March 02, 2010

Did that haircut, Finally!

So it had been more than 6 months since my last haircut. Wait, I think it had been more than a year actually. Plus, I stopped doing hair treatments like 6 months before my last haircut. So, I can't really blame my hair when it becomes unruly and slightly frizzy, especially under the hot Malaysian weather. Oh my, anybody notices how damn hot it is these days? I can't stay out too long before I start sweating and feel sticky. And I hardly sweat!

Due to the weather, and something else as well, I decided to chop chop chop my long hair. It's not that I'm tired taking care of it. It's that I have not taken good care of it until I think the best way is to chop it and then care for it better now. I need to start doing treatments again. Use hair mask every week and put on serum every time after I wash my hair. And maybe steam my hair every fortnight too.

I calculated that each time I go to the salon, I will have to pay RM22 for wash, steam my hair (using my own hair mask) and then blow-dry. When I went to the mall in town, I saw that they sell the hair steamer at only RM250. The product is from Taiwan and the warranty is for three months. I think it is worth it at RM250, comparing to me steaming my hair at a salon and having to pay the same amount after a little over 10 times. I can certainly care for my hair better if I have hair steamer at my disposal rather than having to go to the salon every weekend which sometimes might be open and sometimes might not. Plus, doing things at the comfort of my home is much better.

Anyway, back to the story of me chopping my hair. I tried a new hair salon located at the center of town called Hairazone. I think if you live in Kajang you will know exactly where it is because you can't miss it when you pass through town. Every time when I go to McDonald's or to the market, I see many customers waiting for their turn and thought I'd like to try their services some day.

So there I was, getting a haircut from a Professional Hairstylist. They charged me RM35 (including wash) for a Jessica Alba style. B-bunz was not too keen on the idea because he likes my hair long but I haven't had a short haircut since 7 years ago. Plus it's not above the shoulder so it's not that short, in my opinion. My hairstylist is a guy but I totally love the way he cut my hair. Ahhh, so soft. No wonder he's a Professional. Thank you Ah Wan! When my B-bunz's hair grows longer in another month, he'll come to you for the "Mohawk" style, I'll make sure of that.

The way he touch my hair makes my hair feel so loved. LOL! When he start styling, I start talking to him and one topic leads to another and another until he finishes. I just don't understand though, why other patrons were giving me weird stares for talking to my hairstylist. I wasn't talking loudly and we were just talking about the shop's monthly rent and normal stuffs. Is it wrong to be friendly to your own hairstylist? One funny part was when Ah Wan said B-bunz reminded him of a VJ in Channel V. LOL! He also thought I was born in 1988 or 1989. LOL! I'm older than him actually...

So I love my new haircut but I know if I don't care for them they'll start to kink. So Ah Wan also teach me how to "teach" my hair to follow my "direction". He's brilliant. I want him the next time I get a haircut there. So, RM35 is definitely worth it!


LV said...

eh where the picture of the haircut la i want to see ;)

Bella Enveeus said...

Ok.. I don't want to post up my photo here, not without my mask so you can imagine me with this haircut la k

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