December 20, 2010

Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin are no longer available

Well, congratulations are in order to the newly weds.

Our very own E! News Asia host, Marion Caunter, 30 has finally tied the knot with her 5-year boyfriend, SM Nasarudin, 27. Marion have converted to Islam and her name is now Marion Rose Caunter Abdullah. If you do not know who SM Nasarudin is, he is no simpleton. He is the Joint Group Executive Chairman & CEO of Naza Group of Companies and also Lotus F1 Deputy Team Principal. He's got a lot to his name.

 Isn't she beautiful?

With the family

 And the cheeky boys


Ahh.. Where can I find a rich husband too? Anybody can help? LOL!

*Run and hide from B-bunz before he reads above statement. LOL*

Their nikah was on 16th of December while the wedding reception was on 17th December 2010 at the Grand Ballroom Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. This is a private wedding reception and only invited guests with the invitation cards are allowed in. It is also said that another wedding reception will be made for friends at Maldives on another date. Besides that, make sure to tune in to E! News Asia because it was reported to be the only media allowed into the wedding reception and it might be aired on Channel E!.

 The much sought-after wedding invitation!

Guess even after all the drama within the family, they've managed to overcome that and got married anyways. So, wishing them all the best and hope this will last forever!

P/S : Photos courtesy of Beautifulnara and Murai. More updated posts on Marion Caunter and SM Nasarudin, please visit here and here.

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