February 02, 2011

January 2011 Top FC

It's time to crown the Top First Commenter again. Having been the Top First Commenter at ENVEEUS for three months in a row, this winner is a lady who is a very awesome and sweet friend. You may know her or may not, but she is a very hardworking person, with 10 blogs to manage! I wish I have as much time to do that. I sometimes feel exhausted just to update this blog - even though I have so many things to write. 

Time.. It's a funny thing.

So here she is, the lady who topped my FCSB, none other than... LADYJAVA! So, looks like LadyJava's Lounge badge will be on my sidebar for the whole month of February 2011!

LadyJava's Lounge

Oh, and starting this month I will be posting the link of the First Commenter and First Two Commenters (alternately) at the end of blog posts so that you guys can have higher chances to score points on the FCSB and getting more backlinks. So the more reason to leave comments here don't you think?

♥♥♪♫¸.·´¯`·.¸♡♥♥ First Two Commenter ♥♥♪♫¸.·´¯`·.¸♡♥♥
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