March 21, 2010

My CLEO Beauty Workshop 2010 Experience

Yesterday, March 20th was the CLEO Beauty Workshop by Neutrogena day and I was in the second session which was from 2pm-5pm. It was my first time attending any beauty workshop whatsoever. Honestly speaking, I was not very particular on my skin care regimen. Luckily I don't usually get giant pimples on my face but I do get those little zits once in a while. However, considering my age, which is already above 25, I have to admit that my skin renewal process is getting slower compared to when I was 18. Plus due to the weather in Malaysia these days, it gets oilier - and it's annoying to boot.

I got up pretty early yesterday because I was supposed to go to a specialist doctor in the morning. I had been having some weird health issues lately which I have quite an idea what is the cause but I just wanted an opinion on a medical expert perspective. Since this is our "battle", I know I have to endure this. But then that's another story...

So, with that postponed, I went to help my mom instead and still it seemed that time passes so quickly. I rushed home by 12pm, got myself ready as quick as possible but I only managed to leave home for The Gardens, MidValley at 1pm. Luckily the traffic wasn't so bad and I arrived and found a parking space by 1.40pm. I went to the 4th Floor where The Gardens Club Lounge is located at which is on the other end from The Gardens Signature cinemas, gave them my name and found a seat at the 5th table. The workshop began at the stipulated time and I love that by the way because I hate to wait. LOL!

Anyways, the first speaker was a representative from Neutrogena and as embarrassing as it is for me to say this, I totally forgot her name. (Sorry!) She showed us the new range from Neutrogena product, which is the Hydro Boost and the right steps of usage. Everyone there were given the opportunity to try out the products, which means we had to clean our makeups, use the Mousse Cleanser (cleansing foam), the Clear Lotion (works like a toner), the Essence (which is the serum) and the Water Gel (moisturizer). We were also given one mask per person.

Hydro Boost

The Hydro Boost range is a hydration range (duh! "hydro" = "hydrate") and it's more watery compared to moisturizers which are thicker and stickier. I think I really like the Water Gel which leaves the skin cool and somewhat softer. It also smells good so, there's no reason for you girls (or guys!) out there to not try them out. 

If possible, buy the full range for better results. But if you're a little thrifty, get the three most important parts - the Mousse Cleanser, the Clear Lotion and Water Gel. And try to throw in the Mask as well to use at least twice or three times a week. You'll see a complete new you in no time! Ahhh, but no cheating. Use them religiously for the best results...

After the speaker from Neutrogena wrapped her slot with quizzes to the participants, we had a 20 minute break for some light snacks and a free complimentary hand massage. I love the snacks. I love the strawberry tart. So cute and deliciouso! Melts in my mouth! Mamma Mia! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.. LOL! After that, Joyce (I think that's her name) who is one of the CLEO rep and speaker of the day came to me and ask if I would like to try the complimentary hand massage. Oh well, I just had something to eat and drink so why not finish it with a nice hand massage right? So there I went. It was just a short 2 minutes massage but the lotion smelled nice and the complimentary massage was from CRES, a spa located just nearby. Everyone who tried the massage were given a RM20 voucher.

Hand Massage section

After the 20 minutes is up, a second speaker, Ms Wendy Lee took the attention of everybody there with her chirpy and funny attitude. It's no wonder that she's the founder Chapter One Asia Sdn Bhd which is a Professional Image Consultancy. I love her pretty white trench and  she's also very friendly. She first came to me to compliment my hairband when I was eating and her bubbly personality made me warm up to her almost instantly - which usually I don't do because I tend to assess people quietly the first time almost every time. She noticed myself and the people in my table were not participating much in the last slot, well no doubt because it was a little dull. LOL! But the minute she spoke in front, everyone got alert and went laughing along. Even the cameraman was bullied by her! LOL!

Ms Wendy started talking about proper handshakes and body postures, best choice of clothing for your body type and lots more while in between we had to go around and greet 10 people and compliment something about them in a way to get the conversation rolling. Well, almost everybody complimented my hairband, except the last one who complimented my top. LOL! Finally after Ms Wendy's slot is done, there was another quiz for 3 participants to win RM300 worth of products per person courtesy of Neutrogena. I didn't participate because I hardly remember the names of the products on display and I sure would know less if I was blindfolded and told to name one just by touching it. LOL!

Goody Bag

I think it was worth my RM30 to be there. The goody bag was great. We got the Water Gel which I absolutely love and is already using now plus some more. I also got to see how a beauty workshop is done and best of all, I got to make a new friend. It sure is funny that Daphne and I suddenly clicked and realized we were both same age and from a Convent school. LOL! I don't know. Maybe Convent girls will always have that Convent stamp on them. We exchanged phone numbers and would probably try to make some time to meet up for a drink one of these days.

Anyone want to try out CLEO's workshop but not sure if you should? I say, go for it! Their reps are very nice and friendly. 


nia said...

Last time I went to their Career Workshop, i got a goodie bag too. and yes, berbaloi-baloi,..our RM30 is worth with all that.

Razz Momma said...

wow.. hand massage.. i need a massage too.. looked like it was worth every ringgit!
which convent she from? ours?

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh yeah? I've never gone to any of their workshop so I didn't know even tho I dah baca mag dia dah hampir 10 years. :-D But yeah, RM30 is pretty worth it.. I didn't try for the Lancome Workshop tho sbb a little expensive.. But kalau tahu dorg mcm gini, mmg sgt berminat nak gi any other workshops available in the future.. ;)

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah it was.. I like that there's something entertaining although it was like the last half of the workshop. Nope not from our convent.. Bukit Nenas actually.. :)

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