August 08, 2010

How Classic is this Rimba Klasik Restaurant?

I can't remember the last time I've been here. LOL! Some neurons in my memory part of the brain must have fried when I accidentally mildly electrocute myself a few months ago because I don't even remember this place looks like this. Weird, I know although I have lived in Kajang for years and been through this road in Bangi many times before. It must be amnesia or something. LOL!!

So the other day, I came here with my eating partner who have been trying to make me put on weight this past couple of weeks because he can't stand being the B-bunz (a short and cuter term for Big Buns) between us two. Which is why, two days ago, before we went our separate ways, we dropped by for an early dinner at Rimba Klasik.

There's just something about the interior that I like. This restaurant have all this pretty lights and I always like pretty lights. I don't know why, I have that child in me, so if you're out with me and I start getting excited over colourful lights or bubbles, please bear with me. LOL! They had all the ceiling fans open so it was not hot although we sat inside. And although they use yellow lights, the place is bright so I like that. I hate certain restaurants that are dark and you're picking through your food and can't see what you're trying to put inside your mouth. 

We ordered the usual Malay food. Lime juice, Ice lemon tea, Two plain white rice, daging masak merah (for two person), kailan ikan masin, telur bungkus (for two person), sotong goreng tepung and 2 sup kosong.

All in all, it was more than filling for both of us. I can't eat so much you see. The total for all these was RM35.00 which is pretty good since we ordered two dishes which equals to two person. What is it about eating at places like this? You don't have to pay the service tax and government tax that's nearly 20% of your total. 

There are quite a range of food here. From rice, noodle, Tom Yam, seafood, satay, Western food and others. Parking space is big too, which is also something I love. I totally hate it when it's hard to find parking because it is so limited. So, anyone lazy to cook and want to eat out, you may drop by at this restaurant then. Plus, with Ramadhan around the corner, it'll be a great place to break you fast.

Rimba Klasik
Dataran Hijau, Jalan Persiaran Jaya,
Seksyen 10, Bandar Baru Bangi,


Campari said...

oh hungry see food.. :-P

selamat ramadan 2 u.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh Thank You... Happy Ramadhan to every Muslim in Malaysia! :)

lina said...

oooo... I love the decor.

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, I love it too.. I love all those lights.. HEHE!

Rizal said...

Salam Ramadhan Bella.

Owh, B-Bunz - baru tahu maksudnya apa.  Hehehe.

Owh i love the ambience too.  Tradisional rasa teruja pulak. (mentang2 la kerja kraftangan.. ahaks ahaks)

Ehh Bella, how come lately ni asyik banyak post makan-makan (bukan marah tapi jealous sebab tengok boleh jalan-jalan makan-makan sana-sini. ) heheh : )

Rizal said...

Eh harga murah rm35 tu.  Sebab rizal siap kira balik apa yang Bella tempah.

Rasanya, kalau sekarang ni area Kajang rizal macam dah boleh sesat.

I think i miss the old road of Kajang where there used to be "Lamang Panas" all the way to Kajang  : )

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh LOL! Rizal siap kira lagi tu? Hehe..

Yeah, last time from Bangi towards Kajang banyak je lemang sana sini.. Macam hari2 raya.. But now don't have dy la.. Don't know where to cari pun.. :(  Sesat? Ni yang nak kena refresh memory balik ni.. ;)

Bella Enveeus said...

Salam Rizal,

HEHE.. Dia merajuk saya telah membocorkan rahsia disebalik namanya.. :-P  Ya, memang ada banyak kerja2 rotan kat sini.. Best la pulak.. Digandingkan bersama lampu2 yang menarik, dan pokok2 yang cantik di bahagian luar, memang best makan2 di sini..

HAHA.. Janganlah jealous Rizal.. Nak kena BD before HRC so tak boleh cemburu tengok makanan2 ni.. Sebab sekarang saya pula yang nak kena lose all these weights! Haaa.. Bole ke tak bole, mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!! (Eh, salah dialog).. :-D

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