April 26, 2010

Kelly Clarkson ALL I EVER WANTED TOUR Live In Malaysia 2010 | Part 2

Stadium Bukit Jalil

What an awesomesauce concert!

Luckily my ears are fine now. I was afraid I would stay deaf permanently. Coz the fans are super duper loud! I don't have the lungs or the vocal chords to reach such deafening proportion. LOL! I was a little more laid-back at the concert. I do feel a little old now compared to my concert-going time few years ago. Oh, and there were kids as young as 7 years old at the concert, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. Wow.. My first concert was when I was 14!

So, I arrived at Bukit Jalil around 6pm from Berjaya Times Square where I picked up my ticket from a friend. I hang out for a drink first before walking to the stadium around 7.30pm. I entered the stadium around 7.40pm and heard Natalie from Hitz.fm's voice talking about the sponsors and how proud she is with the concert-goers. Went to my seat, which is at COMP C (ticket worth RM288) Block 114. Every seat have a Sembonia goody bag waiting.

RM288 left section

Jaclyn Victor

I was twittering as Natalie threw posters to the crowd (she can't throw so far.. LOL!) when an Arabic guy came next to me, ask if he can take photo with me, snapped a photo and then left for his seat at God knows where. I was left a little perplexed. LOL! Weird maximum. Then, as I continue twittering and replying text messages on my phone, Jaclyn Victor came out to sing a medley of short Malay songs from the 80's, 90's and present. Although I am not a very big fan, but I do agree she has got some strong vocals. So, I enjoyed it and even sang along to some of the songs like "Isabella" (eeei that's me!), "Janji Manismu", "Rahsia Pohon Cemara" and many more. I grew up to those songs, duh!

After about 15 minutes of continued singing, Natalie came out to introduce another opening act, Suki. I have no idea who she is. She's cute, I grant you that but the too-big, too-red wedding dress cum layered cake dress is a little too much for such a concert I think. She just sang one Malay song, which I can't quite make out some of the words before leaving us in anticipation for Kelly Clarkson.

Oh, that's Kelly Clarkson's car y'all. Coming into the stadium at the very last minute. Such an entrance!

I wish I had a better camera! 

When she came out and started singing, everybody can't seem to stop screaming. The girls at my back were loud, I tell you. The people at my row wasn't, sadly, coz most of them are probably reaching 40 years old! Including the fella sitting on my left who stole my Sembonia goody-bag. Blardiful old man!

The Miss Independent did not disappoint her fans. She was very energetic all throughout. Of course, not all of her songs are the jump-out-of-your-seat type but the ballads are nice too, lets you relax a little and collect your energy again for the next upbeat song. She sang most of her hits such as All I Ever Wanted, Miss Independent, Breakaway, Never Again, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Walk Away, Addicted, Gone and then she also coaxed the crowd to join her on her latest song I Want You, dividing the crowd into two parts and having us sing together. There were medleys too like the one I posted on my Part 1 blog post. She also covers songs by Kylie Minogue "Can't Get You Outta My Head", The Black Keys "Lies" and The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army". 

Then there's the awesome band and backup singers, the flashmob who sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her which she acknowledged, thanked and replied, "I made it, I'm 28," before saying how grateful she is to celebrate it in Malaysia. Already Gone was not the last song of the day but I already saw the same van appearing and parking next to the stage so I bet there's going to be one last song before it's done, which it turns out, I was right. After she finished with the song Without You, she picked up her shoes (she was barefoot by then), ran backstage and the van was off. Everybody was already out of their seats but everyone managed to turn to the van and wave goodbye to Kelly. Yup, she's got amazing fans here.

The management did not allow video recording. They come up with their torchlights to you and tell you "No Recording" in that monotonous voice. It sucks coz what's a good concert if you can't record at least a song or two to remember by, right? Oh, but the last one, I did record coz everybody was already so hot and sweaty they just had to get out of their seats and jump. LOL!


So, did I enjoy the concert? My retired concert-going body was too hot and a little dizzy but what I can say is, the excitement, the anticipation and the warm welcome Malaysia gave Kelly Clarkson is a one exceptional experience!


kenwooi said...

so cool you got to go.. i tried to win some but failed.. haha =)


Razz Momma said...

"awesomesauce"? lolz

hon, love the video.. love the audio u put up in the last post too.. love the photos.. i'm sure u had one hell of a time.. and the arabic dude probably saw the twinkle in ur eyes and had to take some shots.. lol! if he ever sell off ur photo, make sure u sue him! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

love ya doll~~

Razz Momma said...

any other photos? post it up on fb hon.. ;)

LV said...


ima use this word starting today on everything :-D

LV said...

i've seen kelly in action.. yes, she does have a powerful voice.. she's superb! but dont she change her clothes at the kl concert? how long was the concert?

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

I love la Kelly Clarkson!!!! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

ANd she looks like she lost some weight kan? Syabas Kelly!!!! :* :* :* :* :*

Bella Enveeus said...

I don't care la if she lose weight or not, she's got the vocals and that's what people should focus on.. We don't need another skimpily clad Britney Spears do we? :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeay! Me too me too! :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Nope. No clothes changing. She sang 22 songs non-stop except for the last where she took a 5 mins break.. She just kept on singing while standing and then jumping and skipping.. HAHA! :-D :-D :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

No problemo. Use the word.. :-P :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Other photos not so nice la.. Told ya, I wish I had better camera.. If only I have a DSLR or something.. :'( :'( :'( Help the poor me..

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL! The arabic dude is crazy! I donno who he is, I was minding my own business when he suddenly came next to me, ask to take one photo with me and before I could answer, the camera is in front of us and he snapped. I probably look like a startled doe or something.. HAHA! :-D :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Awww.. You shoulda told me.. I had one spare ticket that nobody wanted.. HEHE! :-P

Shulala Stop Shop said...

Omg! Seriously I'm jealous!! I wish I could be there! Love Kelly so muchhhh. hee. nice blog btw :P

Bella Enveeus said...

Awww.. I'm sure there'll be a next time.. Thanks for dropping by and do come again.. ;)

Bluecrystaldude said...

Woww! She's amazing!! Envy! Hehe

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