April 03, 2010

Clash Of The Titans 2010

So, is this going to be a movie review kinda post? Hmm.. Should I make a movie review?

Anyway, my family of 5 went to 1 Utama last Wednesday to catch the movie Clash Of The Titans premier. I won a few premier tickets and decided to give those tickets to my brothers while my parents were planning to just walk around and do some shopping or dinner. We arrived a little late, what with doing our Maghrib prayers at home first before leaving for 1 Utama which was about 40 minutes from home. We used the PJ Bulatan Othman road instead of Kelana Jaya. We didn't know of any other way from Kajang to 1 Utama. If there is any easier roads, please do inform me.

Once we arrived and I took the tickets - which also happens to be the last pair, we saw my brothers off into the cinema. My dad was joking that my mom was behaving as if we're sending off my brothers overseas or something. My mom is very protective of her children although I have complained a few times that it does feel a little smothering. LOL!

After we left GSC, my dad decided he also want to watch the movie so we bought tickets at TGV instead. LOL! My dad can be quite spontaneous at times. Right after, he said he was hungry and we started looking for food but all the shops was starting to close and so we ended having some sandwiches instead. We hang out at the benches below the TGV floor (thank you benches!) until it was time for the movie to start. We quickly went in although TGV weren't as packed as GSC and waited for the movie to begin.

I know the movie is a high-budgeted movie and the CG is supposed to put you at awe but if I were to describe the movie in one word, I would say it's "horrible". Have anybody done any research for this movie? Does anybody know about Greek mythology? Anybody ever watched the classic version of Clash Of The Titans? The original movie made in 1981?

I know if you compare the movie made in 1981 and this one, the graphics are opposite of each other. But at least the classic movie don't jumble up the facts, no matter if it's a mythology or not.What am I talking about? Simple. Read this and you'll see how much they divert from the real movie. At least the movie in 1981 was closer to the original myth compared to the latest movie.

Furthermore, Sam Worthington acting as the son who refuses his father's gift was close to make me puke of boredom before he would even pick up that damn sword. And Io? Who the hell is Io? What is she doing in this movie? I have never come across an Io in stories connected to Perseus. And then there's the brave soldiers. I pity them. They haven't been able to leave an impact on viewers or allow us some decent time to tell them apart (it's real hard to tell guys who wears skirts apart ok) before they're all dead. Oh and yes, when was it in Greek mythology have there ever been djinns? Do they even know what djinns are? And why do they have to dress up this bluish mechanical looking djinn in Arabic costume and make him blow himself up? Is the director trying to insinuate something here? And why did this djinn with the few words blow himself up for nothing without leaving any scratch on Medusa? I was also wondering why is this Medusa so pretty? I would like to have snakes on my head too (and save me from buying expensive shampoos to care for my split ends) if I could look as pretty as Medusa. Come on people, Medusa is supposed to look ugly. Like SUPER DUPER ugly. She was pretty when she was human but once she was cursed, she was super duper ugly!

So, was I happy with the movie? I was lucky it only costs RM9 per ticket. I think it's so bad and is so different from the mythology that it might confuse people from the true myth and make the true Greek myth and history lovers angry for such a mix-up. 

My final comment? They should not put in the djinns. At all cost.

Movie rate : 5/10


Razz Momma said...

saw the movie few days back.. the trailer looked smashing but the movie is like bleurgh.. what a waste of good money

Bluecrystaldude said...

OMG! Really?? <-- Just checking out GSC's slots for today show. Haha. I think I will just having a nice dinner instead of spending my precious time watching this movie. Hehe

June Zach said...

Really??? I could not wait to watch this but as you mentioned it is "horrible". I watched the original classic film and I enjoyed it. I'll check this remake and see if I will not be disappointed.

Thanks Bella!

LV said...

i have no time to go to the movies.. maybe i should wait until its out in dvd.. coming from the classic clash of the titans fan like you, i think i'll just wait out.. saw the photos of the djinns.. wat the....??? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

LV said...

wait.. i mean you're "a" classic clash of the titans fan (typo there).. :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Yes, it's "a" because there's just one "me" in this world.. HAHA.. I am unique.. :-D :-D :-D :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, don't know why they had to put the djinns.. Stoooopid!

Bella Enveeus said...

If you watched the classic film then I'm sure you know Bubu the owl right? And who Calebos really is and why Andromeda was to be the sacrifice to the Kraken.. So you compare that and the remake and tell me if it's good or not.. I miss Bubu.. They should've put Bubu in.. :(

Bella Enveeus said...

HAHA.. Waste of money.. Just wait for the DVD to come out instead..

Oh, but Prince of Persia is going to come out soon.. Hope it won't be a disappointment..

Bella Enveeus said...

Agree with you.. Waste of good money..

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