December 18, 2010

My Selangor Story 2010 Winners Announcement

Right. This actually happened on 7th December 2010 but I just managed to haul my ass and write this post now because... Well, I was lazy. I had been lazy for a while now, sorry. I blame it on the time of the year. I just can't wait for 2010 to end.

The My Selangor Story (MSS) Winners Announcement was made at DELIcious @ Marc Residence, Jalan Pinang. I was a little confused with the other DELIcious because I've never been there before but later found my way to Marc Residence somewhat before 3.30pm. Lucky me coz no one wants to anger Amelia (our MSS Mommy) by being late, unless of course, if you're a VIP. LOL!

The winners were announced in not the conventional way. But just like all of us in MSS, the competition and participants are anything but conventional. The competition is the first ever made by Tourism Selangor or any Tourism Organisation in this country. So of course it is different and distinct in all competitions of this level.

Anyway, this was also the first time I met Eyriqazz's wife and daughter. His daughter, Alisya just loves to smile - what a cute little girl. And glad to have known his wife too. Of course, seeing old faces from the competition is also great, reminding me of the hectic time we experienced during the competition all over again. And well, without further delay, the 8 prizes goes to these fabulous individuals (in no particular order).

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Like I said earlier, this was not the standard winner announcing type so there were some confusion between Thristhan and Dian. But all was settled when Thristhan got his 2nd runner up prize and Dian won her Grand Prize in the end. Oh, and YB Elizabeth Wong was there too to hand over the Grand Prize to it's winner.

YB Elizabeth Wong giving a little speech

As an end note, I wish MSS the best in it's future plans and hope that this will be one of a many great achievements in making Selangor a more popular tourism destination and also to educate the people on Selangor's beauty and treasures. No matter who won or did not win, there were some lessons that we've picked up from this competition, and not to mention, some very good friends too. Thank you MSS!

Anyone interested to join MSS 2011 should check out the website regularly for updates!

P/S : My tiny little camera only managed to capture four of the winners while it couldn't compete with the other monster cameras for the other three winners. My apologies. KK ( is in UK furthering his studies and was not there to take his prize personally.

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