August 30, 2010

At the stroke of midnight..

A couple of days ago, I officially turned a year older. Yups, hopefully wiser too - in matters of the heart, of life, of the universe and everything in between - I wish.

At midnight, everything was great. My Twitter was flooded with Birthday wishes, so was my personal FB and my web FB. I received lots of calls from friends, handbag shops and jewelry shops to wish me a Happy Birthday. LOL! It was fun. And the best part, I get to stay out late for the day. Which is just fabulous considering my parents have this "curfew" for everything. Due to this, I just can't wait to earn my own living and be able to have my own say.


Daddy gave me a gift, in the form of cash, so there's not much to complain there. LOL.

However, I first planned to go to this Chocolate shop I saw from a friend's blog and when I went online, I saw that they had an outlet in Bangsar Village. Sad to say, I did not check it out thoroughly by calling to make sure they're there. I mean, I didn't expect the shop was no longer there. I just thought since there's an address online, it should be there and I don't have to call just to ask if it exists, right? *Sigh* Due to my careless assumption, I didn't get to indulge in some Chocolate-y moment that night. *Sob*

But then, my gray mood suddenly turned into a lot of colors - blue, red, green, yellow, white and so much more - instantaneously when we arrived at i-City, Shah Alam. You see, I have a thing for colorful lights. I get pretty excited when I see them. It's just the child in me, I suppose. 

TEN (10) things I absolutely love :
  1. Colorful lights
  2. Bubbles
  3. Fireworks (the type they have during New Year's or National Day)
  4. Rainbows
  5. Smell of rain 
  6. Walking in the rain (Only drizzle, not heavy rain. I don't want to get pneumonia)
  7. Smell of new-cut grass
  8. Smell of new books
  9. A garden of colorful flowers
  10. B-bunz (LOL!)

Aren't they gorgeous? Oh my, I'm like SO in love. And so excited. I nearly squealed. LOL! 


We arrived at around 10.30pm. We paid RM10 in order to park inside. Because of that, we got a coupon which enables us to enter either the "Animal Park" area or the "Cold Room" area. We chose the animal place coz I saw this big dinosaur and I just wanted to go near the dinosaur. I don't have anything for dinosaurs, it's just that I'm not a fan of cold areas coz I get cold easily. Oh, and we also entered this lucky draw from the RM10 ticket.

Look at those photos yourself. Aren't the colorful lights just beautiful? OK, I'm using a cheap camera, not some heavy-duty DSLR so my photos don't really do the place justice. Seriously, I was so excited. And the place is pretty big. So even though there are many people, it don't feel so crowded. And it's so easy to get there - through the Federal Highway.

If only I could stay out late, I would've prefer to go there in the early morning because this place is open 24 hours, 7 days per week. There'll be lesser people and I'm sure the air is cooler. *Sigh*.. I want to come here again one day, just to walk around and not snap photos like a crazy woman so much. B-bunz must be tired waiting on this photo-crazed girl. LOL!! So, if you guys haven't been there before, do come by - that is, if you love lights but if you don't, it could be pretty boring since that's all there is there. Oh, but they also have some live performances until almost midnight. We didn't try the food from any of the restaurants there. We only get one Sweet Corn which costs RM4 which I bet the food in the restaurants must be pretty expensive. So, better bring your own food and picnic out on the field. Or if not, make sure you carry some drinks. Walking around can get you quite parched.

i-City is located at :

City of Digital Lights
CityPark, i-City, 40000, Shah Alam.
Tel : 03- 55218824 / 03-21411517

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Che Armster said...

did you went to I-City on 28th? I was supposed to go there too that night - If only I knew.. ouchie

terlepas chance nak pat your head hahaha

Monica said...

wow they're gorgeous indeed! 8-) 8-) i haven't been to i-City, Shah Alam Bella..

i 'm glad u and your bf had a great time on your birthday! ;)

Campari said...

that is SO BEAUTIFUL! love all the lights! :-D

oh haha i thougt its 10 thing u hate.. haha :-P

Bella Enveeus said...

Gorgeous right? I just love colourful lights la. Maybe there are quite a lot of people like me and so they open this i-city for those type of people.. :-D   :-D   :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Well, the first half was kinda sucky and the last half was great.. :)
Coz I enjoyed being at i-City so much! :-D

Bella Enveeus said...

Yeah, I did? Aiseh.. Why la, tak menjadi pula.. Kan dah miss chance.. LOL :-P

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