January 08, 2011

Book Review - Whoopi Goldberg Book

I first bought this book by chance when I went to SSTwo PJ the other day. Like I said, I need to read at least one book a month - novels are the best, but I do try to squeeze in other reading materials as well. I was not looking for Whoopi Goldberg's book titled "Book" in particular, but I am happy that I actually bought it. Let me tell you what got me to buy it in the first place. I read the back and thought it was not much of a help so I just flipped open a page and the first thing I read was this :

How can I pass up a book as funny as that? 

This book is like the author herself. Quirky, witty and quite unpredictable too. There are some very insightful pages, from how Whoopi viewed life and the things going on around her while some pages are about her own interpretation of life, religion and everything else. There are certain things that I sometimes think about myself, certain questions that I find myself asking once in a while and certain aspects that I also feel quite at a lost or at crossroads that are touched in this book. This is a book for normal people going through normal things and making mistakes and learning through it. And it doesn't hurt if you laugh out loud on how closely related it is to your own life.

I actually brought this book all over the place in order to finish it. Which is why, as you notice, I haven't update my blog for the past few days. I had been busy filling my free time reading. It had been great to finish this book because now I can move on to another. LOL! Although this book does not give you advices like the Dalai Lama or give you 10,000 new insights like the encyclopedia, it does leave you with a little lighter heart and maybe a lingering smile too.

I enjoyed this book. I'll give it 7/10.

Come join me and read at least one book every month! You never know there might be some exceptional gems in between a few pages out there!

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Mariuca said...

O:-) O:-) O:-)

Mariuca said...

Ha ha u were in SS2...visiting BB ke?? ;) ;)

Mariuca said...

7/10 is great sounds like an awesome book indeed, glad u've been keeping to ur reading habit sweetie, unlike me lol! Happy Sat! 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

Heyyyyyyyyy how come back to JS?????What happened to ID?

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