January 14, 2011

I love Johnny Depp!

Right. This is my confession. Hopefully B-bunz skip this post or I wouldn't hear the end of this. LOL!


I want to see the movie The Tourist - just coz Johnny is in it! I know he looked a little chubbier than in the Pirates sequels but so what? And I don't even care that the reviews on this movie sucked. Johnny Depp is awesome! I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. The only thing is, I'm not going to see him at the cinema. Maybe I'll put on my hat, eye patch and become a "pirate" for one day and watch this movie on my PC instead. Oops!

The Tourist Interview with Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany

I don't mind that Angelina Jolie is acting opposite Johnny Depp in this movie. I think she's gorgeous. I think Johnny met his match in Angelina. I find the accusations online on how Angelina is a "man-stealer" and that Johnny shouldn't act alongside her is quite tasteless. Seriously, if he wants it, he'll want it. If not, then he's a good man. Have a little faith in Johnny please..

And one more movie I am anticipating this 2011 is none other than the FOURTH installment of Pirates Of The Caribbean. This movie is titled Pirates Of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides. I can't wait to see Captain Jack Sparrow and his rum-ridden antics! I'm not so sure if Penelope Cruz can replace Kiera Knightley's adventurous character but hopefully having an "ex girlfriend" on board would bring funnier and cuter behaviours out of Jack.

Can't wait for May 2011!

Check this Teaser out!

What's your most anticipated movie of 2011? I think I'm gonna write a post on just this very very soon! 

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