December 18, 2010

My Traffic Summons

When the news came out that there were 2 weeks for the Malaysians to get 50% off traffic summonses issued before December 2010, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. I've got three summonses and each summon is RM300. I do not want to pay RM900 just like that! So, one day, I went to The Curve's Traffic Police Booth to make payment.

I hate waiting!

I was there at 1.45pm because it is said that the booth is opened at 2pm and already by the time I arrived, the queue was going so far outside of the lot. We waited and waited until 2.20pm until two policeman came and opened the booth. And then we had to wait another 20 minutes because the system was offline. Sigh.. I don't know how they handle this but this is not a very good job. Not only I was unable to pay my summonses online at either of the online websites (myeg, rilek and others) because the users online were too many at one time but making payments at the booth is also another hassle.

Snaking to the front

All in all, it took me TWO HOURS and TWENTY MINUTES to pay my summonses. I was ready to drop dead because there were no seats or whatever. We had to stand all the way.

All the way to the back

The funny part was, due to the long time queuing, we end up making new friends. LOL! The guys in front of me exchanged Facebook addresses, the woman in front of me told me all about her daughter and what they're doing now and best part is, I even found out the father of the guy behind me is a playboy and he found out he had half-sisters at his father's funeral! Wow, I really got the juicy dish on all these people - a bunch of people that I'm sure I wouldn't get to know or have anything to start a conversation with if we were thrown in another different scenario than paying summonses. LOL!!

But what sucks the most was, few days later, I read on Star Online that the Government decided to give 50% off summonses issued before December 2010 and it can be paid any time. Damn. If only I waited for another few days. I don't understand why our Government can't just make one good decision and stick to just that. Ugh!

Luckily I didn't have such a bad time queuing up to pay my summonses. You guys who were queuing in front and behind of me are hilarious!

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