December 16, 2010

Can you bring pet dogs into 1 Utama Shopping Centre?

This happened a few days ago when I went to 1 Utama Shopping Centre. I was sitting at one of the F&B outlets - Penang Flavours on the LG Floor, waiting for my take away food to be ready, my eyes watching every passerby in front of me and enjoying all the variety of motions when I saw something that froze me momentarily.

Why? Well...

In front of the restaurant I'm in is Little Taiwan and right in front of Little Taiwan is a life-size cardboard of Maria Tunku Sabri and right at her feet, this happened.

Yup. Believe it.

If Maria Tunku Sabri's cardboard can talk... LOL!

The owners, an elderly Chinese couple was walking the mixed Poodle-like dog with a leash and acted like they didn't notice the dog stopped there a moment to do it's business. OMG. Not only was I appalled at the mixed breed, half mongrel looking dog they allow to walk around and sniff at everything in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, it is the owners who acted like they didn't notice the dog peed there are making me more nauseous. 

I am not writing this just because I am a Muslim and thinks one of the way to caution my other Muslims  friends who are planning to go to 1 Utama Shopping Mall from incidents such as these, but even if you are not a Muslim yourself, how would you feel if you walked to a restaurant and sat yourself at a table to eat which not a minute before, some dog had peed next to? Don't tell me you can eat in peace. Coz if you say you can, then why not sit next to a monsoon drain just for the fun of it.

I have no idea if 1 Utama Shopping Centre allows their patrons to bring their pet dogs in the Mall or not, but having seen this with my own eyes, I don't think this is very hygienic or appropriate. What if, in a stroke of bad luck, the dog peed on one of those fluffy pillows they sell at the small stalls and you were unlucky enough to buy it? Anything can happen. I know that 1 Utama Shopping Centre is a big shopping mall but that does not mean they can neglect the security issues. 

Come on, pet owners should walk their pets outside of the mall if they think it's a good exercise. Let's leave the shopping to the humans, hmm?

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