August 03, 2010

Teenage Dreams

I am not talking about Katy Perry and her new album - though I have to say, she's hot.

I am talking about the dreams we used to have when we were younger. Those times when we felt like nothing in the world could dampen our spirits. Those times when we felt that we can take over the world, or maybe the country and rule it with our just and honest virtues. Those times when we felt invincible and not afraid. Those times when we thought life is just filled with rainbows, perfumes and flowers.

I was a romantic, still am actually though not in the same volume as I was in my teens. It's just that as time goes by, I felt myself harden to the harsh weather and the storms of adulthood. I was hurt, I recovered, there were wounds and scabs but I really regret losing that "certified" romantic girl I used to be. *Sigh* Oh well..

So yesterday night, when I asked help from one of our maids to massage my stiff and extremely painful calf, she started talking about boys. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't saying it in a lewd way, she was just describing how she would always be so into a character in the dramas or series she watched and get into the emotions displayed in the shows. Even after the show ended she would sometimes imagine the hero and how good looking he was and imagine she was as good looking as the heroine.

Now that's the trick, she didn't imagine to be the heroine opposite a good looking hero, she imagined she was that pretty heroine opposite that man.

Jang Dong Gun

Right, I can't blame her for liking this guy. Although he's Korean, he is good looking. Even my mom was so in love with him when she first saw him in "All About Eve" a few years ago. Now that my mom replayed the whole series (a VCD box-set I bought for her because she loved him so much back then) for our young maid, she started daydreaming just like my mother. LOL!

Ahhh.. Wish someone would kneel in front of me to put on my birthday gift

I remember back when I was crazy and daydreaming over some blond blue eyed boy from the Backstreet. LOL! It felt like ages ago, well a decade to be precise. I fell out of love with him when he had a girlfriend whom he allegedly lost his virginity to. LOL! Virginity was so important to me back then too.

Oh, but how fun it was to recall those silly things we did back in our teens right? How I actually quarreled with some of the other girls who also liked Nick because he was supposed to be MINE. How I pissed them off when I brought photos of myself with him to school. LOL! How I wished time never pass and inasmuch as I was labelled the "weird" one because I'm quiet and preferred to be alone, I miss school terribly. I wish I had that girl right here. I wish I was still the same girl who could think of a 3-page teenage romance story so that it could be published in the English society magazine of the month. 

I think I should copy my old stories here (it's COPYRIGHTED by me, of course) and maybe I can try to reunite my old self with the present. HEHE.. It's worth a try..

P/S : I am planning to make a contest this month. For a whole month stretch or maybe two months stretch. Since the total of my posts will be closing in on 100 soon and my birthday is also in August, I thought it would be great to launch my FIRST Contest ever! Yiippeee~~ Just stay tuned.


LV said...

Oh Nick.. He lost his virginity on that Willaford girl right? And everyone said she looked like a horse back then.. Oh school days, I miss them too..

LV said...

You know what gorgeous? You really SHOULD start writing again.. I really missed those lovey dovey romantic stuff you wrote back in school.. Sure you bulled here and there but oh wow, if only we were in a mix school instead of all-girls school.. hahaha..

Miss you babe! :*

Campari said...

haha all about eve pun kegemaran saya! mmg hero dia hensem kan? dulu angan2 je ttg dia.. comel dia dgn heroin cite ni.. san-mei tu pun comel sgt.. terkenang zaman dulu2 minat mat2 saleh nsync la apa la.. haha

Bella Enveeus said...

N Sync? That's cute. I only liked JC in N Sync last time.. But takde la sampai gila macam minat si Nick tu.. Ish kalau difikirkan sekarang ni, segala duit saya habiskan dulu mesti boleh buat down payment kereta.. HAHA!

Bella Enveeus said...

Eh? I bulled? Tolong sikit ok.. I know I spice things up a little sometimes but all my stories is not about Malaysian school la. Mana ada Malaysian high schools buat prom and all.. Well, at least not the ones in Kajang.. :-D :-D I shall try to write again.. This is my pledge.. ;)

Bella Enveeus said...

Hey, I didn't think she looked like a horse.. They said Michael Jackson's wife Debbie was the one who looked like a horse.. That Willaford I think someone said she looked like a tranny or something.. There was the photo on the jet-ski and she looked like a tranny. HAHA! Oh gosh, all those posters we smuggled to school.. :-P :-P :-P

Mariuca said...

:-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said...

Yay for birthday month and yay for first contest! :D

Bella Enveeus said...

Yay Yay Yay!! :-P :-P :-P Still thinking what I should do for contest..

Razz Momma said...


all 4 of us girls and our teenage dreams.. wow how long ago that had been... just like u always say, i feel ancient myself.. i need a makeover.. botox anyone? lol!

Bella Enveeus said...

Botox? LOL! Never tried before. Wait, you have??

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