October 05, 2010

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door - Day 2

There was no wake up call. 

So while we were supposed to wake up at 6.45am, both Jacquelyn and I woke up at 7.20am. And that, thanks for my phone alarm. I managed to grab a quick shower, I just can't NOT shower in the morning. Then we made sure we had all our stuffs (because we're checking out) and rushed to the cafeteria. There was not much food left by then so I grabbed what's left - Fried Rice.

Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
4 Jalan Usahawan 6, 53300 Kuala Lumpur‎ 
Tel : 03-4145-6122  Fax : 03-4022 3000
Operation time : 9am - 5pm

Not long after, we're back on the bus to our next destination - Royal Selangor Visitor Center which also happens to be our Official Souvenir Shop. We followed our tour guide Jien, while I'm a little lagging at the back, taking long times to stop at each display to fully appreciate the lines and carvings of the pewters and other items on display. Well, I'm a little nerdy in that sense, heehee!

 The Super Knowledgeable Jien

After walking around, checking out the things on display and watching how the artisans cast, file, solder and polish objects to create the beautiful Royal Selangor shiny items, we went to the most attractive place in RSVC. None other than the School of Hard Knocks.

Yup, we were knocking so hard (and without proper technique) that we must've awaken all the Gods in Mount Olympus, I tell you! Everyone must be venting their anger on something or someone one way or another. They looked so serious I think I can laugh. Oh, but I also manage to hit, bang and hammer my pewter to turn into a nice smooth bowl. Yeay! Although we got to take this lesson FOC but sorry folks, enrolling in this school is not free. The fee to join this school is RM50 per person.

Now I've got a trivia question for you : Do you know the year since Royal Selangor has been around?

Royal Selangor was FOUNDED in 1885. Imagine that! More than a century of producing the finest collections of high quality pewter products!

Isn't she cute? Don't be surprised, Datin Paduka is the granddaughter of Royal Selangor founder - Yong Koon. She was with us to tell us the story about the Melon Teapot and why it is now sitting in display at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre with other equally beautifully made pewter products.

 Will be coming back here Royal Selangor!

 And we got our own certificate too!

Right after that, it was the destination we've all been waiting for - GENTING HIGHLANDS!

Now if you were wondering, isn't Genting in Pahang? So why are we going there? Ah'ha.. Here's another trivia for you!

One word to describe the acceptance of our arrival in Genting is - STYLE.

 Happiness Everywhere!

Top left-right : Y.B. Elizabeth Wong, Dato' Anthony Yeo.

We arrived on the top of the mountain a little late. We were told that Y.B. Elizabeth Wong, Exco of Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment was already waiting for us. After everyone was gathered together, Y.B. arrived to join us for a photo session as well as lunching session.

 Noms Noms

Listening to Dato' Anthony Yeo Senior Vice President of PR & Communications at Resorts World Genting calling us ambassadors instead of bloggers, is an honor indeed. How cool is it to have the Senior VP come to welcome us himself! It's no wonder that Resorts World Genting is our Official Resort in this competition. And not to mention, having the cute Manager of Promotions & Entertainment Genting Malaysia, Mr. Jonathan Chua - that my friend can't stop gushing about when looking at his photo - (sorry, he's married) sitting at our table is also pretty cool.

Right after lunching (and mind you, we eat A LOT!), we got our goody bags! Other than leaflets, an all access pass to the Indoor and Outdoor theme parks and a special access pass to World Club lounge, the goody bag also contains a RM100 Holiday Card spending money and RM100 worth World Club Card points. Now isn't that an AWESOMESAUCE welcome??

Prices for 2010

Then, it was time to check- in. So, I thought we will still be paired up in buddy system but surprise surprise, I thought wrong because we actually got a Superior Deluxe Room (worth RM275 on a "Shoulder Season" such as that day) ALL to ourselves!

And the next best thing? You can drink directly from the tap too!

By the time I settled in my own room, it was already 5.45pm and the Outdoor Theme Park is closed at 7pm. So, I decided to try the Indoor Theme Park instead. It was so much fun!

I want to ride the Gondola!

And by 9pm, we were all DAZZLED by a BEDAZZLING performance of DAZZLE! 

Guess where we sat? We're in the VVIP seats. We're even in front of the VIP seats! And the best part of all, we were allowed to TAKE PHOTOS!

Prices for tickets to this show is RM90 for VIP seats and RM60 for PS1.

 Inside The Pavillion

Oh it was a super fabulous show! We enjoyed it so much. I was sitting in between Azuan and makcik Zara and the thing that made us laugh like mad people was when one of our bloggers, Spectre was called out by Magical Ernesto Planas for some comical tricks. Oh gosh, that was so incredibly funny. Oh, and when the "Showgirl" dancers walked and danced 5 feet in front of us, I can hear Azuan drooling loudly. LOL!!

"Everybody pay attention, Jerome Murat is no longer a statue."

Anyways, some of you might know that one of the Rules for this competition is to post an entry at the end of each day on our experiences but since our P1 don't work, all that we could do was to look for some good wireless around that can upload photos and videos in a timely manner. By this time, it was nearly midnight and many of us were too tired but still strong-willed to try to write up a post.

However, not long after that, our prayers were answered. Our MSS Mommy changed the rules and let us make blog posts AFTER the end of the tour. What a relief! No running around trying to find a stable internet connection. *wipe sweat*

Now I'm gonna leave you with a scary thing - SNAKE in GENTING!

Day 2 is on 24th of September, 2010.

P/S : This post is in conjunction with My Selangor Story contest - Day 2. Please vote for me here. Please do it daily. Thanks all!

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LadyJava said...


LadyJava said...

hahah chop again.. wah 100rm spending money? syiok gils this tour eh? best nya

LadyJava said...

Wah royal treatment for bloggers.. what's not awesome about that!

Razz Momma said...


two single bed in a room for EACH of you??? damn!

Razz Momma said...

my goodness what a trip this day! ure all over the place.. lol :-D :-D :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL! LJ on chopping spree! :-D   :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Mmg syiok sgt.. Esp the treatment we get at Genting.. Compared to all the others this one mmg mcm royalty.. Hehe.. We LOVE Genting! :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Yea, damn right? We were surprised but absolutely delighted too! Don't feel like getting out of bed the next day :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Totally. So tired!

Chochobie Zety said...

saw the genting's pics at their fb!
i spotted u! :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

HEHE.. Shhhh :-P

Rza Gza said...

Was that a real snake bella???? Damn... where was this? OR is my mind playing tricks again....

Sharon said...

I live near Royal Selangor but never been there.. Wow look at all the pewter products.. I think I should go there someday and try the school of Hard Knocks.. Maybe i can release pressure and bang the bowl.. AHaha

Sharon said...

Oh wow this show Dazzle is it still on? Such an amazing video and photos of the place :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh no, Dazzle is no longer in Genting. It's <span>Glitz </span>now.. They change the acts every season.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Haha.. I live quite far from Royal Selangor and this was my first time there.. It was awesome.. The touring and the banging bowls is just great.. Yeah, you should release pressure by banging those bowls.. Nobody's gonna scold you for making loud noises :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL.. No it's not a real snake la.. HAHA.. But it sure looks real right? Could it be because of my photography skills? HAHAHA :-D

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