April 27, 2011

Movie Review - Thor


Imagine living within the 9 circles of the realm where Asgard is where the Gods live - the center of the realm - the deities that people of the Earth had worshiped since the olden days. Imagine then that one of this Gods is stubborn, hard-headed and likes to challenge authority. One day, he made one mistake and his arrogance gave reason for his father to exile him away from Asgard into another realm - Earth.

Oh the ripped body below you don't have to imagine. He seriously look like that.

Oooh yummeh!

The fella with the yummy bod is Thor, Son of Odin. His father is Odin Allfather. Odin Allfather is King in Asgard. Thor has a brother, Loki who is dark haired and look nothing like him or his father or his mother. You'll know why when you see the movie. Thor is just a young hot-blooded fella who wanted nothing else but to prove himself to his father. The only problem is that he did it the wrong way and that made his father angry. Put that with Thor's defiance, so one God is stripped of his powers, cast off to Earth along with his mighty hammer.

But on this planet is where Thor learned a lesson or two about love and humanity (oh yeah, we're big on that). The Feds came in too, stuttering in their Man In Black costumes and acting like they own the place. However, I love the funny parts too. I mean seriously, where else can you get comedy in an action movie if not on Earth? LOL! Love the part when Thor was at the hospital shoving everybody out of his way effortlessly while  screaming, "You dare attack the son of Odin?" and less than a minute later he get a shot on his bum and immediately fell asleep. LOL!! 

The CGI is not bad at all. I was so busy being entranced by the storyline, the funny scenes here and there and the architecture of Asgard. Even if you've never read about Thor, or the Marvel comics on this person, I'm sure you would enjoy this movie like I did. Oh, I also think since I was watching it in 3D, my eyes had to focus more and my mind can't wander off much. So, no bad reviews there, other than a little itch on my nose bridge for wearing the 3D glasses for 1 hour and 55 minutes. I SO want to go watch this movie again - even if it's not free next time.

P/S : Don't get up too soon once the credits are up. There's something of a surprise at the end of the credits!

This movie will be in Malaysian cinemas by 28th April 2011. Thanks to Nuffnang for the free tix!

Movie Rating : 8/10

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