January 16, 2011

MATTA International Fair Selangor Umrah & Muslim Travel 2011

Had been at the fair and working as part of the live tweeting group for the past two days. The event started on Friday, 14th Jan 2011 until Sunday, 16th Jan 2011 from 10am to 9pm. It was at Shah Alam Convention Center and though it was pretty further from where I live, I like being involved. Although I don't usually sacrifice my weekends, but this one I made an exception. LOL..

Some other photos of MASUM I tweeted here.

This fair, called MASUM in short, showcases quite a lot of travel packages for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Although the title itself says that it is for Umrah & Muslim Travel, it does not mean it is purposefully for Muslim travelers only. What it meant with Muslim Travel is that the location, lodging, food and other necessities provided where the tour goes to are within the scope approved for Muslims. So this means, travelers that purchases the holiday package offered here do not have to worry about looking for Halal food or others because everything is within the line of the Islamic law.

So, no worries while enjoy yourself to the max during your trip!

Not only the prices of the tour packages offered by the exhibitionists are affordable and competitive, there was also a few competition going on for visitors throughout the day. 

The competitions were:
  1. Colouring contests for children aged 5-7
  2. Chanting Batik for those aged 8-12 and 12-15
  3. Quizzes for the adults 
  4. Buyer's Contest
The Buyer's Contest are only for visitors who purchased from the exhibitionists. This contest is the easiest because visitor's eligibility is at as low as RM200 minimum purchase. Imagine if you purchase a tour package worth RM5000? You've already gotten yourself 24 entries, just like that! The lucky winners will win two free tickets to London, Paris and Frankfurt!

So there I was, in the morning slot (10am-3.30pm), tweeting about #MASUM since yesterday. I'm sorry if I flooded your timeline. Won't make that a habit, I promise. Here are some of the things we tweeted about.


I wasn't tweeting this matter by myself. If you have seen this word #MASUM in twitter, you will notice that there were 6 of us in total tweeting on the topic, not to mention Tourism Selangor and Selangor Events helping us out too (or more like Dian doing the three-man job all by herself). Kudos to everyone involved! Kudos to Tourism Selangor too for this first time approach. Social media is quite a force to be reckoned with.

Some of the showcased items at Perbadanan Adat Melayu dan Warisan
Negeri Selangor (PADAT) booth outside MASUM Hall.

In case you missed this year's MASUM, there'll be another in January 2012. So don't miss out on the chance to get the best traveling deals! Hope to see you guys at MASUM 2012!

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