December 13, 2010

So many shocking news

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I was sifting through the web trying to find out the meaning of this dream I had been having when I came across a news about a woman's disfigured body found at Genting Highlands, nearby a Chinese Temple at Gohtong Jaya. Now, the only temple I can think about located at Gohtong Jaya is the Chin Swee Temple, of course, which I had been to only once in my life during the MySelangorStory tour.

It was creepy to read that the body, believed to have been a woman yet unrecognised because there is no identification documents with her or on her decapitated body. The woman's head and torso was found in a bag around 12.30pm near the temple whereas her limbs - left leg and right arm - were found at another location nearby. The other two limbs are left unfounded. The police believed that the woman is in her teens.

You may read about it here. It is in Bahasa Malaysia though.

Then, as I was browsing through the online news page again, I came across another news of a decomposed woman's body found in Kuala Selangor. This woman was believed to have died in about a week ago, based on her body's composition. However, her identity is unknown because there is no identity documents with her.

You may read about this news here.

Oh my, all these news of women being murdered and everything is really scaring me. Since I have to travel to class or work every day by myself, the thought of being anywhere close of such possible incidents is giving me the shivers. It is so unsafe these days, where people kill because of jealousy or just a simple misunderstanding. People don't seem to be afraid of the consequences of murdering. It seemed like the best resort is just to kill someone you hate or causing extreme harm to them as a way to satisfy your anger, greed or whatever other deadly sins.

For those who only seek a peaceful life, how shall we live?

Is it fair for us to live in fear most of the time because of the increasing number of psychos in this world? Should we start owning a gun just to feel safe? Is this what our lives will be from now on? Is this all that our future generation have in store?

Where is the humanity? Why has it come to this?

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