June 06, 2011

Pet World Malaysia 2011

Went to this year's Pet World held once again at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Did you know that this year is the 4th Malaysian International Pets & Aquatics Exhibition? Well, now you know. The exhibition is from 3rd - 5th June from 10am - 9pm. My family chose the last day to visit this exhibition - it's just our way, we always do things last minute.

By the time we arrived, it was already 3.30pm. The entrance fee for adult is RM5 and children is RM3. The Main Stage was alive with Product Introduction, Dog Lover Of The Year Award 2011 and some contests. The speaker was speaking in Chinese so I only understood a little here and there. We first entered Hall 1, which was a little packed with people before heading to Hall 2 and Hall 3. We didn't buy anything from Hall 1, only saw many types of dogs and this one particular obedient dog is just so cute and it's fur is so thick and fluffy!

They call this Rudolph-wannabe "Pom Pom"

When we got to Hall 2, Dad was interested in Kitty's Crumble, an organic pet litter made from uniquely processed grains of coconut husk that has unbeatable natural odour elimination, super absorbency and small carbon paw print. What's better is that you can recycle it as your fertilizer after use. There was a promo so we bought the RM75 pack and got the RM 25 pack for free. Now we just have to try it with our kitties. If they like it, then we'd prefer to change to this rather than using the normal cat litter. We bought this from the Progenesis Group booth.

Oh, Kitty's Crumble is not for Kitty only. It's suitable for a variety of pets - gecko, snakes, spiders, hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and birds too!

Cats at Cat Show

After playing with some puppies at the Petsmore booth, we made our way again to Hall 3 and this time we were greeted by cats in cages for The 4th Pet World Malaysia Cat Beauty Competition. Most of the cats were sleeping then, since the competition started at 10am and I saw some cats was starting to behave erratically, an indication that they're stressed out, probably because of the noisy hall and crowd.

In the same hall, we came across H.O.P.E. H.O.P.E. is the abbreviation to Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist. It is a non-profit, no kill shelter that rescues dogs and cats regardless of breed or age. When I saw the photos of the dogs, as usual it tugged a string at my heart. OK, maybe more than just a string. My feelings were further enhanced when the dogs I saw in the photos were actually there at the booth, brought all the way so that the visitors can see for themselves that these dogs exists and they are indeed in need of help.

Below I show photos of the dogs at the booth. Below is a photo of Kenko and Fortune. Kenko is a victim of a hit and run while Fortune is believed to be a victim of abuse. When I took this picture, Kenko was resting while Fortune was asleep.

Top : Kenko.   Below : Fortune

The photo below is of Kenko and Fortune when they were first brought to H.O.P.E.

If you feel like I did when I first saw these photos and you would like to help these animals, you may do so by donating to H.O.P.E. through their Maybank Acc : 5012-0808-5710 or you can contact them and check out for yourself the shelter at Lima Kedai, Skudai, Johor. Go to their Facebook or their website and find out more how you can contribute to their cause.

Seeing this kind of cruelty toward animals is draining to my mind. My family helped what we could today but what I can do next is just spread the word, hoping that some of you out there might reach out and help these animals in pain. Let's not turn our backs to them and let's stop cruelty to animals. Love them, do not hate.

Anyways, how was your weekend guys?

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