May 31, 2011

Chinese Muslim Cuisine

In a country as diversified as Malaysia, it is not unusual to bump into someone who has the same skin color as you but might be of a different race and religion. So when the word Chinese and Muslim is brought together in the same sentence, it is not unusual either.

HOMST Restaurant is a Chinese Muslim Restaurant. The owner, Mr. Yusuf, is shy with the camera but he is very soft spoken and nice. I love that the restaurant is bright because then I'll be able to see everything on my plate. I don't mean that romantic lights are bad but I prefer this type of food outlet instead of an outlet that make me have to pick at my food one by one for fear if there's a bug hiding somewhere (yeah, I was always unlucky like that). The restaurant is also spacious and clean, which gives me a peace of mind all throughout my eating time.

There are a variety of food sold here, from fried stuffs - rice and mee - to a more specific dish that consists of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and others. Since I was at this restaurant to celebrate my aunt's and uncle's 19 years wedding anniversary, we chose to to have plain white rice for 5 people with 7 dishes.

Black Pepper Chicken

Sweet & Sour Lala

The Black Pepper Chicken is yummylicious. They serve you boneless chicken fried until it is crispy and mixed with black pepper sauce that is not too hot but enough to give you the "kick". Then we chose the Sweet & Sour Lala which gave us the exact taste - sweet and a little sour tangy taste. You can eat the Lala just like that too. I did exactly that and pretty much cleaned up the whole plate! LOL!

Bawal Putih Asam Deep Fried Fish

Buttered Prawns

Then there was the fish, which is one of the "important" food for my aunt. She can't eat without fish. We ordered the Bawal Putih Asam Deep Fried Fish. It is first deep fried so that there is no fishy smell and then cooked again with Asam, Lady Fingers and Tomatoes. However, you can still taste the sweet Bawal Putih even though it's been cooked twice. Oh, and the Butter Prawns is AMAZING! The fried egg floss is just so delish! I don't even eat the prawns at first - even though the prawns are big and fat! I was eating the floss bit by bit, savouring each taste.. Make me drool just thinking about it right now. Yums!

Kailan Oyster Sauce

Asparagus Belacan

Bean Sprouts Oyster Sauce

We had three types of vegetables. I usually need vegetable in my plate so having three types is no problem for me. The first one is Kailan Oyster Sauce. The Kailan is cooked with Oyster Sauce and topped off with some fried shallots. The second one is Asparagus Belacan. Asparagus is my favourite type of vege so I don't really care if it's fried with belacan or cooked with oyster sauce or anything else. Lastly is Bean Sprouts cooked with Oyster Sauce and topped with fried shallots too. We love that the Bean Sprouts are still crunchy and juicy!

Ribena Special

I had the Ribena Special drink - Ribena Ice Blended with Lychee, Nata de Coco and two cubes of watermelon. This is the first time I tried this and I liked it. I didn't get the chance to snap the others' drinks though. The minute their order arrived, they sipped their drinks like crazy. LOL! All I know is that there were two coconuts, one cold Lychee juice and one Sirap Bandung on the table.

Two sides of the interior

If you would like to try some Chinese Muslim cuisine, head down to HOMST Restaurant. They have four outlets which are in Kajang, Shah Alam, Kota Damansara and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (HQ). You'll go home full and satisfied with the price. Our total pocket damage was only RM187.00!

HOMST Restaurant Kajang
No. 47G & 48G, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A,
Seksyen 1, Taman Prima Saujana,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel : 03-87340760

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