffic) turned into a 2-hour journey. I was already very fidgety in my seat. But many took the opportunity to either listen to music, turn on their laptop, or catch a wink.

Haven Welcomes My Selangor Story 2010 Blogger's Team

Haven Restaurant
Lot 1A & 1B (Look Out Point),
Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau,
Jalan Ampang - HuluLangat,
Bukit Langat, Hulu Langat,
43100 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Phone : 016 - 2323 999 (Anan)
However, when we arrived at Haven Restaurant, situated at the Ampang Lookout Point, everything was worth it. The rain didn't even manage to dampen our spirits. We were famished, and not to mention at awe of the view. All thanks to Haven Restaurant, which is also the Official Restaurant for this competition.

The food was fabulous. And honestly, it is not even that expensive. Food at Haven Restaurant starts from RM30. What an affordable price! I had the Haven Special BBQ Beef Ribs. OMG, it was a huge portion, I just couldn't finish it myself. It was probably the biggest portion of all in the menu - FIVE parts in total. So, I only managed to finish two parts, and persuaded Zaid, Thristhan and Dylan to take one part each. Oh guys, you are my saviours! LOL..

Yeah you can do it Thristhan!

Dylan finished his ribs - and mine! Woohoo!

What a magical location. Superb for a candlelight dinner with that lady you want to impress!

This will be in the album of my life forever. You guys are the best!

Day 5 is on 27th of September, 2010.

P/S : This post is in conjunction with My Selangor Story contest - Day 5. Please vote for me here. Please do it daily. Thanks all!

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LadyJava said...


tiefazatie said...

wah...terkejut ifa tau..hihi..ingat sis sakit..hihi..neway..myb haven restaurant itu signal u can win this challenge??hihi..who knows??all da best sis!

LadyJava said...

wah suspense post.. sebab ada post yg you said you ill kan? lucky as tourist only..hehe

Razz Momma said...

u scared me!.. hope everthing's better now sweetheart..

i tried voting for u but the number did not increase.. is there a problem or something doll? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Bella Enveeus said...

HEHE.. Ya, luckily. If I masuk the hospital, tak keluar la this post on time :-P

But this is a good hospital. Very clean and quiet

Bella Enveeus said...

Haven restaurant tu signal? HAHA.. Insya'Allah mana tau masin mulut tie.. Harap2 menang.. Tapi kalau tidak pun, ini merupakan pengalaman yang menakjubkan untuk saya.. Tak pernah enter something like this.. 

Bella Enveeus said...

Erm, I'm not sure why the number would not increase.. Erm, it's OK.. I'll ask the organizer.. In the mean time, try again. If it's already fine, do inform me sweetie :)

Chochobie Zety said...

awww...no pics of foods? :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Food? Wait for it.. :-D

Rza Gza said...

Might not be a bad experience but must be tight on the pockets of many, like me, lol. But for the comfort and also technology it might just be worth the experience. Did i just say that? Hehe. How was the menu at this Haven Point and prices? Anyone knows how to get to the ampang lookout say from KLCC? Not much of a KL folk im afraid, but always enjoy good food :-D

Rza Gza said...

Might not be a bad experience but must be tight on the pockets of many, like me, lol. But for the comfort and also technology it might just be worth the experience. Did i just say that? Hehe. How was the menu at this Haven Restaurant and prices? Anyone knows how to get to the ampang lookout say from KLCC? Not much of a KL folk im afraid, but always enjoy good food :-D <span>


Sharon said...

I scared see the first line I thought you sick already la and go inside hospital.. Haih.. Make scared only.. Ahaha.. Nice the hospital and love the video la.. So nice music.. Hehehe

Sharon said...

The dinner looks so gorgeous la! SO big food.. SO many food you all eat in this competition.. All you must be so happy with so much food already la.. Wow.. Ahaha So nice la all of you.. If I have blog I also want to enter la this competition.. Wahh so nice

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHAHA.. It's not too late.. Open a blog now and then start blogging.. By next year you can enter the My Selangor Story 2011 contest and tour to more exciting places in Selangor! :-D Yup, there were tons of food.. We were practising to become food bloggers.. :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Haha.. Aww thanks for appreciating my lack of video editing skills.. LOL.. :-P The hospital is great and at a great location too..

Bella Enveeus said...

True, it depends on how much you can afford but if you can, why not spend the money on something worth it, such as your own health and at such a good place that is fully equipped with the latest technology right? The price is not as expensive as some other private hospitals around KL so it's pretty worth it.

You can get the directiont to go to Ampang Lookout from their website too. And they will also help you out if you call them up for direction. They are superb helpful folks. Just check out their website. And yeah, they've got awesome food too. :) ;)

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