February 24, 2011


I am in a dilemma. I have no idea what phone to get for myself. Oh wait, correction, I have no idea what phone I should tell B-bunz to get for me. I have been putting this off for quite a long time but it's just that I cannot decide which phone is best for me.

Recently a friend got an iPhone 4 and from what I read, the phone and the applications are so interesting that I was on the verge of converting into an iPhone supporter, which is highly unlikely because I am and had always been this super-duper-in-LOVE-with-BlackBerry person. At first, I am not so into the touch screen thingy on iPhones and thought the QWERTY keypads of BlackBerry is awesome. Then suddenly they threw BlackBerry Torch into the picture and I was hooked on to the idea of having both touch screen and QWERTY keypad all in one. It's like the ultimate package!

BlackBerry Torch 2

Then suddenly they said that later this year they will be releasing the BlackBerry Torch 2 that runs on better processor, which means less lagging than the current BlackBerry Torch. And I was thinking to myself, OK, maybe I should wait until that one comes out. Plus, B-bunz wants me to choose something that I love and I  also don't want him to waste his money buying something for me that I might end up hating in the end. The only downside of this BlackBerry Torch 2, the outside is just the same as BlackBerry Torch except for it's matte silver finish. I was hoping it might have bigger screen, but looks like that's not what those BlackBerry people care about at the moment.

White iPhone 5 rumor

So then my attention is diverted to another news that says iPhone 5 will also be released this year. One thing about iPhone 5 that is rumored to be different from the current iPhone 4 is the screen size. I love the idea of having a bigger screen because all these years I have been using this small screen phone such as my current Sony Ericsson K630i and most of the time I just wish I could read my emails or play even the simplest game on a much bigger, clearer and smoother looking screen.

Now I am in a dilemma. Which one should I choose? If only BlackBerry Torch 2 had bigger screen, I would choose that in a beat. Argh! Which one should I pick? Which one??

Think to self : Hmm.. What if I ask BOTH from B-bunz? Would he be such a sweetheart and buy me both? LOL!

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