April 05, 2010

Do cigarettes REALLY contain pig's blood?

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Apparently YES.

According to a new study, cigarettes may contain pig's blood. The Australian academic says with a warning that religious groups, both Muslims and Jews might find this undisclosed presence "very offensive".

This news, which had been circulating worldwide since March 30th is starting to raise concerns in devout Muslims and Jews. Religious texts at the core of both these religions specifically bans the consumption of pork in whatever form. And if the recent research done by the Dutch researchers is confirmed to be true, then this is a very surprising and very disturbing revelation indeed.

Professor Simon Chapman, the Professor of Public Health in University of Sydney informed that Dutch researchers have found 185 different industrial uses of a pig - including the use of its haemoglobin (red blood cell) in cigarette filters. While the filters are made of a fine material called acetylated cellulose, extracted from crepe paper, the use of the pig's haemoglobin is said to be more effective at trapping harmful chemicals before they can enter a smoker's lungs. (Really?)

Now to add to that disturbing fact, tobacco companies had never practiced on sharing the ingredients they put in the cigarettes. They call it their "trade secret". While tobacco companies had moved voluntary list of the contents of their products on their websites, they also noted undisclosed "processing aids...that are not significantly present in, and do not functionally affect the finished product." Now according the Professor Chapman, this catch-all term hid from public view an array of chemical and other substances used in the making of tobacco products.

There's at least one cigarette brand sold in Greece which was confirmed of using pig haemoglobin in its processes. However the status of smokes sold is unknown.

Either you're of Islamic or Jewish faith, I'm sure you would want to know which brands of cigarette that uses this sort of products in their tobaccos. In the world, many Islamic fatwas had been released to state that smoking is Haraam because it will lead to death and in Islam, it is written in a Quranic verse that prohibits Muslims to cause harm on themselves or undertaking actions that might lead to their death (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse-195). 

Here I would like to include 10 reasons why smoking is Haraam in Islam:

1. Cigarette affects the mind (mental).
2. Cigarette endangers physical health.
3. Cigarette threatens self safety and the safety of another person.
4. Cigarette endangers future descendant (physically or mentally).
5. Cigarette smokers are often addicted to it.
6. Cigarette may cause bad behaviour.
7. Cigarette smoking is a waste of resources.
8. Cigarette is conflicting with the Islamic integrity.
9. Cigarette is a waste of money.
10.Cigarette contains harmful substances.

So to Muslims and Jews who had been smokers, this will be the time to try to stop. If you can't do it immediately for fear of getting into cardiac arrest, do it slowly but firmly. Or better still, use nicotine patch or take nicotine gum. If that don't work, go for hypnosis to stop the habit. If that doesn't work too, find something much nicer to suck on hmm?


Bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bella.

Ewww! hahaha. Thank God I'm not a smoker. I just don't know why people think smoking is cool. :( Happy MOnday Bella! Enjoy the rest of your week!

LV said...

i'm not a muslim.. i'm not a jew.. inhale.. exhale.. lol! :-D :-D :-D

Sandy said...

Why would knowing it's pig make a difference? We've known for years it causes Cancer and people don't quit. What's alittle pig blood compared to the pain and horror of cancer?

eastcoastlife said...

What!? ewww.....
Lucky I'm not a smoker. :D

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, lucky me too. :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

You're right. But then again, not everybody who smokes gets cancer so maybe some of them think they're immune to it - or maybe they don't think they could die from smoking only.. But when the pig comes into the picture, then that means it's against the religion (for specific religions) and then they might consider stopping.. But then again, it's not a guarantee everyone of that faith will stop. So, maybe this news is only for those who really fear God.. Hmm *DONT_KNOW*

But then, I don't smoke so I won't have this conflict.. HAHA :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHAHA.. What's the brand? :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, girls especially, they like to smoke just for show.. I don't know why.. It does not look cool at all.. Happy week to you too Haaziq!

Lestat01 said...

So on he scale of importance if you're a jew or a muslim:
1- Pig

Bella Enveeus said...


Like I replied to Sandy, maybe it works for those who fears God, maybe it doesn't. At least I don't have that conflict. However,if the smokers fears none, if he/she really want to die, then I'll say "Goodbye"..

Fadli Idris said...

I can't stop smoking, i have hard to do this. Any idea?

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