January 02, 2011

Times Opening Book Fair

I love books. I need to read at least one book per month. AT LEAST. If not, I can actually feel my brain turn into a square. Can you believe that? I don't know how I can feel that but I think I do, most of the time. I would try very hard to try to slot in one book every month. It's just me, I have been bookish since I was two years old. Yup, I started reading since I was exactly 1 year and 8 months old.

A few days ago, B-bunz and I went to this newly opened Mall in PJ, SSTwo Mall because I read that Times Bookstore is having an Opening Book Fair with fabulous discounts and offers. I don't usually pass up sales. I missed the last MPH Warehouse Sale so I try to make it up with this one. I'm not a Times cardholder (I only have MPH member card) but I don't care as long as I can get my hands on some books. And when some of them costs as low as RM3, I'd be crazy to say no.

I actually did not give up pestering B-bunz to come with me to this new Mall since I am not so sure where it was. As always, B-bunz never disappoint me and try very hard to give me what I want. The funny part was, although I was the one who insisted on coming to this place and walked around to find books for myself in more than 2 hours, I only bought FOUR. B-bunz on the other hand, got himself THIRTEEN books which brings the whole total to RM170. LOL! I have quite an influence on that boy don't I?

I love how cheap they are and at a good quality too. Wait, I don't read those Criminal Mastermind books. They're definitely not mine. Guess the four out of all the above that belongs to me!

Look! These are Hardcovers and they're sold at RM10 and RM8 respectively. Aren't they fabulous?? I can't wait for MPH warehouse Sale this 2011! I'll make sure to get some really good deals! Do you guys love to read too?

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