February 27, 2010

Terjah Eyriqazz @ Great Teacher Onizuka

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

In case you have no idea what "terjah" means, according to Citcat, it translates to surge. And according to the Thesaurus part of my brain, it also means rush or roll or flood - whichever way you wanna take it. I'm not saying I'm going to flood Eyriqazz's website with nonsense and BS but maybe I should roll in a more casual approach? Let me begin...

The reason I am writing this is because Eyriqazz or GTO is having a blog contest. It's nothing too grand, the prizes are average but I can see the benefit of making such contest - especially for a novice blogger such as me - in order to promote your blog and listen closely to the voice of your readers. It's always better to get a direct feedback instead of hearing from a little birdie how some people hate your website or love it to death. 

I suppose what made me like reading Eyriqazz's blog is because of his written voice. It is not faked. I can imagine hearing him as I read his articles. He does not compile too many stuffs that will cloud your judgement or perception. His writing are mostly direct and then made colorful with additional photos. I believe this is the basic way of making readers interested in what you write. Visuals are important. Even if you're a superb writer like Stephen King, you can't write a blog with paragraphs of long paragraphs only. Blogs are not novels. People will go to sleep. 

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

So what are my favourite Eyriqazz blog entries?

The top one will have to be the Tips for New Nuffnangers. Honestly I am a little lost about the type of bloggers Nuffnang would choose to hand in advertisements and advertorial jobs. My initial reason of starting a website is to write blog and share things I see with everyone in the world apart from opening an online shop. But then, when I sit back and hop from one blog to another, I am intrigued to read the achievements some bloggers get from only advertisements on their blogs. Some make hundreds per month while others makes thousands. Even Eyriqazz, who just started blogging seriously for the last 6 months managed to get a few hundred ringgit from advertising alone. And having him share tips for young bloggers such as me is just icing on the cake!

Photo courtesy of Eyriqazz

Secondly, I would say his "terjah" episodes to other blogs are very intriguing. Like I said, he's got a voice of his own and reading his opinion on how to improve their blog gives a slight idea on how I can improve my own blog too.

Then, seeing him going to events by Nuffnang such as the Mister Potato, winning the Samsung Corby and the latest win on Astro B.yond is just so much fun and exciting. Gives me the drive to make my blog good so that I can be invited to events such as those as well.

Lastly, I think the only downside on Eyriqazz's blog is the background. The layout is fine as it is but maybe the color of the background are a little dull. Maybe Eyriqazz could jazz it up a little bit. There are many free blog layouts available that might suit Eyriqazz's taste and style. But then again, layouts are secondary compared to the quality of the written works itself and Eyriqazz's entries are great enough to stand alone.


eyriqazz said...

thanks for joining my contest..I really like it..the first entry in english...Thanks again...Love ur entry...

Jude said...

Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to comment. This is my first visit here and I hope you win your contest. It's great that you have found someone to help you earn money online and that they are willing to give their readers valid tips, have a great weekend.

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, I stumbled upon quite a lot of blogs that gives tips on how to make money through the Nuffnang platform (for Malaysians) and I find them exceedingly helpful. Thanks for returning the visit Jude!

Bella Enveeus said...

Thank you.. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope the language preference will not be much of a hindrance. I describe better in English, sorry. But my Malay's alright too :-P

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