February 06, 2011

When I get bored...

I will video-hop at YouTube. I'll be streaming from one video to another but I will always end up at the animal-related videos. I have no idea why, but seeing cute animal videos just brighten my day. A few minutes earlier I was watching a video of Bella, a jaguar who was hand reared from young by the volunteers at Panther Ridge Conservation Center because her mother, Tia was unable to produce milk and feed her. Bella was hand reared until she's fully grown. 

Truth is, my brothers and I LOVE big cats. Although my brothers are more into tigers and their stripes, I am more into jaguars and their spots (and sometimes I'm into the four wheels too!). However at the end of the day, it's just the big cats in general that my brothers and I are interested in. We just love, love, love...

Little Bella

Bigger Bella

Isn't Bella (and I'm not talking about myself) beautiful?

Watching videos of these animals just make me happy and so, I would like to share some of the snippets that made me cackle with laughter by making a short video below. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

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