March 16, 2010

Don't Let This Be The Last Goodbye

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Leaving you my love, was never an option,
Yet to let you succeed there is no other solution,
So I let you go for a while, accepting your reasons,
My heart filled with stones, my mind with illusions,
But my love for you is strong, so is my determination,
I pause - to allow you some grace and to allow me absolution.

I looked at my reflection, too many mistakes done,
My selfishness, my stubbornness had acquired me none,
Did I messed it up too much that I lost my One?
Why is it so dark here? Where is my sun?
Please don't tell me it's gone before it even begun,
Oh dear this burden in my heart, it weighs a ton.

For all my mistakes, I sadly accept this penance,
I will have to endure those days of your cool absence,
I would have to put up a face, a masked appearance,
I will keep my promise to you, I will keep a clear conscience,
Because I know I'll have you back, there will be no more distance,
Back home to me, always here for you, waiting, patience.

You told me to never let you go, that one fateful night,
So I am not going to do so; not without a proper fight,
Because you're the only one for me, you're my shining knight,
Not having you by my side as always feels not right,
So I vowed this time right now, out of contrite,
When I'm done you won't recognize the old me and that is my plight.

Now I only ask for a little favor,
Please don't let this be an insignificant endeavor,
Don't let go of what we have so easily,
I pray for this, I pray for you and to the Almighty,
To have you back next to me, teasing me with your charms,
And help me pick up the pieces of my heart again;
Before giving that familiar kiss on my forehead and wrapping me in your arms.

For you I would do everything, I would fly, I would die.
Just please don't let this be the last goodbye.



LV said...

love is a funny thing. it lifts u up n sometimes make u hit the pavement.... everyone's meant for someone else.. we just have to be patient and wait.. if the person is meant for you then they will always come back.. ;)

Razz Momma said...

beautiful poem doll.. easy to understand and something many can relate to.

love is funny like this.. it gives u happiness and despair all at the same time.. u told me that when u feel lost or in doubt, always have faith.. so here i suggest, have faith.. love u doll

Bella Enveeus said...

Faith.. I need to take a breather for a while.. Maybe I had fallen into that rabbit hole.. Did I? Haih.. :(

Funny right? Words always come out of me in a rush when I'm emotionally unstable. In 10 minutes, I got one poem ready to go. Razz, please shoot me.. :'( :'( :'(

Bella Enveeus said...

And what do we do while we wait for the person to come back? And how sure is it that the person will come back? And wouldn't it hurt more if the person end up with somebody else? I just asked Razz to shoot me, maybe I can ask you to dispose my body after Razz does the deed..

Oh, I'm returning to my cynical side again.. You won't believe the cynical remarks I plan to type here.. LOL!

eyriqazz said...

poem u buat sendiri ke?so beautiful n nice..

Bella Enveeus said...

Ya eyriqazz. I did this myself within 10 minutes last night. I usually get creative and start writing poems or short stories when I'm not feeling so great coz it's the only way for me to express what I feel without having to be too upfront about it...

Glad you liked it.. ;)

nia said...

woo,..u patut publish kat mana2 ni. so nice and sincere. is it for someone special? wish i can write like u-lah, i dah bertahun2 niat nak bagi a sweet poem for my hubby on our anniversary. dah 3 tahun, takde jgk hasil..huhu.

owh,..thanks for dropping by my blog ya..keep in touch.

Bella Enveeus said...

Awww.. Thanks for the praise.. My poems are direct, I tak suka jenis berkias2 sangat.. Well, it's sort of dedicated to somebody.. I pun sebenarnya dah lama tak menulis.. I used to love writing short stories and poems and stuff. But like I replied to the comments below, I write better when I'm drowning in emotions. I don't know why.. :-P

And thanks for returning the visit nia.. Yeah, do keep in touch! ;)

Razz Momma said...

how can i shoot my pretty doll? hey if u fall into the rabbit hole, at least say hi to the rabbit! :-P it's still a pretty poem whether it took u 10 mins or 10 years!

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