June 29, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Looking at the structure of the building is already enough to take your breath away. Last year when I went back to Singapore, it was pretty much still under construction - probably finishing the last touches. But now, seeing the final result I'm like, WHOA! 

Still, can I afford to live in a hotel that costs $520 (minimum) a night? Let me think again. 

OMG look at that view, isn't it breathtaking? Although I am not afraid of heights, but looking at this picture below does somehow bring butterflies in my stomach. I keep thinking, do I want to take a dip in something that give me an optical illusion and might somehow, on a stroke of bad luck, fool my eyes and make me swim over the 55th story? Aaaccckk!

On a serious note, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the world's most expensive hotels that costs $5.95 billion and kicked the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi to second place. Now, the hotel's main attraction is not only the 650ft wide pool located at the 55th floor (dubbed as the Infinity Pool) - where the drop of the edge of the pool spills into a three-tiered catchment which pumps water right back into the main pool - but the hotel structure itself, designed by Moshe Safdie is said to resemble a deck of cards. 

The beautiful hotel features 2,560 rooms and the hotel décor includes indoor canal with Sampan boats to be in, a casino, an outdoor plaza, a theatre, a crystal pavillion, a convention center and a lotus flower shaped museum.

So OMG, I am DEFINITELY going to visit this hotel when I drop in Singapore very soon. Not staying in because like I said, $520 is a little on the too much side for me since I can bunk in at my relatives' place but I so want to see the magnificent decor of the hotel! Woohoo!

Photos courtesy of Reuters and EPA


LV said...

gorgeous! but i'll have to sell my kidney in order to stay there.. :-P :-P

LV said...

nice post hun.. keep up the good work!

Bella Enveeus said...

Thank you.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

LOL! Same here! :-D :-D :-D

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