January 21, 2011

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are parents!

Oh yeah. 

 Pregnant Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom, 34 and Miranda Kerr, 28 got married last year, some time in July. Miranda announced her pregnancy in August and now the bundle of joy has arrived. The beautiful baby boy, born on 6th of January 2011 and weighed 9 lb 12 ounces was named Flynn. Miranda posted her first photo with baby Flynn breastfeeding on her blog and the photos are now circulating the web.

Miranda Kerr and Baby Flynn

Miranda wrote on her blog that she gave birth to Flynn naturally without the help of drugs or painkillers. She was glad that Orlando was helping and guiding her throughout the long, arduous and difficult labour. Looks like all is great in the Kerr-Bloom company.

However, the photo of Miranda breastfeeding have resulted to mixed feelings from the public. There were many who applauded her for putting up the photo as an encouragement to mothers (especially new mothers) to be more open to public breastfeeding and further help the development of their babies. But there were also negative comments left that ranged from mild to downright mean. 

Personally, I have no problem with public breastfeeding. I am not sure I would be doing it someday but I don't feel gross when I see someone does it because I know they're doing it for the benefit of their baby. They're not purposefully flashing their boobs at you, you know. Babies who breastfeed are healthier and have lower risk to diarrhea, vomiting, allergies and others. I wonder why these people are leaving such mean comments. Sigh.. Maybe they're just jealous she's looking all rosy after just giving birth the past few weeks.

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