January 12, 2011

Movie Review - Season Of The Witch

Went out with B-bunz and my brother to The Gardens, MidValley to catch this movie. I bought the tickets online using my Maybank2u for Premiere Cinema at GSC Signatures, Gardens. The price of three tickets for adults (including surcharge) is RM 70.50. What is it that I like about GSC Signatures compared to GSC Cinema? The seats. Me loves!

Witches, the history of witch burning and the Vatican's intervention on disposing them had always been an intriguing subject to me. I love reading books on this matter and I always feel strongly on the arguments that the Church gave to murder the alleged witches. I understand that these are things that happened centuries ago whence the beliefs and life back then were different from present day. So how can I argue with that? As far as I am concerned though, if tortures like this arise today, we will fight for proper justice. At least, I know I will.

However, when I saw that there's a twist to this story, that the movie's actually about a demon instead of a real witch, my anticipation went into the drain. I don't know why they had to make it about a demon. I don't like demonic twist stories. To me, having demons in movies like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose are fine because those movies are based entirely on demonic possessions or it showcases what demons are about. But when a movie's title is about something else and then halfway throughout the movie, something else pops up, it'll bore me quite easily.

In the beginning of the movie when they show the Crusaders hacking all the "enemies of Jesus Christ", I was already losing 40% interest. The dates of the wars were correct (thank God!) but the location of the wars and the obvious fake backdrop was making me sleepy. Luckily B-bunz was there to feed curry puffs into my mouth once in a while. LOL!

Dialogue 1: What do you think? Am I good looking or what?

Dialogue 2: Oh my God, are you for real? Arghhhhh!!

I hated the demon. This is because the director tend to visualize the demons as some deformed man who was bit by some type of radioactive insect and turned into a worse-looking being. Oh wait, that was Spiderman. I didn't like that they made this demon man-sized with bat-like wings which closely resembled those winged vampires in the movie Daybreakers. I also didn't like that they made the demon weak. I mean, seriously, it's a demon for cheese sake. We understand demons as very evil and it's an entity beyond the grasp of human understanding. So why must you downgrade the demon's powers and make it look somewhat human? Isn't it better if you just make it a human with a little bit of magical powers instead? *Sigh*

Yet, if you still want to check out this movie, it isn't so very bad. It's quite entertaining sometimes. It is only in my opinion however - due to the fact that I prefer demonic movies to be strictly on demons and not described as something else - I say this movie is OK. Not too bad, but not an A+ either.

Hope you'll enjoy the movie more than me!

Movie Rating : 6/10

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