July 09, 2010

My Usher Concert at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

OK, yes, so I went to Usher concert the other day - on 7th July 2010 to be exact.

So how was it?

First and foremostly, we arrived around 8.40pm. It was all a last minute thing actually. I got an offer on the tickets last minute. It was the RM438 (Yellow Zone) tickets. I was already a little pissed off that I didn't get to go to the meet and greet the day before because a girl who was supposed to give me the meet and greet tickets was offered big bucks by someone else and failed to inform me she have sold them. So, there I was waiting for the tickets, trying to contact her and she just vanished. I was angry  because I was offered by another person as well and I didn't accept that because I thought I would rather help her with a few bucks instead but then she went AWOL at the height of it all and I finally didn't get any. Seriously, if you want to sell something, be professional please! In between all that, I found out that a horde of fans were lucky to bump into him at Pavillion KL where he went shopping.

Usher shopping at Pavillion.
Photo from Twitter.

So, when I was offered the Yellow Zone tickets, they're a little too hard to pass up. I mean, it's right in front of the stage! Although, I do wish I got the VIP seats instead.

We went to buy some food before entering the stadium first because I was fasting that day and we were starving. So, the queuing to buy food took up almost half hour which meant we didn't get to see the opening act. I don't know who the opening act was but was later told that it was Sheila Majid and Mizs Nina - correct me if I'm wrong on this.

By the time we got our food and everything, we heard loud screams coming from inside the stadium. I thought Usher was already there but apparently (again informed by a friend) that it was just a van that came into the stadium. LOL! Seriously, these people scream for almost anything. By the time we went into the stadium, Usher was still not out yet and it was already 9.30pm. So, we ate first and then only he appeared - when I was about to finish my hot dog. 

Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I don't know about Usher's die-hard fans, but I felt a little cheated. Throughout this whole year, Usher's concert is the only concert selling really high-priced tickets. But the concert only lasted less than 2 hours. And in every song, he would just sing parts and pieces and let the fans do the rest. I do pity him actually. Even from the first song, he looked like he just stepped out of the shower. Don't they have cooling fans on stage or something? I mean, he can't be singing, dancing and jumping around without any sort of air directed to cool him a bit right? Isn't that like an essential thing for performers on stage? Coz it's hot up there what with the spotlight being directed on him, if there's no air he'd probably faint. I don't think the weather was too hot that night, plus it rained the whole day. So I assume due to the maximum sweating, he was not able to perform so well? OK, blame it on the weather.

And do you know that Usher is now single? In case you don't know, he said it a few times on stage. And he commented that "marriage is not his thing because he's tried it and it didn't turn out so well for him" on a banner made by a fan read, "Will you marry me?"

Oh, and the RELA people are so freaking annoying! They confiscated all cameras. I mean seriously, who does not bring cameras to concert right? Recording devices are all confiscated - but smartphones that are also able to record just as well as a recording camera were not confiscated. So those lucky ones with smartphones were able to record until the end. Isn't that like so unfair? I mean seriously, if concert organizers want to be such an ass, why not be a REAL ass and confiscate everything? Or maybe the RELA people can't differentiate smartphones with those normal phones. So sad they're not so smart. *piss off mode*

But then again, I still get to record the audio of the whole concert. HAHA! See, not so smart are you people?
(Audio will be put up in a separate blog post).

The concert finished at 10.45pm. Usher finished it with his latest song "Oh My Gosh" and there was no encore whatsoever. I've enjoyed his old songs more than the latest ones so those are the only one I scream loudly for and judging from the screaming level of the fans, I think the songs that the crowd could relate to the most was "Yeah!" and "Burn". And the histerics level increase a notch whenever he does all those sexual movements. LOL! I bet those two girls who got his soaking wet face towel must have already frame it up by now. LOL!!

So, my opinion on this one - it could've been better. I have been to many very good concerts where the artist have a very high level of energy and are very good entertainers as well. Luckily I didn't pay RM438 per ticket for this one (the cost remains a secret but maybe I should just fast for another week to recover).


Bluecrystaldude said...

8-) 8-) 8-)

Bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bella,

OMG! I can't believe the concert was that bad. I kinda agree with you on the RELA thing. They should have confiscated all recording devices, which include smart phones. Tsk Tsk.. Can't wait for your audio tho!

BTW, you're so cool! Went to these concerts and all. Envy! haha

SiMon Har said...

so cool tat u get to see his concert! but i manage to see him in Pavilion ^^ check it out: http://simonhar.blogspot.com/2010/07/usher-pavilion.html

Razz Momma said...

u went to usher! oh yessss! i thot u wud turn usher down for edward cullen instead. what a bore that wud be.. lolz..

where's the audio?? i can't wait! :-D

Razz Momma said...

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :* :* :* :* :*

Irdzra said...

owh my god ! i went to the usher concert and was at the yellow zone too...got rite to the front somewhere near the screen.. :D

Serena said...

saw him at pavillion but didn't get to go to his concert. :( didn't even get to take his photos since i forgot to bring my camera :(

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh you did? Damn. LOL! Would've been great if you had photos, you can brag to your friends.. :-D :-D :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Wahhhh you did? Jealous! :-D I was late so by the time I went into the stadium, the floor was packed. I have no heart to push my way to the front. I used to do that back in those years. HAHA! :-P :-P So, managed to get photos? Or did the RELA people confiscate your camera? >:o

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL! I didn't get the Eclipse premier tix. Then was offered Usher tix on the same day. So since I have got nothing to do, and wanted to just spend some time with B-bunz, I took the tix. See, it's the same like my Kelly Clarkson tix right? It's the "Not For Sale" tix. :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh that's nice. If only you could get his autograph or something. Ahhh.. I bet you took dozens of photos.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, the RELA people are complete turn offs. And they're so berlagak, seriously. If have to confiscate, then just escort people and shut up la, why want to make comments pulak? Cehhh.. Must ask them la, did they go to school? No manners.

HAHA! I haven't been to concerts for a while now. Just started again this year. Feels a little rusty. My concert-going years was a few years ago but maybe I can make a some exceptions here and there.

MTV World Stage, here I come! :-D

LV said...

not much of a big fan.. u going to slash hun??

Bella Enveeus said...

I would if I got the tickets.. Anybody want to give me free tickets?? HEH.. I'm trying to win the tickets la.. :) Wish me luck!

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