March 28, 2010

So long since I read fiction novels

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Three days ago, I started with Lauren Weisberger's novel titled Everyone Worth Knowing which in my opinion was just a normal type of novel but which I still finished just because I had bought the whole box set of six novels at a cheap price and after reading two other novels from the same set that sucks badly, I thought maybe Lauren might be able to cheer me up a little. Sadly, she could not.

I totally dislike the Phillip Weston British billionaire who allegedly is an international player but is actually gay. Seriously, can't she turn him into a hot straight guy with stretchy limos that transports him everywhere instead of riding on a scooter? A SCOOTER! What billionaire goes to a costume party riding a scooter? And I hate it that he always ends his sentence with "love". I wonder if Lauren ever had British friends? Every time when I read Phillip's sentences, I imagine Katy Perry's fiance's (Russel Brand) voice and his scraggly looks and skinny body. Honestly, I do not have any problem with Russel Brand, I actually think he's rather funny but can I imagine him ever acting in a movie as a billionaire with girls throwing themselves at him? No way.

So yeah, TOSS this book. Although, I do love the cover. I just love shoes, what can I say.

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Then, there's the second book which I just finished it today, one whole day. It's called Markham Thorpe by Giles Waterfield. I bought it when I went to The Gardens for the CLEO Beauty Workshop the other day. Actually, I bought two books that day. This first book was pretty cheap considering it's in hardcover and quite thick. So, I bought it and found it was quite good and managed to finish it one whole day. 

I liked the tag. Servants Know Everything. Never Trust Them. Never Fall In LoveThe tag was already making me interested and then when I saw the price I thought I could afford to get this and another book too. At least I'll have two books instead of one. (There was actually another book that I was interested in too but the price is both these two books combined, so I had to keep a raincheck on that one). Ellen reminded me of someone I know, someone who is also the type who likes to read and sometimes wishes her life would be like the characters she read in books but when real life is presented to her, she knew she had to make the best out of it for herself and her family. It's sad that James Markham wasn't much of a man. It would've been great if he had taken control and actually married Ellen if he really loved her like he said. 

But then again, some men are weak. And under certain circumstances, some women can be very strong indeed.

For this book, I'll probably give 6.5/10

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And the last book is called Blood Royal by Vanora Bennett. Some good friends can vouch for the fact that since I turn into adulthood, I had very much loved to read Historical Fictions compared to my favourite romance genre back in school. Maybe I've outgrown the lovey-dovey romance genres. Maybe I saw that in the real world, you can't get the fairy-tale happiness ever after life. There's always something or some one that would dash it away. But I have to admit, I do sometimes buy the Mills & Boons novels when I see no one's watching. LOL!

When I read the first few pages, I recalled the name Thomas Duke of Clarence, Henry IV of England and Catherine de Valois. Ahhh.. Yes, we're speaking of the forefather of the Tudor lineage, the King who avenged on Richard II for banishing him from Court after his father, John of Gaunt's death. Yes, it was Henry of Bolingbroke and his father's story - John of Gaunt and his last wife, Katherine de Roet was one of the best royal love stories I had read. Since I had always loved reading the English and France histories, how can this not be a great read for me because I was so in love with Anya Seton's Katherine since many years ago.

I haven't finish this book yet, it is a 580 page novel and I have limited time. I will try to finish it in the next few days and hope to update what I think about it here.

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I was trying to recall when was the last time I read so many novels at once.  It had been a long time, that's for sure. I usually had to read at least TWO books per week - minus academic books. I have a full four tiered shelf full of books and still adding and counting. Maybe I had been too engrossed on other things, sometimes things that does not concern me or required my involvement. I think I had involved myself on too many affairs that I am unaccountable for and in between that I lose a little bit of myself. Come to think of it, when I had slowed down doing things I usually do for myself, my progress start declining. So I think it's best for me to be my own self again. Being a little guarded and cynical won't kill anybody right?


Monica said...

lol i love the cover and i love shoes too... just can't get enough of them! :-P :-P

Razz Momma said...

sadly i dont read anything other than all the law documents in my office.. i hadn't read a decent fiction novel since 2003! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

eyriqazz said...

tahniah..anda salah seorang pemenang contest terjah eyriqazz..dijemput ke blog saya untuk lebih lanjut..

Bella Enveeus said...

Terima kasih eyriqazz. Will visit your blog as soon as possible! Yippee! :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh my.. 2003? Dear, I feel for you. :*

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, I can't seem to get enough of them. Stilettos are the best! However, the cover might look good but the story is not! :-D

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