June 04, 2011

Movie Review - X-Men : First Class

This is the bestest movie of all X-Men movies. 'Nuff said.

Err, OK, maybe that's a little too short. Maybe I should write a little more than a 12 words summary eh?

From left : Sean Cassidy/Banshee, Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, Raven/Mystique, Moira MacTaggert,
Hank McCoy/Beast, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Alex Summers/Havok.

Honestly, I never imagined that a prequel could be more interesting than the original but X-Men : First Class certainly had me rethink it. I'm actually not much of a Marvel comics or DC comics fan. I don't read the comics so I wouldn't really know if the movie sequence is in line with the comics or not. But what I can say, after watching the other X-Men movies and comparing it to this one, I love this one more. I don't know what it was exactly, maybe it's the storyline or maybe it's the actors but I just enjoyed it tremendously. 

This movie was set in the 60's where young Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) was in Germany during WWII and under the cruel practice of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Young Charles "Professor X" Xavier (James McAvoy), on the other hand was in England and he comes from a wealthy background. In this way, at least we understood why Erik had such a grudge to the world while Charles is more calm and collected.

But then, there were also some illogical parts in this movie which does not tally with the other past X-Men movies. For example, in the past both Professor X and Magneto always said that they built Cerebro together but in this movie it was Beast who built it for them. And also when they were trying to recruit, one of the mutant they met at a bar was Wolverine (the real Hugh Jackman) but if you think about it, the timeline is not right because Wolverine was actually a "project" made by Stryker way after that.

Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr

Still, there were some funny parts, some quip here and there that got you laughing and loosen up a bit. I loved how real everything looked, even though you know some parts uses CGI but it is still entertaining and believable. The cast played their parts very well and they make us believe in what they believe in. I absolutely love how Fassbender and McAvoy mesh and work real good together. And another thing I loved is that the movie used historical events - the Cuba crisis and Cold War (60's) - to prove its point.

 Sebastian Shaw & Emma Frost

The only thing I did not love was probably Emma Frost (January Jones). I don't find any significance in her busty tight-fitting character. Maybe they just needed some other telepath just to slow Charles down and stretch the movie a little bit. It's not like she played any part to stop the X-Men team anyways.

Well, I think I shouldn't be dishing out too much infos on this great movie. It's just best that you guys go see it for yourselves and then fall in love with the characters and plot just like I did. Oh, and maybe you'll fall in love with James McAvoy too (just like I did as well. LOL!). I am sure you will not regret it.

X-Men : First Class will be in Malaysian cinemas by 2nd June 2011.

Movie Rating : 9/10

P/S : Thanks to Yes World for the premiere tickets on 31st May.

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